World Youth Day Madrid 2011 officially disavows any connection with Michael Voris

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This is quite unusual, perhaps even unprecedented, in the 27-year history of the Vatican-sponsored World Youth Day (WYD) events held every three years in a major city around the world. The official WYD website contains the following announcement in which it takes the remarkable step of publicly spurning American Catholic Internet commentator Michael Voris

It has come to our attention that Michael Voris, a US based media producer, is scheduled to offer independent catechesis sessions out of a hotel in Madrid during World Youth Day 2011. There has been some confusion regarding his affiliation with World Youth Day. Michael Voris, the clergy and the laity associated with him, and their media efforts “Real Catholic TV” and “No Bull in Madrid” are not in any way recognized or approved by World Youth Day 2011.

Catechesis at World Youth Day is offered by Bishops of the Catholic Church in union with Pope Benedict XVI, who has invited the young people of the world to join him in Madrid for this celebration of faith and life. The Vatican’s Pontifical Council for the Laity selects and invites Bishops, and only Bishops, from around the world to conduct Catechesis sessions at WYD in various languages. 

Participants in the World Youth Day 2011 Cultural Program must be recognized and endorsed by the Bishops and Episcopal Conferences of their respective countries. Participants were selected for Cultural program by the World Youth Day organization in close collaboration with the Pontifical Council for the Laity. Those groups participating in the World Youth Day 2011 Cultural Festival have been selected because, through their various activities, they promote the authentic teaching and unity of the Roman Catholic Church and have been endorsed by their local Bishop and Espiscopal conference. Michael Voris, “Real Catholic TV” and “No Bull in Madrid” did not receive such endorsement from their Bishop or Episcopal Conference.

Michael Voris, “Real Catholic TV” and the program “No Bull in Madrid” are not accredited to or recognized by World Youth Day 2011. . . . (continue reading)

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162 Responses to “World Youth Day Madrid 2011 officially disavows any connection with Michael Voris”
  1. bjb says:

    If Catholic Answers would have done better to work with MV than to work against him?

  2. sophie says:

    It’s his passionate style. And you have to think he is also another human soul like us with all his defects trying to be a saint as well. So if his personality gets the better of him, then we should just focus on his message. He just loves Christ and just wants to get the message out about defending Him and His Church. Michael is human is all am saying and am sure he would be happy to have a constructive criticism. Then you can email him to tell him that maybe he had misinterpreted the woman’s question and shouldn’t have called her a “heretic” etc. That’s fraternal correction that the Gospel is calling us to do.

  3. Pete says:

    Based on the news from Miami found on today (if it’s true) Voris will have a cornucopia of material to support his statements.

  4. Lori Ann says:

    I was a regular viewer of the Vortex, but stopped watching it after viewing Mr. Voris’ piece on how others on the internet were being uncharitable in “tone” towards a particular high-profile priest who has recently been in the news due to a scandal surrounding him. I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was hypocrisy to me. Chastising others for employing the very method he uses himself on a consistent basis. Cockiness and zeal are not the same, although, on occasions, they do share the same space. It also made me wonder if I had not become desensitized to his “in your face” style and, if so, why should that be considered a good thing?

    • Shawn says:

      Lori Ann,

      I don’t think you are comparing apples to apples. I have watched every one of Mr. Voris’ videos. He certainly challenges those within the Church that either knowingly or unknowingly contribute to the kind of poor formation that permeates the western world. However challenging he may be his is always charitable. Also remember that correcting poor formation is charitable if your goal is winning souls for God. As for what he said about others tones, you must not understand the difference between sternness and vitriol. Mr. Voris is very stern, but he is not vitriolic like those people who comment negatively on the “high profile” Priest.

      To help you, understand that charity is associated with truth. Vitriol is associated with speculation and rumor. Maybe that was Mr. Voris’ point. Please reconsider your decision and God Bless You!

      • Jacqueline says:

        I totally agree with you, Shawn. Both the high profile priest and Michael Voris are doing us faithful a huge service getting the truth out there. The USCCB took the Catechism out of Catholic Schools and CCD as a result of a misrepresentation of Vatican II. Consequently, we have several generations of Catholics who do not know their faith. This is one of the main reasons that so many young, cradle Catholic adults are leaving the Church or find it not necessary to attend Mass on Sunday and Holy Days of Obligation.

        The high profile priest and Michael Voris have led more souls to Christ and back to Christ than all of the American Bishops put together. One would suspect a little jealousy here. In my opinion, both of these bold and courageous Catholic men have powerful people within the church and outside the church who want them muzzled! I pray that God will muzzle the evil one and the evildoers who are behind this whole mess. May victory be theirs! Praise to our Righteous and Almighty God now and forever. A reminder to those judgmental so-called Catholics out there! There is only one Judge and He is Jesus Christ.

  5. dar says:

    Once I had a very specific question about salvation, and I wrote an email to MV. He wrote back quickly but told me he did not want to answer my question in email. Instead, he gave me his personal cell phone number and I talked with him for 20 minutes or so as he was in transit to another meeting. When it comes to salvation, especially the salvation of others, he is serious. I believe helping others in this regard is his prime motivation. The reason he stands out so much is because few are as bold as he is in trying to do it.
    God bless him

  6. Chris in Maryland says:

    I trust Voris – he’s a man of conviction and truth, a breath of fresh air. That WYD attacked him causes me to greatly mistrust the motives of the people running WYD. Glad I didn’t send my daughter to WYD after all…

  7. Ana says:

    Praised be Jesus!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for this article! The author is WILD ENTHUSIASTIC about the initiative of Real Catholic TV and mr. Voris and INVITING the young Dutch pilgrims to attend these talks.Tom Zwitser could be considered the Dutch spiritual brother of Mr. Voris. And if you consider Michael Voris “uncharitable”, then it is better you do not know Dutch because Mr. Zwitser will give you the impression he is performing open heart surgery without anesthesia when analyzing the activity of some bishops in the Netherlands, starting from the situation in Scranton as mirrored by their official to Mr. Voris intention to talk on Church property.

    And mind you, Tom Zwitser is near the age range of the Madrid pilgrims and this means there is hope for the future of the Church in the Netherlands.:)))))))

    Thank YOU, Lord!

    • Jane says:

      Anyone read Cardinal Sarah’s (President of the Pontifical Council, Cor Unum) address to newly ordained priests and deacons last week? “Divine judgment will fall on priests who do not oppose abortion, homosexuality”?

      I’ve clipped an excerpt from it below. The Vatican Cardinal and Mr. Voris are most definitely on the same side, same mind, and same dogma.

      Let’s recognize that there are two churches in operation today: the Church of God and the one of man. Now the question to ask yourself, to which do you choose to belong? There’s no question as to which Michael Voris belongs.

      Here’s Cardinal Sarah:

      “if we have fear of proclaiming the truth of the Gospel, if we are ashamed of denouncing the grave deviations in the area of morality, if we accommodate ourselves to this world of moral laxity and religious and ethical relativism, if we are afraid to energetically denounce the abominable laws regarding the new global ethos, regarding marriage, the family in all of its forms, abortion, laws in total opposition to the laws of nature and of God, and that the western nations and cultures are promoting and imposing thanks to the mass media and their economic power, then the prophetic words of Ezechiel will fall on us as a grave divine reproach.”

      Sarah quoted the prophesy of Ezechiel found in chapter 34:2-4: “‘Son of man, prophesy against the pastors of Israel to pastor themselves. Should not the pastors feed the flock? You have been fed with milk, you have dressed yourselves with wool. You have not strengthened the weak lambs, cared for those who were sick, healed those who were injured. You have not restored those who have strayed, searched for those who were lost. But you have governed them with violence and hardness.’ (Ez. 34: 2-4)”

      Robert Cardinal Sarah, Address to ordinands of the Community of St. Martin, June 25, 2011 (LifeSiteNews)

      God bless the Church Militant and spare us from the boneless dialoguing chickens!

  8. Ana says:

    Laudetur Jesus Christus!

    After reading a lot of the reactions to the presence of Real Catholic TV team and Mr. Voris in Madrid, one question came to my mind: how many of their critics REALLY did something in order to rise their own level of knowledge about the Church’s teachings or to help the conversion of others staring with their own family and friends, let stay unknown people God brought on their journey?
    How many are apostles in their parish and have been confronted with the difficulties of teaching Catechism to children and youth A.D. 2011? How many of their critics have done something, like at least a prayer, in order to save the life of an unborn child? How many are contributing to the Culture of Life by helping young people to re-discover the virtues of chastity? Not many I think.

    Only being involved in an apostolate helps you to realize the intensity of the represent spiritual warfare, the efforts needed to acquire the expertise in order to help those in need, plus many other qualities.
    Those involved in an apostolate will agree with me that when it comes down to the financial aspects of found rising consists in begging money from others and using a lot of your own money. Just as in the case of Real Catholic TV. The big money are invested in the culture of death by those who are continuously bombarding with immoral models our extremely disorientated youth in order to make even more money.

    Mr. Voris and his team at Real Catholic TV have the courage, the dedication, the expertise of real apostles. I am sure their apostolate will be officially recognized by the Church in a not so far time. Because their activities are contributing, just to give an example, to full in the gap between what the Church is wants since the Humanae Vitae going thought The Theology of the Body and the tragic reality of the lives of those who should be able to feel and act as daughters and sons of God. A gap made possible by all the priests thinking that a sacerdotal involvement is not necessary in the pro-life work. And I am quoting a priest who studied in Rome. This gap exists even in Italy. Here in Europe we have to invite chastity speakers from the States.

    As the Irish “Youth Defense” did for their pro-life event at the WYD in Madrid, the ONLY official pro-life event as I could detect so far. Having in mind the present cultural crisis would you agree this is too little for an event where so many young people are present? So the talk given by Mr. Voris will be filling another gap and it is a salutary initiative.

    One more observation to those accusing Mr. Voris of uncharitable tone. It seems to me that Mr. Voris and Real Catholic TV are specialized in apologetics and moral teaching. Which is different from holy preaching. Although I wish them to be able in the future to present programs with holy priests.

    Hopefully many of those who are sitting behind their PCs will be inspired by the example of Mr. Voris and his team at Real Catholic TV to come here, down, in the mud of the tranches and fight the fight needed in our time. The priest presiding my pro-life organization encourages us saying: ”If we are not doing it, God will make talk the stones”. Yesterday I realized that he was talking about our stoned hearts as well. Let us ask Our Creator to renew our hearts, to give us hearts of flesh and the Holy Spirit to set them on fire.
    Pax et caritas to you all!

    • Ana says:

      A brief PS
      I have done an INJUSTICE to Real Catholic TV by placing the holy preaching in the future. The holy priest is already on the premium channel. Just it was somehow masked by the multitude of programs. During the short time since I am a premium subscriber there have been an explosion of various programs and I just cannot keep up!:)

  9. Paco says:

    All I will say is that many bishops, cardinals, priests, nuns, etc. are right now burning in HELL. Yes, they are with satan, as they served him and lost his sheep. But hey, do not trust me, why don’t you read what MANY REAL SAINTS have said about that, or what about our Lady of La Salette or even Fatima. I hope they enjoy their time on earth because Jesus Christ is coming soon.

  10. JamesD says:

    Augustine said: “and is quite selective in which teachings of Holy Mother Church they endorse?”

    Well, at least you admit what he chooses to endorse is indeed the teachings of Holy Mother Church.

    • Augustine says:

      Indeed, not unlike the task that Luther charged himself with. In the end, the result is the same: the breaking of the body of Christ. Thanks to the likes of Vorris, the faithful will feel justified to leave the Church, pretty much as we’ve been seeing with the followers of John Corapi.

      • Shawn says:


        Mr. Voris would never call for people to leave the Catholic Church. You must not listen to any of his presentations. If you had you would be very embarrassed by your posting here.

        Mr. Voris would be the opposite of Luther. Mr. Voris is standing firm as a member of the Church Militant and stays tight to Church doctrine. In fact he has inspired me to love the Church more and to fight for her and to win souls. The Western church is in dire need of conversion to the One True Faith.

  11. JamesD says:

    The USCCB has no authority anyway, so who cares. It is amazing that the WYD people would go out of their way to single out Voris. There are a lot of evil people that go there giving out condoms and such, and no condemnation.

    Anyhow, Voris is smiling for all the publicity he is receiving. Congrats Voris.

    • Donncha O'Connor says:

      The Archbishops are appointed by the Holy Father and represent him in their dioceses. I take exception to Voris advertising that he will be giving “No Holds Barred” talks on the Church’s teaching on Sex without the endorsement of the Church. We have four teenage children. The oldest three went to WYD with our parish youth group and I would have been very upset if any of them had left the WYD site, in a strange city to go to a hotel in the eveinig to listen to a man’s opinion of what the Church teaches regarding sex. He has no authority and no accountability to teach such things to young teenagers.

      The Holy Father is our supreme authority!

  12. Lake says:

    It’s strange that the WYD organizers felt they needed to clarify anything…Voris never claimed to be approved or implied that he was approved or endorsed. Lay Catholics do not need to be approved to teach the Faith, nor do they need to be approved catechists.

    People may or may not like Voris’s tone, but i challenge anyone to come up with an example of him teaching anything that countermands Catholic teaching. Yes he can be critical of some bishops, but some bishops may need to be prodded a little to speak up for the Faith.

    Just so nobody is confused, there is nothing wrong with coming to see him speak in Madrid regardless of his status of approval. The WYD organizers should be given the utmost respect for the job they are doing, but they are not an authority that requires obedience.

  13. Nate Cameron says:

    I found out about Michael Voris several years ago after reading about him in the Q&A section of EWTN’s website. I have been to his tv studio outside of Detroit to watch a filming of his CIA series. Let me tell you, this guy is authentically Catholic! You can’t deny his message as it is the truth of the Church! Sorry if the message comes out of season for the liberal Catholics who long to be the next protestant community, but I for one recognize when the USCCB and their “Professional Cathlic” cohorts try to smear a man supporting our Church and our Pope.

  14. mary says:

    God bless you Mike Voris and RCTV!!! Your teachings have helped me grow in my Catholic faith and love of the truth. Thank you and good luck in Madrid!

    • SDT says:

      And of course, leaving your message here makes sense why?

      • I think Mary assumes that Michael Voris is reading these comments. I don’t know for sure if he is or isn’t, but my educated guess is that he is.

        • TCM says:

          Well, Mr. Madrid, if Mr. Voris is reading, then let me grab his ear:

          Mr. Voris: Your business model is going to lead you into schism with the church. You will not be able to maintain this game where every day there is some new outrage, without finally having to leave the church you say you love, because your economic survival will demand it. If you start praising the bishops, praising the church instead of the daily rant, your subscriptions will dry up. This is not a hate note. This is one Catholic warning another that he may be endangering himself, and therefore something you should be sympathetic to hearing. You are not fomenting a love of the church, you are fomenting hate of other Catholics and of the bishops who are given their authority through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and you will answer to God for it. The church will always be imperfectly run, Peter was imperfect, too, but you would not be free to sneer at him or foment scandalous hate for him, without displeasing Jesus. You should think about that. You often say good things that I actually agree with, but I cannot watch you above a minute because I can’t what someone else in this thread called the “snotty teenager” thing. Maybe you don’t realize how bad it’s become. You weren’t always this annoying, but I can’t watch your videos any more.

          • Paco says:

            Jesus Christ our Lord himself kicked out the unfaithful. If a schism happens it will be for the lack of love to our Blessed Mother and her son Jesus Christ. Do not put the blame on anyone else for the decisions and actions of others. What about being mature and acting like grownups?

          • Shawn says:

            Now see this is a good example of vitriol folks. First the writer assumes that Mr. Voris is doing what he is doing for economic reasons. Maybe that is true we don’t know this is an assumption. Then the writer assumes that the motivation of money would force Mr. Voris to lead many souls astray. Then the name calling comparing Mr. Voris to a “snotty teenager”.

            TCM this was a poor attempt at charity, You had some good points. Mr. Voris does need to be careful that his ego and pride to not lead him and others to hate the Church. I bet if you talked to him one on one he would tell you that he prays for protection from that daily. If he does slip up one day I expect you to be the first one to point it out, and will be right beside you.

            God Bless You.

        • Ryan W. says:


          Thank you for all you do for the faith and fore bringing attention to this strange announcement by WYD Madrid regarding RealCatholicTV. I have enjoyed your radio show when I have the opportunity to listen to it and have grown in my faith reading your books especially the pocket guide to apologetics, Search and Resucue, etc. Lastly, your CD for Lighthouse Media on why you are Catholic was great to listen to as well. I’m sorry I missed your Men’s retreat hear in Colorado the other month but some of my friends made it and really enjoyed the talks.

          I wanted to add that if Michael Voris is reading these comments, thank you Michael for all your efforts to spread the faith as well. My wife and I have learned alot from the One True Faith shows, your CIA episodes, Armor of God, etc. May God continue to bless your ministry as well as Patrick’s and protect all those who strive to spread the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church. Please keep fighting the good fight and God Bless.

  15. Augustine says:

    Could it have to do that CTV often snides the true shepherds of the Church, fosters disunity with them, showing no respect for their office and is quite selective in which teachings of Holy Mother Church they endorse?

  16. Sam Marshall says:

    Having followed Michael Voris over the years, it saddens me that individuals like Patrick Madrid, Mark Shea and Jimmy Akin feel a need to slight While Madrid, Shea and Akin tiptoe through the difficulty that is being experienced in the Church today to protect their treasury resulting from book sales, speaking engagements and the like, Mr. Voris is simply committed to spreading the good news regardless of the gossip or financial harm that often results because of those ingratiating themselves from the courage of Mother Angelica and her media empire. I am confident that Mother Angelica would love Michael Voris. And thank you, Mr. Voris, you may singlehandedly start a revolution in the Church that is long overdue.

    • Stu says:

      I don’t believe Patrick Madrid is slighting Michael Voris. His reporting of this is, in my mind, factual and non-emotional like some other blog sites. I commend him for that.

      • Thank you, Stu.

        Sam, I am at a loss to know why you would say that I slighted Michael Voris. Is it simply because I brought attention to this admittedly strange step that the WYD committee took? If so, how does that slight him? If anything, my posting this draws more attention to Michael than anything else.

        Also, unless you can provide an example of where I “tiptoe through the difficulty that is being experienced in the Church today,” then I call upon you to retract this charge against me and the false insinuation that I refrain from speaking out on issues because I might lose “book sales” as a result. That is a base and mean-spirited thing for you to say and you have no grounds for saying it either. Perhaps you never hear my “Open Line” radio show (Thursdays from 3-5 p.m. ET) on the EWTN Radio network, but I can assure you that I have to deal head-on with the very issues you allude to on practically every show. If you don’t believe me, take a listen to my most recent show:

        • P.S. I forgot to mention that you might want to pay particular attention to the call that starts at the 56:00 minute mark for an example of what I mean.

        • Jane says:

          Tuning in late on this, but I want to state that I have great respect for Patrick Madrid’s bringing this injustice to light. He has been exceptional in allowing comments to show in a very timely manner. Patrick, you’ve been very fair in all of this. I’m sorry you got caught in the crossfire. Unfair to you and uncalled for.

          God bless you and thank you.

          • Dan Hunter says:

            This is surely a great injustice done to Mr Voris who has done nothing but teach the unadulterated Magisterium of the Church in countless tv shows, dvds, and cd’s.
            He is modern day layman version of Archbishop Fulton Sheen.

            He points out the Truth in all Charity and calls out heterodox bishops, priests and laymen.
            This is work worthy of our Lady Herself and I thank Mr Madrid for pointing out this grave and abusive slight by the promotors of WYD.

            God bless Michael Voris and God bless Juventutem!

    • SDT says:

      And how does Mr. Voris make his living? While Shea, Madrid and Akin make their “treasure” (and are you privvy to how much they make?)is Voris working for free, or is he making a living off the church as well? He charges money for his “premium content,” doesn’t he? He does videos and has speaking engagements and travels all over the world on someone’s dime, doesn’t he? I don’t think I’ve read Shea or the others named going to Rome or Ireland or Madrid. Oh, but Voris is “simply committed to spreading the good news regardless of gossip or financial harm.” Yeah. He spreads the good news with sarcasm. Just like Jesus did.

      • SDT says:

        And by the way, Sam Marshall, you wrote: “regardless of the gossip or financial harm that often results…” That’s bull. Voris takes no financial risks with his mouthing off. He’s preaching to the angry choir, and they won’t cancel their subscriptions as long as he keeps throwing red meat. Which puts him in a bind, doesn’t it? If he wants to keep making a living, he has to keep feeding the angry. I am not buying.

      • Pete says:

        SDT, I think you need to do a little research on the meek and gentle Jesus and start reading about broods of vipers, Satan twisting you, etc.

        All Voris is saying is “THE CAFETERIA IS CLOSED”. Were you to lose a few, i.e., all, of your family from the faith to a less mealy mouthed Christianity or no Christianity you might start to get the picture Voris paints.

        He is not a feel good guy. You may not like that. Maybe you would like him to snuggle up to We Are Church or some other group and admit what an evil man the pope is for his nasty interference in the unwed bedroom, hetero and homo alike. But I don’t think it will happen and Voris has a bully pulpit.

        Conservatives acrtoss the land rejoice at the retirement of the Bishop of Erie PA, who dissed Voris, as for Detroit? C’mon. Voris will have his impact for good. The lovers of such “hymns” as “Sing a New Church Into Being” are dying out. Best get used to it.

  17. Stu says:

    ***I sent the following inquiry to the WYD folks:***

    “In light of the recent statement by WYD regarding the medial outlet run by Michael Voris, I would be interested in obtaining a full listing of other known events/individuals appearing in Madrid during this timeframe that are not approved.

    Thanks for your help.



    ***And got the following response:***

    “It´s great you want to be aware of the approved events going on during World Youth Day. At this point there is no “list” as to what is approved and what is not. However, as soon as all the events are approved we will be publishing an “approved” list on the website, so if something´s not on there, then it´s not approved. Keep checking the website for future updates!


    • kevin says:

      similar robo-response we always get from the politicians these days. Will there be a starbucks though?

      • Stu says:

        I think the response makes this incident even more puzzling. Why did they feel the need to single out Michael Voris? Without having an opinion one way or the other, I am interested in knowing such.

        • Rudy says:

          They have rankled a lot of feathers from the hierarchy and liberal Catholics which still make up most of the bureaucracy of the USCCB.

      • SDT says:

        Really? I thought it was a perfectly fine response. Did you EXPECT them to have a “list” of “unapproved” groups?

        • Stu says:

          I didn’t know what to expect. But the fact that they haven’t taken the time to identify other groups, that will certainly be there, in an unapproved status is significant. If the standard way for people to know if a group is not official is by looking at the approved list, then why not let that be the standard for Michael Voris?

          • Amy says:

            Perhaps they made a statement about Voris because, “There has been some confusion regarding his affiliation with World Youth Day”… like they actually state in their release.

          • Stu says:

            Yes, Amy that is the stated reason. I’m quite confident that they most likely have received inquiries about other groups as well or are we to believe that people have only asked about Voris? There is more to this story than we know.

  18. Sherry Weddell says:

    Re: Mark’s comment. Actually the Pew US Religious Landscape Survey found that 2.6% of American adults are converts to Catholicism or roughly 6.5 million which is about 8.5% of the whole American Catholic body.

    There’s a lot of us out there.

    When we offered the Called & Gifted at World Youth Day in Sydney, we went through quite a vetting process and appropriately so. In such a setting, we were no long presenting as independent lay Catholics but are participating in the Church’s formal teaching office (by delegation, of course, not right). When we train our teachers, we always make it clear that when teaching for us, they are teaching on behalf of the Church and all the discipline of that part of the pastoral office applies – just as it does to a priest giving a homily at Mass. Our job at that moment is not to express our feelings or pet peeves but to reflect as best we can the heart and mind of Christ and his Church.

    I’m glad someone with clout finally held Voris accountable – and in a public way that he couldn’t just bluster his way out of. It looks like the “No Bull In Madrid” website has been toned down a great deal and now has a specific statement that Voris is not endorsed by World Youth Day.

    I’ve been reading the life of Frank Duff, founder of the Legion of Mary. He was both a passionate apostolic genius and very docile. He faced two decades of direct and indirect opposition from his own Archbishop even as the Legion spread around the world. Duff would make his best case but if the Archbishop said “close it down” that particular initiative was closed down without a whimper. In the days before the Second Vatican Council, the sort of open hostility and disrespect toward bishops routinely manifested around the blogosphere would have been unthinkable and would have been suppressed very quickly. Duff received a standing ovation from the 2,500 bishops attending the 4th session of the Vatican Council but he would have died rather than talk publicly about bishops the way Catholics online feel free to do on a daily basis.

    • Ellen says:


      Remember the clerical sexual abuse crisis? Remember how bishops were responsible for covering up and shuffling? And remember how in their vaunted anti-abuse efforts bishops are still not held accountable?

      It’s okay for the laity to criticize bishops. It’s okay for the liberals to state their opinion of Chaput and Burke and it’s okay for the conservatives to ask why a liberal bishop won’t obey the Pope on liturgical matters. Really. It’s okay.

      (But of course …with you I know that it’s not the liberals mocking Burke’s cappa magna that gets your goat…you’re okay with that. It’s always the “orthodox” that are the objects of your scorn.)

    • Jane says:

      “When the Faith is in imminent peril, prelates ought to be accused by their subjects, even in public.” – St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica

      • SDT says:

        Jane wrote: “When the Faith is in imminent peril, prelates ought to be accused by their subjects, even in public.” – St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica

        Oh, so – the authority to be Michael Voris comes from Aquinas!

        They “ought” to be accused, huh? All of them?

        So let me get this straight: We Catholics believe that our bishops and our pope are put into their office by the guidance of the Holy Spirit and given their authority by Jesus Christ. In other words, by God.

        But any two-bit showman who knows his catechism well enough is entitled to criticize and slander them at will and create a toxic fog around them all by himself to make a buck?

        I’m not even sure if I’m talking about Voris here, or Corapi, but it seems the description would fit either one.

        Great saints have reformed the church when it needed reform but none of them would have been able to write the snotty press release we see in this thread. They would have been too humble

        • Jane says:

          Whoa, STD. Your rage jumps off the page. Careful that your anger doesn’t cloud your vision. Who said “all of them” ought to be accused? Not me, not Voris. So please don’t twist words.

          Any prelate who does not preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in its entirety has a very heavy responsibility for the souls he puts at risk. He is unfaithful to his calling as a shepherd. Do you deny that there are wolves out there masquerading as shepherds?

          There are good and faithful prelates, thanks be to God. No one points the finger at them. But not all are faithful.

          Here’s another quote from a saint and doctor of the Church:

          “The walls of hell are lined with the skulls of bishops.”

          If you have any quarrel with that, take it up with St. John Chrysostom, not me.

        • Not all Bishops but when there is need… any faithful Catholic *OUGHT*:

        • John says:

          In my experience, numerous ONE-bit showmen who know absolutely NOTHING about the Catholic Catechism routinely criticize the Church, Her clergy, Her doctrine, and anything else they can find for various “sins” against Modernism, Progressivism, or heaven knows what.

          As Voris himself commented today on his latest Vortex, if there’s any real surprise here, it’s that Voris, who routinely reminds us of the Church’s actual teaching, suffers vague condemnation, while various groups of various natures attempt to distract WYD participants from the very edges of the event.

          Honestly, your statement reeks of needless loathing!

          May I ask why you despise Voris so much?

  19. Gary says:

    July 26, 2011


    SOUTH BEND, IN – The faithful who work at would like to thank the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for drawing attention to our existence and scheduled contributions to the upcoming World Youth Day events to be held in Madrid, Spain, as well as the launch of its new pilot program striving to address tough issues concerning sexuality and morals facing Catholic youth today,

    While we regret that some assistant to the Secretariat for Laity of the USCCB has not given us her approval “to participate in the cultural program”, we prefer to rely upon the higher authority of Our Lord Himself, and an Ecumenical Council of the Roman Catholic Church as it does what it can to increase the authentic Faith and Morals of the Catholic Church:

    “The laity derive the right and duty to the apostolate from their union with Christ the head; incorporated into Christ’s Mystical Body through Baptism and strengthened by the power of the Holy Spirit through Confirmation, they are assigned to the apostolate by the Lord Himself.” Cf. Second Vatican Council, Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity, Apostolicam Actuositatem, 3.

    For every press release that is issued mentioning our existence, more and more tangible interest in is generated on the part of ordinary Catholic faithful simply seeking straightforward information on just how to be really Catholic – not only in word, but more importantly in deed, which all too often is lacking on the part of some Dioceses in too many parishes to the grave detriment of souls. For the significant increased attention drawn to the exclusive on-line product found on, we are very grateful.

    The faithful at are in full compliance with the universal norms of the Code of Canon Law, the universal legislation of the Roman Catholic Church, which in no canon muzzles ordinary Catholic faithful from using themselves on the web as genuine instruments of dissemination of Catholic principles. To the contrary, the Second Vatican Council calls upon every single Catholic to do his or her share to build up genuine observance of authentic Catholic Faith and Morals, which we only strive to achieve in a concrete and updated format resonating with the youth of today.

    To learn more about us, check us out at, and Press and other Media are invited to contact Ms. Susan Vance, Director of Communications, directly at 248-545-5716, or by e-mail at

    • SDT says:

      What a snotty statement. The WYD people and “some assistant to the Secretariat for Laity of the USCCB has not given us her approval.”

      Whoever wrote this sounds like a teenager with a blog.

      Nice “real” Catholicism. “But more importantly in deed.” Indeed. What a fine example this is.

      He doesn’t mind promoting the second vatican council when it suits his purposes, does he?

      • Pete says:

        You’re right, it is snotty and it is in your face and that’s how he’s getting attention and spreading the truth. You don’t hear a Bishop like Bruskewitz or Chaput complaining about him, do you?

        It’s time to stop the equivocation. Take a lesson from our Evangelical brethren, that’s why so many Catholics flee there, they don’t equivocate about truth.

        Look what’s happened around the world, U.S., Ireland, Austria, Belgium. all because of head hiding and equivocation and compromise. Voris will have none of it and more people would do well to emulate him.

    • Marie says:

      Is that for real?

      That can’t be real.

      Totally unprofessional, full of pride and arrogance

      • I dropped an email to the Voris people this morning, and they assured me it’s authentic. They plan to do a Vortex episode on this later today.

        Deacon Greg Kandra
        “The Deacon’s Bench”

        • If they would have responded with a straightforward and “Serious” release wouldn’t everyone then just say that RCTV had validated the original PR? I think so.

          The WYD Org. Comm. essentially insinuated that there is something WRONG with Voris’ event… something extraordinary from all other “unaffiliated” events that will be occurring, in fact I have information that DUE TO THE PRESS RELEASE there are Bishops and Priests FORBIDDING their groups from attending the RCTV event… how is that right or fair? It isn’t… so in light of that I think that the response might rub some wrong, it is at least honest and sincere. While the WYD release is clouded in confusion and ulterior motives.

      • John says:

        I thought it looked pretty straightforward and fair.
        You might refer to today’s Vortex episode for greater understanding.

  20. susan says:

    The Trojan horse of modernism is in control of the instituional church. Many popes warned us against this and Our Lady predicted this as well.
    Those of us “with eyes to see and ears to hear” must support MV and all good catholics who speak the truth. Now is the time to shout it “from the rooftops”. Thank you Michael Voris for doing just that!!

  21. Stephen E Dalton says:

    Voris doesn’t deserve the treatment he’s been given by Mark Shea or the WYD organiziers. However he’ll push on, ignoring the bad treatment and doing a good work in Madrid.

  22. Jane says:

    I attempted to post the following on the “official” Madrid WYD website this morning. As of now (7:10 pm) it still hasn’t cleared their censors. Here goes:

    Michael Voris must be doing a great deal of good to warrant this kind of attention. One wonders if Our Lord Himself wanted to come to Madrid for World Youth Day, how would the Church hierarchy react? Methinks Christ would be “too controversial” for some of His own Churchmen. Pity.


    BTW, Our Lord used terms like “whitened sepulchres,” “brood of vipers,” and even called St. Peter “Satan.” I guess we can say He was pretty uncharitable, huh?

  23. Carol says:

    The USCCB endorses a Cardinal who made a contract with abortionists to kill infants and promised the state he would provide them with a free ride and who just made the Liturgy a sacramental celebration of pride in sodomy but they disavow Voris.

    Of course we all know the USCCB keeps such a tight reign on catechesis that everything in our parishes and classrooms has been approved by them.

    Voris doesn’t owe an apology to anyone for pointing out that the blogotrials that convict a person of being guilty of sexual abuse because he dyes his beard was not, and is not in the future, a responsible crusade for truth. It is just despicable. There are venues to find out what is going on and Mark Shea was outside of those venues just like the rest of us. Until SOLT came out with the findings, he ought not to have been a vigilante.

  24. Judy OBrien says:

    Michael Voris is in good company… Remember Mother Angelica? The USCCB tried to shut down
    her apostolate. We know the truth when we hear it
    and Michael Voris speaks the truth about the sin in the church and is in full communion with the Magesterium.. Pray for Michael and all of us who want the truth proclaimed.

    • J.D. says:

      Good heavens! This has nothing to do with the USCCB! This has to do with Michael Voris not having permission from his local bishop. The USCCB is too easy of a target, because people know Voris’ bishop is quite orthodox. You also can’t complain that Voris’ archbishop doesn’t crack down on liberals, because he does (see Call to Action conference, the priest who said the Mass is under investigation). If you really think Voris should be recognized by his diocese feel free to write Archbishop Allen Vigneron. I am sure he would be happy to hear from you.

      • It isnt that simple J.D. It isn’t that ArchB Vigneron doesnt approve, it is that RCTV isnt APPROVED. There is an important distinction.

        That being said, this WYD statement doesnt stem from that directly. In fact, even if RCTV was approved… this statement could still have been written. Voris wasn’t DENIED anything because RCTV didnt APPLY nor did they NEED to apply for anything at WYD.

        • J.D. says:

          Joe your spin is so impressive, I am sure you would have no problem getting a job with the Obama Administration.

          Ok yes that’s what I meant. RCTV is not approved by the local diocese, which is a requirement in order to be considered a Catholic institution. If you wan’t to get hung up on that, fine. It doesn’t take away from my point that the USCCB wasn’t involved with this decision. According to friends at the USCCB, the WYD announcement came as a surprise to them.

    • Charlene says:

      When this kind of attack comes, my favorite prayer is one that has kept me humble all my adult life. This is helped me in church ministery and secular work.

      The Litany of Humility written by Merry Cardinal del Val.

      PS thankyou Michael for you Ministery

  25. John says:


    Voris is no more an unaccountable demagogue than you are. You are both accountable to God.

    Also, you seem to be very content to rant about your personal pet peeves, but you are reluctant to extend to him the same courtesy. I think that is defined as hypocrisy.

    There are things he says I don’t care for, but my Bishop, Fabian Bruskewitz, speaks very favorably of him and his catechesis. And frankly, I find it refreshing that he doesn’t mince words, he just speaks plainly and forcefully, as opposed to those who are always trying to play cute with words.

  26. GK Prayer Warrior says:

    Michael Voris, from what Mark Shea has addressed, doesn’t offer charity but truth. To remind people, Truth is offered in the Charity of Christ Who suffered, died, and arose in regard to our sins and not merely truth, teachings, or whatever. St. Paul stated without love he is only a resounding gong. With all due respect to people who have a fervent desire to teach the truth, you gain flies with honey rather than vinegor. Mr. Voris has made sharp remarks aimed at people in comparison to the Church’s teachings. You cannot go about using Church teachings to be used against someone’s character. Though, you can speak in an informative view of a person’s actions being contrary to the Church’s teachings with Charity.

    • Ryan W. says:

      “Though, you can speak in an informative view of a person’s actions being contrary to the Church’s teachings with Charity.” Many including myself would argue that Michael Voris does this. I believe Michael when he says that he is trying to help save souls and spread the Catholic Faith. I think Mr. Shea unfortuneately has a strong bias against Michael and his style, despite the postive message and results of Michael’s ministry. Both Shea and Voris are a postive for the Faith and should be tolerated by the faithful as the true meaning of tolerance is accepting of the good, all types.

      God Bless

      • Sarah says:

        He wants to save souls – how, by sneering at them and being sarcastic to them? Mother Teresa never did it that way. She spoke up, sure. But she was always humble, and always loving in how she did it. She respected the dignity of others. And this is precisely where Voris is lacking. He says many good things, but yeah, he is mostly a clanging gong preaching to his personal choir. Without love, he is nothing.

        • Graham Reade Jr. says:

          Comparing Mother Teresa to Michael Voris is completely irrelevant and unrealistic. You are comparing a man to a woman as if they are similar in all aspects, and they are not. NOR are they equal. Women are naturally more nurturing and compassionate especially where Mother Teresa’s vocation was focusing on the poor, dying and destitute. I have never heard MOTHER Teresa talk about the problems of the moral church today and the immorality that happens to young people.

          Voris spreads his message with great directness and sometimes sarcasm because he is SICK and TIRED of the liberal progressives, cafeteria-catholics, cherry-picking-Catholics-in-name-only, ABUSING the title of the Roman Catholic Church and being hypocritical in their actions. He has little compassion because his job needs to be like a manager, and a loving FATHER, stern and direct with his approach. He is a NO-bullshitter. and I prefer that style because it gets the message across without any question or hesitation. With all respect to Mother Theresa (RIP) and all her holy and charitable works for the destitute and poor, she could not change people’s hearts in a minute if she tackled the immoral problems that Voris talks about everyday. And from what I can remember, she never even did.

          • SDT says:

            Oh, please! Voris is rude because he’s a man? Tell it to St. Jean Vianney, who actually DID save souls. Stop making excuses for his rudeness and his militancy.

          • Katharine K says:

            Have you ever read any of St John Vianney’s sermons? He certainly was not “nice”.

          • Alencon says:

            Don’t want to enter into this fray – but will state, for the record, that I see lots of good in what Michael Voris does. As for the comments by SDT (disagree) and Katherine K (agree) please check out


            A series of articles written by Father Roger Landry – if you go to the articles written 13-Mar-09, 20-Mar-09, and 26-Jun-09 to 18-Jun-10 you’ll find a year’s long set on St. John Vianney written for the Year of the Priest. While showing love and mercy he knew when to get tough and call a spade a spade.

  27. J.D. says:

    As I said before, WYD’s decision has more to do with Voris’ lack of local episcopal approval. For whatever reason, his local ordinary, Archbishop Vigneron has not approved RealCatholicTV as a “Catholic ministry”. What does that mean? In order for a ministry or program in a diocese to call themselves Catholic they must have the approval of their local bishop to do. Why is that? The bishop is the chief catechist and liturgist (among other things) in every diocese. Our unity to the Church comes primarily through the Eucharist, but temporally it comes through the local bishop in union with the bishop of Rome. There is nothing sinister here, this is the way the Church has operated for centuries. If anyone is curious to learn more about the role of bishop in the life of the Church I recommend reading Ratzinger’s “Called to Communion”, Avery Dulles, “Magisterium”, and of course the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

    One last point, Abp. Vigernon of Detroit is definitely one of the good guys. He is quite orthodox. Voris even praised his appointment as Archbishop of Detroit. I would hate to see a good bishop get sucked into Voris’ vortex.

    • Brian Walker says:

      Exactly my thoughts, J.D. However, I posted this line of thought on the RCTV facebook page (the ‘No idea if “Stu” really did this,’ post), and had my comments removed and was subsequently banned.

      Oh well, not only are they lacking charity (infamously), but also obedience. It’s too bad, cause most all of their stuff if GREAT!! If they would only align themselves with the local Church and Bishop…

  28. Michael Voris is merely following the Lord’s command to not be “luke warm”. Even sinners (like myself and Voris) can practice tough love and point out the errors of the modernists. The use of words like “disavow” in the headline for World Youth Day betrays the non-objective slant of the person who wrote the article. They didn’t disapprove of Voris being there. They just didn’t give official approval. Talk about “spin”. Listen to a few of his UTube presentations before you pre-judge him.

    • kevin says:

      yes, God calls us to admonish the sinner. God’s word is God’s word..period. Man has become artful at “interpreting” God’s word to fit his lifestyle.
      We need more men like Michael Voris in the Church..not Stuart Smalleys. God asks for one hour on a Sunday and people come shuffling in halfway through the Homily? I bet their on time for their jobs. Turn off the cellphones and stop the chattering during Mass..our Lord is present! Show respect and grow up! The next time I see a grown man in shorts with flip flops…

  29. kevin says:

    would they rather Bono show up and lead them in a rock anthem? Michael Voris has a spine and speaks with courage and grit. My utmost respect to a man who cuts through the “blurry gray area” the charismatics love to spew. Everyone is saved! Judge not, be tolerant, be charitable..blah blah blah. Those very things are the cause of all this mess anyway.

  30. April says:

    Looks to me like the forces that oppose Christ are jumping into the medium of the current day – the web, blog evagelization, youtube, etc., and their tactic is to increase division and add confusion. Marketing is a tricky tool, and good marketers are almost always misunderstoood by someone. “Perception is reality” is a phrase coined with some truth, at least in the sense of how we react. Looks as if RCTV and all its marketing skills, be it because of their edginess, or because they speak truth, is the victim of the forces that be.

    I personally do not support RCTV because of their extreme lack of charity, as other commenters have noted, even though I have never heard them speak heresy. Their sarcasm, even back at me in reply to my comment, is disheartening. I do not experience sarcasm from God when I am in prayer, and I do not see evidence of snappy sarcasm from Christ in the Scriptures.

    Best bet, trust the Church, for even in its misfailings, the Lord will honor your obedience — this not including obedience to mortal sin, of course. Have patience with the Church, who sometimes gives the perception that she does not care about the morals of the bishops. She is slow to move, as was Our Lord on earth. This slow movement is clearly an act of mercy, not to be understood by us earthly beings. God is still in control, and Christ left us the Church to guide us. Pray and have patience.

    • Stewart says:

      “Looks to me like the forces that oppose Christ are jumping into the medium of the current day – the web, blog evagelization, youtube, etc. and their tactic is to increase division and add confusion.”

      What is this April? Are you starting with the premise that RealCatholicTV is a part of these forces? On what evidence do you base this accusation?

      It is unfortunate that they were sarcastic to you in replying to your comment. That is not the way to win people to your side. It is a big mistake on their part and I hope they learn from this.

      “Best bet, trust the Church, for even in its misfailings, the Lord will honor your obedience — this not including obedience to mortal sin, of course”

      Very true but please keep in mind that RealCatholicTV is a part of the church as well. That lay organizations are taking up John Paul II’s call for a new evangelization is definitely a good thing.

      • April says:

        ‘“Looks to me like the forces that oppose Christ are jumping into the medium of the current day – the web, blog evagelization, youtube, etc. and their tactic is to increase division and add confusion.”
        What is this April? Are you starting with the premise that RealCatholicTV is a part of these forces? On what evidence do you base this accusation?’

        All of us are under attack. RCTV is no exception. I don’t believe I indicated that RCTV is a “part of these forces” at all, nor did I make that accusation. I will kindly clear that up now. Nevertheless, my point about “perception is reality” is well-proven here, by this misunderstanding. All I was indicating is that the laity and the clergy are all under attack, as is RCTV, as is the Vatican, as are you and I, and all must be very careful and charitable. We must not add fuel to the fire.

        There is confusion and division all over these comments. satan loves to divide even those that are doing good work.
        Peace to you, Stewart.

  31. Allan Wafkowski says:

    That’s weird. I’ve never heard Michael Voris utter one word that was not accepting of Catholic Church teachings. I wonder who the paranoid person was who decided to disassociate his group from WYD when they never even suggested that they were an official part of the event.

    This nutty action bodes poorly for the things that are going to be officially promoted at WYD. If authentic Church teachings, as promoted by Voris, are too radical for the kids at WYD, I wonder what they will be fed.

    I suspect there is some dissident bishop out there had been criticized by Voris, and had a hissy fit.

  32. Stewart says:

    I think Chris Roberts made a valid point with the delivery in many of Michael Voris’s videos. He is straight, clear, and concise and he holds no punches.

    Having had many friends and some relatives been recruited int fundamentalist protestant sects by representatives arguing on the flaws and errors of Catholicism, it is definitely refreshing to see Michael Voris have the courage to actually teach that Catholicism is the true church founded by our Lord.

    It is also refreshing to hear these truths taught in clear concise bracing terms. I like that he teaches on the reality of sin (never mentioned from the pulpits anymore) and how it separates one from God, causes misery in this life, and eternal misery in the next life.

    Internet video channels are the new medium and Michael Voris and RealCatholicTV are to be applauded for being the first Catholic organization to take advantage of this new medium. Maybe this is why CA (which is largely dull, old, and boring) is shrieking in jealousy. Don’t forget that Mother Angelica was looked on as a threat by the Bishop’s Conference and steps were taken against her.

    Watching the RealCatholicTV videos there is a sense of fun, originality, and youthful energy that comes across. They are the pranksters, merry hecklers, the nail that wears helmets out, refusing to yield. It is no surprising that a large number of young people are attracted to them.

    God bless them in their great work.

  33. Unnocentius says:

    Michael Voris is telling what cafeteria people don’t like to hear, that there is something terribly wrong with the Church today– not the divine and indefectible Church founded by Christ on Kephas (St.Peter), but the Church of today rampant of immorality, permissiveness, etc. Please revisit the Youth Day gatherings of the past. What do we have? The purity of the Catholic faith or some sort of excuse for getting together and to celebrate? Somebody issued the warning about WYD to be a threat to the faith and morals of the young. Who said there would be no sodomites lurking in the shadows (do they need to seek :approval” to be there)? How do we read the horror about the distribution of holy Communion, with Hosts thrown and trampled in the ground? World Youth Day is a grand party for celebrating not the Catholic faith but the evential loss of it.

  34. Yeah, I’m sure the bishops are nervous. Michael Voris is the one and only Catholic Commentator who has the courage and integrity to publicly criticize bishops, by name, when they do or teach things contrary to the faith. And you notice they never specifically criticize anything he says, unlike he does to some of them. Instead, they criticize his “style” and his “insensitivity.” It’s no wonder they sought to preempt anything he might say. But didn’t John Paul 2 say the “new evangelization” was to be undertaken by the laity? But only the bishops are allowed to catechize at WYD? Wonder what’s really up with that?

    As to his abrasive style and lack of sensitivity, actually read the New Testament. John the Baptist with his “…brood of vipers…” rhetoric, Jesus Himself with His “…woe to you blind guides…hypocrites!” St John quoting the risen Christ calling people a, “…synagogue of Satan…” St Paul saying that the pagans of his time were really worshiping demons. Wonder if they are going to be denounced at WYD?

  35. Amy says:

    Apparently, the thing that the organizers didn’t approve Voris was that he waited too long to ask about attending and they were full. So, instead of chalking that one up to experience and beginning to plan for the next WYD, he decided that his message was too important to wait and set up his own event.

    • Lisa says:

      I agree with you whole heartedly. He went ahead and set up his own program. I can’t wait to see it on the website.

      • Amy says:

        That wasn’t really a compliment… HE decided HIS message was too important and (apparently) that the regular rules didn’t apply because HE had a message HE had to get out. The proper response would have been to recognize that he screwed up by waiting too long and let it go.

        • John says:

          Yes, April, we can read your view.
          It’s quite clear that YOU believe that Mr. Voris’ actions will be a most unwelcome event.
          I’m saddened to hear that. I have yet to hear anything from him that truly merits any wrath or contempt. I would remind you that, unless Bishop Vigneron specifically directs him to remain in the ‘States, there’s no particular reason why he shouldn’t conduct his event.

          I understand your point about deadlines–I hope that’s your only gripe–but I might remind you that many of our Church’s bishops..have been awfully tepid with their teaching, preaching, and living of faith.

          I’ve been rather relieved by Mr. Voris’ approach really. I’m glad to see another Catholic who’s willing to address faith matters publicly in manner that reflects life as I’ve seen it.

          Voris’ efforts may confuse many Catholics at WYD, but I’d say it’s better for them to deal with that now anyway.

          I wound up suffering the same struggles over whose word I ought accept in my later 20’s.
          It wasn’t fun.

        • Christine says:

          Voris has no more obligation to request permission to conduct his layman’s activities than a Catholic Bible study group has to request permission to meet in Madrid.

        • Amy:

          At WYD and other such events, groups like Voris do their own “events” all the time. In fact, there will be HUNDREDS of such events at WYD that are “not approved” and “not affiliated” with WYD. It isn’t like RCTV is doing any out of the ordinary.

          What IS out of the ordinary is that the WYD website decided to single out Voris and say: “Oh by the way, he isn’t officially affiliated with us.” The chose RCTV out of the HUNDREDS of other groups that are doing the same thing…

          The question is WHY… or better WHO…

  36. Kaisar says:

    This is very sad to hear. I wonder why those who object to Michael Voris’ apostolate cannot pin point the problem with it. What has Mr. Voris ever said that not true? Please be more specific before deeming someone as “[un]recognized and [un]approved.” Unless if you have a personal issue with that person.
    Michael, thank you very much for your zeal for the house of the Lord. Your presentations are obviously striking a chord. I hope to see more of them in the future.

    • Paul says:

      I used to subscribe to RCTV through Youtube. I eventually dropped my subscription. I don’t doubt that everything that MV says along the way is authentic Catholic teaching. My issue was that it seemed like he was trying to blame everything on liberals within the Church.

      It seemed to me that RC (at least MV show) was turning into the “we-hate-the-USCCB-due-to-being-over-run-by-liberals” channel.

      NOTE: I in no way don’t support the liberal agenda (ie. abortion, gay pride, etc.). It’s just seeming him say nothing but how this rampant in the Church was getting me depressed. I want to hear the solid Catholic teaching we’re supposed to know rather than the constant attacks against it.

      • Kaisar says:

        I don’t think his intention is to get you depressed. He says that many times. People who feel that way usually do not go on to explore his other words, especially in the area of apologetics and the majesty of the faith. Also, when Michael speaks about “liberals,” he has made it clear in the past, that he does not refer to the partisan political scheme of libertarianism. Although, he often includes these as well, when he speaks of “liberals” in the church, he means heretics and heterodox oriented “Catholics.”

        What he says about the current condition of the church is definitely true and cannot be refuted. Instead of depressing us, it should instill more fervour and zeal in us for the authentic faith and true devotion to Our Blessed Lord and His Holy Catholic Church.

        God bless his efforts, and I for one, have definitely been inspired on numerous occasions by Michael’s courageous witness for the faith.

      • sophie says:

        If all you watch is the Vortex, then you will feel “negative” about things. It’s Michael’s daily rant!. It is not meant to convey people should be depressed about things. It is meant to challenge us to do something about things, prayers foremost of it. That’s why he calls attention to what is going wrong. He also does have stories that are going well like people coming back to the faith. He is calling so much attention to those unfaithful US BISHOPS because they have not shaped up! They are still leading souls to hell. So unless the unfaithful , liberal Catholic Bishops who are wolves in sheep’s clothing , changes , and repent, the laity can’t just stand back and keep silent. The end goal is to get many people to know what’s going on so they can pray for their conversions and at the same time be vigilant.

        If you had subscribed to premium account of real catholic tv (which is just a measly $10 a month compared to all the gems of Catholicism you will see) , then you will see the Armour of God, Brown Bag Bible Study , Retreats , etc that are really quite good to let us grow in our spiritual life and walk with God and become an authentic soldiers for Christ in the places where we work.

  37. Steven says:

    haha finally Voris gets pwned. Can’t stand the man.

    • Chris Roberts says:

      Michael Voris is extreme; Extremely Catholic! He is not claiming to be more Catholic than anyone else. He just wants what many of us Conservative daily Mass going Catholic want for our church, for our church to actually enforce what it teaches. We have many weak liberal bishops who give communion to politicians who are openly pro-choice and pro-gay marriage. Why? Because they are weak.

      Michael Voris does not need permission to do what he is doing in Madrid. He owns a business, and he can promote that secular business anywhere he wants. Yes, he did ask for permission to be included in the main event and was denied, but that does not mean he can’t show up where a ton of Catholics will be to give his consultation. He will be there to show his support for the faith of the Church. Just because he was denied to be a part of the event doesn’t mean he is not in full communion with our church. Make sure you understand the difference.
      I’d like to see anyone here ask to be invited to a bishops conference. When you are denied are you still Catholic? Ofcourse you are, but you were just not invited to the event. Big deal! But that doesn’t mean you can’t be at the Bishops conference for example in the same hotel giving your own consulting to people who want it. It is called Marketing Leverage for all of you who are not business professionals.

      Voris tells the Truth and while we all fall short of the Glory of God and some of us even more than others, God can use us imperfect people to speak Truth. Remember, the priest does not have to be in a state of grace to consecrate the elements to make them validly the Body and Blood of our Lord. He should be in state of grace, but the sacrament is still valid. Truth can be spoken by imperfect people and it is up to us to stay in His Grace so we can discern Truth from heresy.

  38. David H. says:

    What Voris will teach is: “I have a separate teaching authority counter to the Church.” You have several representatives of the Magisterium present and Voris knows better? Houston, we have a problem.

    • Stewart says:

      “I have a separate teaching authority counter to the Church.”

      David H. that is a straight out lie.

      No where has Michael Voris claimed to be a teaching authority other then the counter to the church. He is always maintained fidelity to the magisterium and pope.

      Funny that many of you have a problem with a lay man giving Cathecism and promoting the church when the Vatican has called all of us laity to evangelize the world in our way.

      No Dave, it is you that has a problem. A very serious problem. Telling lies and bearing false witness against your neighbor.

  39. David H. says:

    Michael Voris has taught things such as “few will be saved” that are counter to historical Catholic Teaching. He is also offering an authority counter to the bishops. This could be interpreted as a schismatic act.

    • Chris Roberts says:

      David, you have obviously never been to a world youth day. There are hundreds of groups that are good catholic groups who are there at world youth day selling their “Stuff”. In fact, one World Youth day I saw liberals selling t-shirts that say prochoice catholics. Where were you when they did this? Also, there are also many fringe fundamentalist protestant groups who go to these events to tell people the Catholic Church is the whore of babylon. They give out tracts so that people can become fundamentalists like them. Michael Voris is extreme and I like some of his stuff a lot and some of his stuff not so much. Not because of the content, but because of his delivery some times. He never claims to be any authority, but rather it is his delivery you have a problem with because everything he teaches that I’ve seen comes from the Catechism, Encyclicals, Scripture, etc. In fact, everything he teaches is what the church teaches but his delivery is more in your face than how the church may present it depending on the style of the bishop.

      He has every right to be there and so what if he is not invited to the “Official” group for World Youth day. When you get to a world youth day you will realize it doesn’t matter much. As every business, both faithful to the church or not will be there you can count on it.
      He will be teaching abstinence, pro life, pro trad marriage, the catholic faith is the true faith, etc. Do you have an issue with these things? If so, then maybe the Episcopal church is a better fit for you where they ala carte everything and truth is relative. Just admit it, you don’t like his delivery but you better agree with his content because it comes from our Holy Magisterium!

    • Allan Wafkowski says:

      I’m sorry David H, but the Catholic Church has never made a declaration of how many will be saved. Jesus said few find the way that leads to salvation. david, your argument is with Jesus not Michael Voris.

    • John says:

      If Mr. Voris has ever been specific about that matter, at least he hasn’t accidentally misled people with what the Church has never taught. Growing up, I could’ve got the distinct impression that MOST WOULD be saved, because the Church chose a fairly optimistic view.
      Unfortunately, while the Church hasn’t ever condemned whole hordes of people to hell exactly, neither has She precisely insisted that MOST would go to heaven either.

      Mr. Voris’ comment aimed at reminding people that salvation hasn’t been guaranteed. Too many have implied something much closer to a Protestant rendering of salvation.

  40. Dan says:

    Considering all the nonsense that goes on at these interminable “world youth days” [. . .] I would be honored if I were Voris to be considered persona non grata there. Mr Voris should wear that as a badge of honor.

  41. Amy says:

    If the “defense” of Voris is basically “the organizers of World Youth Day don’t like him because he’s too Catholic,” does that mean his supporters are claiming he’s more Catholic than the Pope?

  42. Scott Gordon says:

    I truly think that this is ridiculous. With anti-catholic protestents running rampant at WYD trying to convert young Catholics to “their form of Christianity”..I see Mike Voris as doing something noble. The true problem is the lukewarmness running rampant in the Church and 75% of Catholics that are not going mass. Mike Voris should be applaued for touching young hearts and trying to lead them to an authentic form of Catholic Christianity. We need more Mike Voris’ in this “One True Faith”.

    Be Bold!

  43. Andy says:

    Is it possible that the WYD staff are responding to questions – that maybe many people have asked if Mr. Voris is part of the event and how might they find him? I think that people are making mountains out of molehills. Perhaps if we spend time considering the purpose of WYD we might start to understand why the staff felt the need to say something. I would be curious if they have offered other similar statements about other possible individuals.

  44. Toni, Akron Ohio says:

    I get more catecheses from Michael Voris then I do my bishop / priest.

    As long as MV is out there I WILL be listening.

    When a CREDIBLE bishop denounces MV then, maybe, I’ll consider all this negative press about Voris.

    I have to tell you, after Fr. Corapi I look at everyone as a potential Fr. C.


  45. Pete says:

    Here’s what Voris will tell the youth.

    1. The Catholic Church contains the fullness of revealed truth.
    2. Cohabitation is a sin
    3. Sin can send you to hell
    4. Contraception is a sin
    5. See 3 above
    6. It is a sin to miss Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation
    7. See 3 above
    8. Pray for vocations
    9. The priest scandal, worldwide, has been caused by an infusion of homosexual priests.
    10. It’s not pedophilia, it’s ephebophilia, and bishops did not act properly to stop it.
    11. We owe allediance to the Lord, the Gospel and the Pope.
    12. The Catechism is a good guide for life.

    Now what, exactly, do you suppose the organizers find objectionable in those points? Probably the unequivocal way he presents it, not couched in mealy mouth. A lot of those folks love mealy mouth.

    • Joel says:

      “Now what, exactly, do you suppose the organizers find objectionable in those points?”

      Sadly, and to their shame, everything.

      Thank God for the many like Mr. Voris who are boldly standing up for that which is true.

  46. Mundabor says:

    I have never heard Voris say that he is in some way connected with the W.Y.D.

    He wouldn’t damage his reputation in such a way.


    • Sarah says:

      “I have never heard Voris say that he is in some way connected with the W.Y.D. He wouldn’t damage his reputation in such a way.”

      That’s true. When you make your living being the “rebel” you can’t risk being seen with the ones you’re against. Bad for business.

      • John says:

        Interesting claim.
        Please, demonstrate, if you will, what Mr. Voris has begun to rebel against.
        Church teaching? Church authority?

        By the tone of this conversation, I’d gather your views relate more to dislike for Mr. Voris rather frank approach. I’m saddened by that. I find said approach refreshing.
        Makes me more willing to come out from behind the Church’s walls and challenge the world.

  47. Lisa Schmidt says:

    Dan, you beat me to it. Nice one.

    I guess I have a sour taste in my mouth from an unpleasant encounter I had with Michael during a local Catholic radio conference two years ago. It wasn’t what Michael was saying, it was how he was saying it – his angry, sarcastic approach that included stomping around the stage grew quite tiresome. He personally attacked a woman in the audience, calling her a heretic, who was trying to understand better one of his points. Complete lack of charity. I agree he forces a lot of conversations to the table that need to be discussed. He did not lead people to Christ and His Church that day – many left with the same sour taste in their mouths as I did. You can be right intellectually, but that doesn’t make you right.

    • John says:

      I wonder if this “many” who left with a sour taste constituted a majority proportion of the audience? Even if so, I’d be curious to know how many eventually agreed with him, even if reluctantly.
      Keep in mind, the Mass I attend–Novus Ordo, not TLM–requires some willingness to get acquainted because of the more traditional elements.

      When someone offers a talk in any form of public discourse, there’s always a risk of mis-communication on some matter. I wasn’t there, so I can’t speak to whether Voris’ behaved uncharitably on purpose or on accident..or if in his judgement, the woman simply wished to pick a fight. It wouldn’t be the first that’s ever happened.

  48. John L says:

    There is an interesting contrast here between the official disowning of Michael Voris and the Youcat catechetical materials, which had to be altered in the Italian and French versions because serious doctrinal and moral errors had somehow made their way into them. I eagerly await the official disowning of the priests and bishops responsible for these errors.


  49. Ed Snyder says:

    This whole statement kind of makes Voris look like a party crasher. As I was reading it I just kept seeing the guy from high school that always seemed to insert himself into the center of events meant for someone else.

    • That, I think, is the purpose of the statement, to get people to think that he is doing something illicit. When, in fact, he isn’t doing anything that a hundred other apostolates are doing in Madrid – holding events promoting and defending the Church.

      What he is doing is taking his group, a Catholic Media group, and holding an event for Catholics at a CATHOLIC event. What is wrong with that?

      This isnt about whether you like him or not… he doesnt SPEAK AGAINST the Church, he shouldnt be singled out as “not being endorsed.”

  50. Tom Emmanuel says:

    From canon law:
    Can. 300 No association is to assume the name Catholic without the consent of competent ecclesiastical authority according to the norm of ⇒ can. 312.

    • El Jay says:


      Just to be clear, Real Catholic TV is not the name of the association. Rather, it is the name of the webstite. The name of the association in question is St. Michael’s Media. Therefore, based on a strict interpretation of Canon Law as you quoted, “competent ecclesiastical authority” is not required.

      God bless,
      Little John

  51. Ken H says:

    I’m willing to bet that there will be many “unendorsed” and “unrecognized” groups and speakers at WYD. I would be willing to bet that many of them will be promoting messages that are opposed to the true teahings of the Catholic Church, sowing confusion among some of the attendees. I’m sure that the WYD program office wants to prevent attendees from hearing these confusing messages – but they won’t be able to stop everyone. It is a shame that they would single out Michael Voris, and I agree with many of the posters here, that he presents the truths of the faith boldly and with more clarity than you hear in most ‘official, sanctioned’ statements. I think that he makes many good points about how watered-down and ambivalent (perhaps even anti-Catholic in some respects) so many of those who are in the position of leadership and teaching authority have become. I applaud that he continues to persevere in his attempts to raise these issues. I agree that at times it might seem a little harsh or his manner a little brusque, but, truly – how much longer can we let the takeover of the Church and the faithful by secular culture continue? Rather than just try to silence Michael, would they explain what it is that he is doing or saying that is wrong? I think that they are afraid that he is pointing out their culpability in losing the souls of those whom they are supposed to be shepherding – at least that is my opinion. I think that he brings to light many hard issues that perhaps many or most people would rather not face up to or think about.

    Thanks for listening!

    • Mb says:

      I totally agree with you, Ken. I guess they’re afraid of him because he tells it like is.
      I would like to know what it is that he is doing that against the church teaching.

      • Sarah says:

        “They’re afraid of him!” Didn’t we hear that about Corapi before it turned out that he actually WAS cohabitating with a woman for years, using drugs, turning to prostitutes, and not even bothering to get faculties from the local bishop?

        If “they’re afraid of him” it is only because Voris is a cynic and a fearmonger who has nothing to say about the love of Christ. If I were seeking a church I wouldn’t be attracted to the one he’s selling, so maybe they’re afraid that he will make Catholicism seem closed and hatefull. He makes his living by raging and dividing people who want to be angry. I realized that when he did his Easter Pagan video, which was overdone. Also, his “the government needs to be Catholic and democracy is bad” video was just plain nutty. Maybe WYD got a load of how Voris was promoting himself and decided he’d gone too far. I can’t watch his videos anymore.

        • jcd says:

          Yes.Some things still make alot of people very angry for example, the Holy Mass:

          Also see:Martin Mosebach July 24 post

        • John says:

          If you believe Voris to be a cynic, a fearmonger, or hateful, I must wonder about the depth of your understanding of Catholic faith. Voris can be a bit bombastic at times, but I think you badly miscomprehend the ideas of those who hear his message.
          Some of us may be angry, all right, but not because Voris made us so. I suspect many listen to him because..gee, we have BEEN angry for a long time..because we’ve had to learn much of our faith on our own!

          For the record, I agreed with him about the nature of Easter’s importance, I agree that we need to press government to exhibit something more alike to Catholic ideals. I also agree that democracy DOES pose risks. ..That’s why the Constitution requires a republican democracy, a system in which we elect representative to represent our views and ideals to the whole nation.
          I’m deeply troubled that you’d object to these claims.

          I’m rather inclined to wonder not only about your comprehension of Catholic faith, but also how well you truly understand your rights and responsibilities as a US citizen.

        • Christine says:

          Actually, Sarah, no evidence has yet been given on either side–all we have are statements from opposing parties.

  52. This whole thing is bizarre. It goes to the whole “situation” with the ArchD of Detroit, and their “Media Protocols.”

    I know that the Bishops need to safeguard the flock and for that I am grateful. What I am concerned is that there is a thought or philosophy that the only way to “control” RCTv and Voris is to “never” sanction him. It also concerns me that this message comes off as almost denouncing him which is unfair and not right. Will there be press releases on EVERY non-sanctioned event that the host committee learns of? That is the only just thing to do.

    I completely understand that there are those that disagree with Voris’ “method” – we all don’t like Apple Pie. Yet, until he says or does something CONTRARY to the teachings of the Church he should not be subjected to statements such as this. I just think this is a step to far. My wife attended WYD in Rome, and I know several people that have participated in other WYDs and I have heard all sorts of stories of events that were much more controversial than what RCTv is planning. This is a statement that really calls into question the motives and direction of certain entities.

    I dont think this is the end of the story and hope that people who appreciate Voris and find his message efficacious will not fear going to his event. It is a legitimate and faithful (to the Church) event and I am sure many young folks will be positively affected if they attend.

  53. “Those groups participating in the World Youth Day 2011 Cultural Festival have been selected because, through their various activities, they promote the authentic teaching and unity of the Roman Catholic Church and have been endorsed by their local Bishop and Espiscopal conference.”

    Despite what one may call his ‘extreme’ form of Catholicism, John Vennari went to WYD 2002 and filmed hours of “approved catechesis” and presentations made by “approved groups” and bands.

    I pray the Pontifical Council of the Laity’s standards and definitions have increased.

    Having watched Mr Voris for the past couple of years, I have NEVER heard him say one word that wasn’t totally in line with the teachings of Holy Mother the Church.

    If I had a group of young adults going to Madrid, I’d take them to the “No Bull” event in a heart beat. To me, the fact that Mr Voris has been singled out says he’s giving someone a headache…and that’s a good thing!

    Prayers for all involved.

    • Chet says:


      In promoting an agenda more palatable to Mssrs Shea et al, these officials would have done better by ignoring Mr.Voris.

      Now, it’s like Michael Savage ranting about being banned in Britain.

      I’ve got issues with Voris myself but he really irks some people because he’s not a convert nor has he been vetted by the usually wonderful people at CA & EWTN

      • Mark P. Shea says:

        1. I have no idea what the agenda at WYD is, nor do I care since I won’t be there.

        2. If I am irked by non-converts, it would appear I joined the wrong Church, since converts account for about 2.5% of the Church. I also married the wrong woman. And my kids, baptized in infancy must be a real source of anger for me.

        3. There is no vetting process for CA or EWTN that I am aware of, and in any case, I have little to do with either besides occassionally writing for the former and yakking for the latter now and then.

        4. My issues with Voris are simple, he is an unaccountable demagogue given to fomenting anger and rebellion against the bishops, given to polarizing Catholics needlessly, and given issuing his private opinions in which which suggest that disagreement with him on matters of prudence or aesthetics constitutes disagreement with Holy Church. I typically have ignored him over the years, but after receiving one too many emails from an adoring fan who believes his ever word to fall from Mount Sinai, I emitted a loud groan of frustration. I now hope to return to ignoring him.

        • Stewart says:

          “he is an unaccountable demagogue given to fomenting anger and rebellion against the bishops”

          That is a very blanket statement. Here are bishops who have programs on RealCatholicTV.

          Bishop Sheridan
          Bishop Vasa
          Bishop Choby
          Bp. Bruskewitz
          Patriarch Younan
          Bishop Martino
          Bishop Olmsted
          Bishop Schneider

          I watch RealCatholicTV. I have not seen anything that warrants these accusations. Could you please provide evidence?

        • Allan Wafkowski says:

          Shea, you say the strangest things. You need to learn to separate your sometimes illogical feelings from fact. You strangely equate “polarizing” with Voris’ retelling the truths of the Catholic faith. Go look for yourself, he has suggested nothing that has not been taught by the Catholic Church for hundreds of years. Teachings taught by saints and popes.

          This not the first time you have had a hissy fit against a brother Catholic. You call him a demagogue, which is a leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument. That is demonstrably false of Voris, but it might fit you.

          Shea, please learn to keep your trap shut when you about commit calumny.

          • Mark P. Shea says:

            “You call him a demagogue, which is a leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.”

            Right. It was demagoguery to slime good Bp. Mulvey for doing exactly as he should have and suspending the corrupt and fraudulent Fr. Corapi. It was a particularly low and cheap appeal to popular desires and prejudices rather than rational argument to insinuate that the whole Corapi affair was explicable in terms of Brave Truthtelling Priest vs. shadowy cabal of gay liberals. He should have never injected himself into Corapi’s war on his bishops and superiors and he should have apologized for doing so. Instead, he has helped encourage thousands of Reactionary Dissenters to join Corapi in his rebellion and, quite possibly, in following him into schism in the coming months. He owes Bp. Mulvey, Corapi’s superiors, Corapi’s poor duped followers, and the Church an apology.

          • Stewart says:

            “He should have never injected himself into Corapi’s war on his bishops and superiors and he should have apologized for doing so”

            Mark, I would really expect better of you.

            For those uninformed, a few weekes ago RealCatholicTV did do a video regarding the Corapi affair. It was not over the guilt or nnocence of Corapi in that Michael Voris said he does not know enough about it to comment. The video was on the viciousness of the bloggers. Mark Shea was not named but he feels he was wronged and has been on his vendetta since. That’s what this is all about and the source of Shea’s attacks.

            I doubt that Mark Shea was even the focus of the RCTV video. Regardless though, it sure shows what a vicious and vendictive man Mr. Shea is.

            That he injected himself into Corapi’s war is a blatant lie.

            Mark, for your own good please give it up already.

        • Rose says:

          “My issues with Voris are simple, he is an unaccountable demagogue given to fomenting anger and rebellion against the bishops, given to polarizing Catholics needlessly, and given issuing his private opinions in which which suggest that disagreement with him on matters of prudence or aesthetics constitutes disagreement with Holy Church.” – Mark Shea

          Mark, I am not so stupid as to think that I have to agree with every word that comes from Voris’s mouth in order to be a good Catholic. I think you are insulting the intelligence of Catholics to insinuate that his message is resonanating with people only on an emotional level due to his “demagoguery”. Nor do I think that you are so clueless as to believe that yourself.

          I also disagree that he is polarizing Catholics needlessly. Polarizing Catholics needlessly? Are you kidding me? Catholics have been polarized far too long already by the gross negligence of bishops and so many people in the Church have been alienated and traumatized by the heresy and abuses that have been allowed to run rampant for so long. Voris does not advocate disobeying the authority of the bishops. He is simply unmasking the hypocrisy that has been swept under the rug for so long so that the Church can be reformed from within. In fact, I think that if there were more people like him calling the bishops to task, there would be less frustrated and angry people leaving the Church.

        • John says:

          “My issues with Voris are simple, he is an unaccountable demagogue given to fomenting anger and rebellion against the bishops, given to polarizing Catholics needlessly, and given issuing his private opinions in which which suggest that disagreement with him on matters of prudence or aesthetics constitutes disagreement with Holy Church.”

          Mr. Shea, you don’t strike me as being a sweet-smelling peony in this department either. Oh, you haven’t blasted bishops, but neither have you been as insistent about fully following Church teachings as you think. Some of your comments online have been..quite uncharitable..from my sight.

          When you consider that several of the bishops seem to be not quite publicly disagreeing with each other, you can hardly argue that Voris has been needlessly divisive.
          He’s had ample help from Their Excellencies.

        • Chet says:

          (quote)2. If I am irked by non-converts, it would appear I joined the wrong Church, since converts account for about 2.5% of the Church. I also married the wrong woman. And my kids, baptized in infancy must be a real source of anger for me.(/quote)

          You just have a problem sharing the stage with non-Converts who are such suckers and lack that special gnosis.

      • Mark Windsor says:

        What on earth does his status as a convert or non-convert have to do with anything?

        And catechesis being bad isn’t news. That catechesis was bad in 2002 is a surprise?

    • Ken H says:

      I just watched Mr. Vennari’s video – I agree with you, Colleen – I do hope and pray that their standards have improved and that all of the speakers and performers that they have selected are of the highest caliber.

  54. Sarah says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with the WYD people clarifying who they are officially working with and who not. It’s nice that Voris is Orthodox, but he could just as easily not be orthodox, and so it’s a smart idea to avoid any confusion, down the line, regarding what people may be encountering by way of Bad OR good info.I don’t see this as a criticism against Voris, just a plain statement that, as far as the WYD people are concerned, he did not go through the channels he needed to for “official” participation.

    I do think it’s interesting, though. I guess that Voris thinks he needs to be there to teach the “real” Catechism to the “real” Catholics, instead of those not-real Bishops and stuff priests and the pope. I guess nothing is really TRUELY Catholic until it gets Voris’ imprimatur. He doesn’t need the bishop’s approval, but it seems the bishops need his. What an ego.

  55. Ricardo says:

    I don’t want to place anymore color than what was made in this commentary. Perhaps Patrick you are merely clarifying this for the sake of the youth attendees but I can’t help think how this is more a political commentary than real advice. Voris is pointed and blunt and I am glad someone speaks of our faith in that way.

  56. J.D. says:

    @Lake From what I have heard from a few friends at the USCCB is that they were equally surprised by the WYD statement. This was all done by the WYD staff in consort with the Pontifical Council for Laity. They apparently have pretty rigorous guidelines for who can be an approved presenter or exhibitor at WYD. This is good. I actually just saw these guidelines prevented a liberal group from taking out an ad promoting condom use.

  57. Marc Brammer says:

    Patrick … you are so right … unprecedented! I am the owner of the domain name and teamed up with Voris to launch RCTV in September of 2008. So let me make a statement for the record …

    Nothing has ever done has been done with “approval” owing to the fact that “approval” is not required. The laity, or their efforts, do not operate as ecclesial bodies or functionaries (e.g., prayer groups and Catholic Bible Studies do not need “permission” or “approval” before commencing activities) nor is there any real mechanism in place for obtaining such approval.

    For instance, not a single Vortex episode (nearly 800 to date) has ever been “approved” in the sense of receiving some official endorsement by the Church, nor are they required to be “approved” unless there is a claim to be speaking for the Church (which there is not).

    Our efforts in Madrid are solely our own undertaking, as is everything that we do. We consult greatly and regularly with various clergy and religious in many of our endeavors, and we are very happy for their support.

    The work of the laity, however, is NOT the work of the clergy.

    Additionally, even with the “approval” of the Church on the work of various “official” Church undertakings, we see clearly that in many instances (as with “catholic” universities and hospitals and social justice efforts) this official seal of “approval” is rendered meaningless by the actions or intentions of some of those involved.

    So, while we grateful for the clarification on the part of WYD officials that our efforts are not “approved,” our response is, “Thank you for clearing up a matter that we failed to see needed clarification. We never said we were “approved” and “approval” is not required for lay endeavors on behalf of the Faith.”

    • Frank says:

      Mr. Brammer: Thank you for responding to this article and clearing things up!

      I have followed Mr. Voris/RCTV almost since it’s inception. It is no secret that Mr. Voris likes to speak about the source of the problems that exist in the Church today, and when required … he quite appropriately “names-names”.

      What a breath of fresh air!

      I personally enjoy the work of several dedicated Catholic apologists (Patrick Madrid being among them), and Mr. Voris/RCTV rates up there with the best of them. So much so in fact, that a while ago I had personally sponsored him to come to my area and speak (I’m currently in the process of doing it again).

      God Bless Patrick Madrid, Michael Voris, and all the other dedicated Catholic apologists. While they might each have their own distinctive style & way of expounding the Fullness of Truth, Faithful Catholics need each and every one of them.


    • Lisa says:

      So glad to hear from you on this matter. I adore RCTV.

  58. elleblue says:

    With all the confusion and possible confusion on the WWW I understand that the Vatican would want to make it clear who officially speaks for them and WYD and who doesn’t.

    I don’t think this is a reflection on Michael Voris other than him not be officially recognized in regard to this particular event.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion!

    • John says:

      Did you mean “WYD” in the first line?
      Or have I missed something and WW III will begin in Madrid? *grins wickedly*

  59. Lake says:

    I do find this strange…I’ll be at WYD and I plan on seeing Voris speak, regardless of whether it’s officially sponsored. I guess one doesn’t need to call it “catechesis” b/c it officially isn’t, but I like what he says and plan to hear him.

    He must really be annoying the USCCB lol

  60. Dan Sealana says:

    Just think how confusing it would be if you were in in Voris’ shoes, Patrick:

    “Madrid’s Madrid Events Not Sponsored By World Youth Day Madrid”



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