What the hail?

May 23, 2010 by  
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I’ve experienced hailstorms before, but never anything like this. My advice to folks living in Oklahoma who want to find a silver lining in those dark, hail-laden clouds: Buy stock in companies that manufacture siding, shingles, and windshields.

P.S. I was trying to work in some kind of “Van Hailen” joke, but I couldn’t come up with anything. Probably just as well.

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8 Responses to “What the hail?”
  1. Joe Heschmeyer says:

    Alright, we've got "What the hail?" and "Hail-elujah!" so far. Anyone going to try and work in "Hail, Mary!"?

  2. zippy-doo says:

    Dear plump suburbanites:

    1.) Build with brick not cheap siding
    2.) Get a garage.
    3.) Do a tour in Dafur to see a "War Zone". This is not a "War Zone"

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love Van Halen….. does that make me bad?

  4. Socks says:

    Ironic – Television today seems to be focused on 'the apocalypse' The Day After Tomorrow, Seven Signs of the Apocalypse, Nostradamus. A truly uplifting Sunday afternoon…

    Getting away from TV the first thing I see is this.

    Good thing I'm Catholic otherwise I'd be freaking out right now.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hail-elujah! Wowie-kazowie!

  6. Gary J Sibio says:

    Shout Hail-elujah, somebody!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ohhh my goodness…we've had hail storms in S. TX, but nothing like that one…

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