What might happen if a large asteroid were to hit the earth?

April 10, 2011 by  
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Scientists have for years now been fretting about what could happen if a large enough asteroid hit the earth. Depending on the size of the object, they estimate that the resulting devastation would range from catastrophic to Lights Out. Game Over. Adios (literally). Here’s a dramatic computer simulation of what might happen if the object were, say, the size of Japan.

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3 Responses to “What might happen if a large asteroid were to hit the earth?”
  1. alex says:

    Your gonna give a mental problem to someone with that clip, patrick…lol

  2. Ismael says:

    That’s not a moon… it’s a spacestation 😀 (Star Wars joke :P)

    Such asteroid at the beginning of the video (00:50) is not large… it’s HUGE.

    A ‘large’ asteroid, I’d say, is more like the one which wiped out the dinosaurs….

    Anyway if such huge asteroid would hit it would just like hitting the ‘reset button’ on Earth I guess… Although Earth would never experience complex life again, since it took more tan 2 billion years to have multicellular life on Earth and the Sun will become a Red Giant (engulfing Earth) in about 1.1 billion years.

  3. martinvincent says:

    The strange thing is the only thing you need to ‘survive’ this catastrophe is not decades of scientists trying to preserve the human race but just to be in a state of grace 🙂 Simple isn’t it.

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