Question: What’s the least useful college major if you need to rebuild civilization after the apocalypse?

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It’s not English literature. It’s not economics. It’s not classics. It’s not philosophy. It’s not accounting. It’s not history. It’s not pre-law. It’s not linguistics. It’s not sociology. It’s not special education, political science, communication, or Portuguese. And it sure as heck isn’t engineering, chemistry, or physics. So, what is the least useful college major if you needed to rebuild civilization after the apocalypse? Click the image to find out. . .

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11 Responses to “Question: What’s the least useful college major if you need to rebuild civilization after the apocalypse?”
  1. GADEL says:

    You’ll need the IT guys for us to give a virtual demo of the next breed of civilization 🙂

  2. Michele says:

    I just had the pleasure of spending the day with you at the conference at St. John the Evangelist in Schenectady, NY. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us to illuminate truth. Please pray for our diocese and all Catholics. Our biggest challenge comes from within our parishes where the truth is not preached, taught or sought. It can be very lonely for those of us trying to live and speak the truth. We suffer for truth when we have to explain to our children what the church REALLY teaches on our way home from Mass. Not sure if we are called to be beacons of the Holy Spirit or called to go elsewhere. You, your work and your family are in my prayers. Blessings.

  3. Lee says:

    I disagree. You would need people who know how to acquire and invest money for the stability of any community or society. What you would NOT need is an Educational Psychologist.

  4. Michael Pakaluk says:

    I suppose if just having a lady shout “We need this” were sufficient to get people to cooperate spontaneously in doing it, one wouldn’t need businesses, or any plan for making a profit or sharing in profits.

    In the cartoon, after the doctors heal the sick and the civil engineers build the bridges, does anyone pay them? Do they do their work on these vast projects without any kind of planning or administration? What about resources (“capital”) for their work– Do they get their supplies and raw materials by that lady shouting at people (“Move it!”) to bring them these things?

    The cartoon seems to be advocating the Marxist labor theory of value, recast in terms of “rebuilding after an apocalypse.” It seems implicitly an attack on entrepreneurship and wealth creation.

    Since too many Catholics are economically illiterate, is the cartoon funny?

  5. Sharon says:

    OOPS!! Meant MOST necessary for rebuilding. Anything else is “least”

  6. Sharon says:


    All things are possible with God

  7. AngelaT says:

    I would say mathematics, not because it is the least necessary (I myself am a math major), but because it is one of the subjects if not the subject most rediscoverable in society. It is also present in several other majors. therefore, even though it is temporarily unknown, those who do use it (like engineers, chemists, other scientists) can jumpstart its revival with the stuff that they know, and subsequent generations will gain interest in it (at least I hope so… there have always been a fe math geeks like me…) 🙂

  8. AnneG says:


  9. Christopher says:

    Sociologists, Psychologits, Lawyers, Professors of: women’s studies, queer studies, racial studies, etc.

  10. Daniel says:

    I would think a good sociologist would be handy, being that they study and understand everything about makes a society work and not work. Psychologists might also be good to have on hand in a state of anomie like that as well. Corporate Finance just may be the answer! Cheers! =)

  11. Mary Alexander says:

    Sociology, Psychology, Islamic Studies, Peace Studies, Women’s Studies

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