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I’ve always liked Paul Carrack’s vocal stylings and songwriting. Chances are, you’ve enjoyed them too for years, given that he’s enjoyed some solo commercial success as well as played with successful bands such as Ace, Mike + the Mechanics, and Roxy Music. Anyway, here’s a tasty 2007 recording of a song he wrote for the Eagles called “I Don’t Want to Hear Any More,” featuring The Eagles’ Timothy B. Schmit on bass and backing vocals, as well as (if you strain your ears you can kind of hear him), Don Henley. Though the earlier Eagles’ version is good, I must say that I much prefer Carrack’s version.

Caution! Listen to this tune at your own risk. You may find it will stick in your head for the next week. That’s what happened to me, but I’m not complaining 😉

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  1. You’re crazy, silly!

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