I Just Saw This Crazy Thing. How'd They Do That?

October 29, 2009 by  
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7 Responses to “I Just Saw This Crazy Thing. How'd They Do That?”
  1. Thursday says:

    reminds me of a music video beck did based on the concept.

  2. Ginkgo100 says:

    That's called ASCII art, which I had thought until recently was a dying art form. Very nice.

  3. Watchman says:

    Here you go, Patrick! This guy look familiar?


  4. donnamaz says:

    Amazing how much you can do with a computer these days!!!! 🙂

  5. Parvenu74 says:

    It's an image file — animated GIF — so it's as simple as assembling the necessary still "images" and compiling them into an animated GIF. If it were actual text animated by javascript I would be far more impressed!

  6. Joe Heschmeyer says:

    Nice! Now think about how infinitely more incredible actual walking is.

  7. memoriadei says:

    LOL Thanks for the morning laugh that I needed 🙂

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