Here's a thurible to end all thuribles

November 23, 2009 by  
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This amazing video gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “in the line of fire.” You definitely do not want to be standing in or near the path of this bad-boy censer. The way I see it, if you’re going to incense the sanctuary of the house of the Lord, really, really incense it, like these priests do.

Unfortunately, a few tourist lookie-loos can be heard tittering in the background as this thurible gets going. But I have to think that even they were impressed by the majestic symbolism of the billowing incense pouring forth from this no-nonsense bowl of fire.

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12 Responses to “Here's a thurible to end all thuribles”
  1. Robin says:

    I didn’t have a bucket list. Until I saw this.
    Now, I would love to visit this Church in person to be a part of this.

    Question for you about normal sized thuribles. Is it okay to use a thurible in one’s home to burn incense? If so, when (e.g., only when praying or ??) and what special considerations are there regarding how it is handled, how it is used, etc.?

    I looked for guidance in the Catechism but couldn’t find any prohibition.
    If not the thurible, what about a censer at home?


  2. Carol Marie says:

    wow! I actually found it very intense and frightening to watch. I would be extremely distracted from the solemnity of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass if I were there. Watching it in the comfort of my own home, I found myself tittering with nervousnous at what could be impending doom for anyone who got in the way of the swing of it.

  3. helgothjb says:


    But not nearly as impressive!

  4. Catholic says:

    My engineer brain is thinking it would be better to just use the forced-air heating system to incense the place. Less energy used, safer, and less distracting!

    Having said that, it is truly amazing what they do there!

  5. Dawn says:

    Too much. Just too much.

  6. helgothjb says:

    Ok, when I studied at the Eastern campus of Fran. U. (in Austria) my friends and I had a chance to take a trip to Santiago de Compstela, and besides praying by the tomb of the Apostle, the thurible was the next most amazing thing. (Oh, and WI Catholic, I have asthma and there was no problem) I was nervous for the people sitting in the pews in the transept because the rope is held to the ceiling by only one pulley. Plus, when they first get the thing going you can see the flames coming out of it sides. Surely there has been at least one accident since they have been doing this! It is huge! It takes four men to carry it in using long poles that they carry on their shoulders. I assume that this is a necessity because of its heat by the time Mass is over.

  7. jill says:

    My trad teenagers think it's over the top — too much drama.

  8. phatcatholic says:


  9. Kelly says:

    Holy. Smoke.

  10. Kevan Knowles says:

    I feel blessed by just watching this, but was nervous that there may have been a bad ending to this. Thankfully the rope held up well.

  11. Nissa says:

    HOLY SMOKES, Patrick! I have serious censer envy. I have trouble getting my little table-top model to make the tiniest puff.

    My eight year old might be tempted to hitch a ride on this one…

  12. WI Catholic says:

    One would need total trust in those who are in charge of keeping that in good repair. I cannot imagine what would happen if that chain broke at the highest point, nor can this person with asthma/allergies imagine the results of that much incense… that is one big thurible!!

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