As the new year starts, Father John Corapi vanishes off the radar screen

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This is noteworthy: Father John Corapi’s Internet presence at sites such as the and has vanished, ditto for his presence on YouTube and Facebook. No one I know has any clue what happened to him, but there are several possible scenarios that would explain this. The one I hope is correct is that he has reconciled with the S.O.L.T. order he once was a member of and, more importantly, that he has reconciled with the Catholic Church, from which it certainly seemed he was distancing himself in the wake of all the unpleasantness that erupted last year.

In any case, his abrupt disappearance from the Internet serves as good reminder that we should all continue praying for him, whatever path he may be on. May God bless Father Corapi and may He bless us all.

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196 Responses to “As the new year starts, Father John Corapi vanishes off the radar screen”
  1. MD says:

    With tomorrow being the feast of Divine Mercy, let us continue
    to pray for Fr. Corapi. God Bless you Father Corapi.


  2. edward plunkett says:

    HI john corapi i was thinking of you today and what you know doing since you left your TV show i fill closeness to you because we both a serious a problem with alcohol and drugs because i had a same problem in late 60s i know you mention on t in skid row before you found way out from your also lost everything in your eddiction like i did especially the fact my wife devorse me took my 6 children which i never get back i try alcoholics anonymous in 3 years with the best i can was clean and sober in 6 weeks eventually i give on AA could i cant stood to come back in aa again,i was loosing job going to jail going to mental hospital and i attempt suicide in 1968 it was miracle someone who save me in overdose like you i was successful before alcohol and drugs i was successful as a CPA AND WORK FOR KPMG AND I WAS SUCCESSFUL WITH THEM in 6 years i got my first executive jod in 1965 as controller for national railroad everything was going well until the end war protest starting in new york and that event trigger my Post traumatic stress and that was my drinking and drugging comments,i didn’t know that i have a Post traumatic stress which i encured in 1952 and i lost my left hand from injury while I’m active duty during Korean war.last 44 years i been sober years and my career blossom again and when retired in 1998 i was executive vice pres and chief financial officer and in billion dollar bank in Nevada.i hope in your new life that the demons with alcohol and drugs have not entered in your wife.i watching your show i convince your very talented men and i hope your enjoying you life in your new circumstances.if you have a time i would like to hear from you in how your life going.happy holiday and have a good new year…..

  3. Lorraine says:

    I still miss Fr. Corapi’s presence and preaching. He had already been to hell once in his life and I do not believe he would have been stupid enough to go back. I still believe in his innocence until proved otherwise. Since he was ordained by our beloved John Paul, I ask for St. John Paul the Great to intercede for him every day when I say my daily prayer for priests. We need him to come back. This man is responsible for the return of so many lapsed Catholics. That has got to count for something. Praying for his return.

  4. roseann says:

    Father Corapi, you have set my soul afire for my church which I thank God for everyday. God bless you for all you have done to bring us to God. You were there at a time when I desparately needed you. I thank you for that.

  5. Kelly says:

    We should all be praying for Father Corapi…..”let he who is without sin cast the first stone”……

  6. Discernment says:

    I think its interesting that this happened. I live in Sacramento and I heard him on the radio during election season. I didn’t like what i was hearing and i became suspicious of him. Needless to say I changed the channel because he was really irking me. I had heard his conversion testimony years before this and liked it but something didn’t sit right with me. Seriously, he had no business in public ministry and may have even had a military conflict of interest. So I am glad he was taken off the air. I just found this out today while looking for a talk he had done on the internet and i was surprised to find that he had left. I think him leaving is a good thing. Sorry to all you people out there who were being manipulated by him. He was getting you to drink the kool aid in the political/military realm. not a good thing because it would be leading others astray in a violent immoral way.

    • rosemarie kury says:

      Do you mean you heard him on the radio talking about the 2012 election? I thought by that time he had vanished from the airwaves period. I believe that he was lying about his military experience and who knows what else. I also had a funny feeling that all was not right with him especially in the last few months of his ministry. However, I do believe that many of his talks were uplifting, and he was instrumental in bringing me back to the church after being away for over 25 years, so perhaps God did use him in some way for good.

  7. Charles Miller says:

    In today’s world of social media, it is nearly impossible to hide on this earth. I propose to you that Father Corapi has returned to his society and is secreted in a cloistered life such as was St Padre Pio.

    • Mary Ellen says:

      I have thought this to be quite possible, as well.

    • rosemarie kury says:

      I sure hope that you are right. It’s almost impossible to disappear in todays world, especially with the media and the internet. I’m still praying for him though, and hope that all is well with him.

  8. Gilles Coulombe says:

    Only God knows the real truth, of our story and his one, the only désire for all of us, true catholique who beleive to the seven sacrements and the cathecisme of the catholic church, is that father Corapi come back and fight again with us to gain the battle against the evil who is everywhere. We need him like each of us, in a truly respect. The most precious arm is the Rosary like he said many times. No pain no gain, no cross no crown. Excuse my pour english i am french from Canada. Best regard.

    • Emma Ortiz says:

      To all of you…Let’s continue praying for Fr.Corapi…God have pity on all of us…please read John 8-1 .Father if you ever read this, Please pray
      for me and my family. and I will say this…There is no Saint without a Past…Or a sinner without a future.

      I was born in Mexico. I also sinned,
      in many ways Im old now…I pray to God for prists, without you all. Who will be there to forgive my sins???.stay safe. Be st peace,and forgive us.!

      Love You in Christ. emma

  9. Ron says:

    Patricia; It seems from the high perch you are sitting on,looking down on creation. You have forgotten one of the things Fr had talked of; NO PRIESTS-NO EUCHARIST. Was Fr Pio found guilty of any thing unworthy ? Yet he was pummeled for what, 10 years, for supposed wrong doing ? What ever happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty ? If & I mean If, Fr Corapi did do what you & others seem to be saying he did wrong. How does that compare to how some Bishops & Priests have treated the BODY & BLOOD, Soul & Divinity of our LORD in the Eucharist after Mass ? My self, I think maybe the flame is turned up a little for such offenses as miss treating the Eucharist after Mass. Maybe you & others like you should try looking out instead of down your noses @ FR Corapi .

  10. Shirley says:

    Fr. Corapi is/was a gifted priest and speaker. I can still listen to the DVDs that I bought previous to his giving up his priestly duties. I hope he will return to Holy Mother, the Church.

  11. Lorra says:

    Does anyone here know where I can get Fr. Corapi DVDs/CDs? My husband and I are anxious to watch some of his more hard hitting ones.

    Can someone help us please?

    God bless you.

  12. bosco says:

    Corapi wont be back. he like living life. he wont sit in a little room at SOLT doing penance.Hes got luxury homes, boats, fancy cars and a pretty girlfriend. The unrealistic catholic church thinks he should give that up and sit with his hand folded. Corapi got what he wanted, and now hes doing his thing. Sorry catholic church, he doesnt want your brand ice hocky

    • rosemarie kury says:

      I was away from the Church for 20 years or more. He will be back, if only at his deathbed. So many people are praying for him. We have no idea where he is or if he lost his way. He was responsible for so many souls (among them mine) coming back to the Church, I can’t see him abandoning God or his priesthood. I will be praying a little more for him and all the wayward priests that Satan has managed to snare. I can’t believe that his devotion to Mary or Our Lord was just a scam. Advent is a perfect time to pray for him, that he comes back to the Christ Child who created him.

      • Lorra says:

        Rosemarie, how right you are. I haven’t stopped praying for him every day. Last night my husband and I listened to an old audio cassette of his conversion story. Fr. Corapi was a brilliant man, and I, too, refuse to believe that his entire priesthood was just a scam. It is my opinion that somewhere along the way he became horribly disillusioned and allowed the enemy of our souls to work on that disillusionment.

        He’ll be back one day. He has too many people praying for him.

      • Sandi K says:

        I agree Rosemarie. I just started the St. Andrew novena for Fr. and pray the rosary for him every day.

        Let’s continue to pray for him. Happy Advent to all.

    • Audrey Hollatz says:

      not to sound judgemental, bosco, but you do not sound very well informed about our Church. I remember when I was 7 years old and learning about sin. Do you remember the words Jesus uttered for the men who had pummeled Him, then slammed thick nails like railroad ties into his wrists? He said “forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” In his agony, He was aware enough to be aware that if these men really knew the truth about Him and why He was here they would not be treating Him this way.
      Maybe you could pray for the wisdom to understand that a pretty girlfriend and fancy cars isn’t what Fr Corapi wants. He wants to be holy. Do you understand the power and evil of addiction? It is an evil demon that gets its nails in to you and it is so hard to pull away. Nothing to do with women or cars, or money. It is ADDICTION.
      I learned so much from Fr Corapi. I was te addicted sinner with no power. I listened to him and felt like God was putting on this production just for me. He changed my life. Certainly I cannot be the only one. God bless him. God forgive him and give him the strength and courage to face his deamons as he has done before. I will pray for you, bosco, as well.

  13. Nick says:

    John. I’ve done what you have done. Gone back as you did. Left again. Got very very deeper. Trying to get back. Come back. See the souls you touched? Not for you-for them. He died for our iniquities. We do only to help others.

    • Eve Gequillana says:

      I agree. I believe Fr Corapi is a truly good priest loved by God and whose faith in God is authentic. I don’t know what happened but I want to believe in his innocence and goodness. But even if the best of us also sometimes fail and fall we forgive because we are all weak. I too have sins even if I honestly try to serve God. That does not mean we are bad. It just means that God believes in us despite our sins and uses us to reach others. Fr. Corapi has helped us so much in our faith journey, now that the world is against him let us be there to support him. That is what being Church is about. We are all sinners saved by Jesus, we keep fighting to be holy and when we fall we get back up with the help of our brothers.

  14. Anyway, that is the closest I have ever suffered to the false accusations that Fr. Corapi had, and does not compare. Fr. Corapi has always been a good priest from all that I remember, I have not seen him do any wrong, he has given positive inspiration for me and given me confidence that there still is LIGHT in GOD’s Church, that there are priests that will tell the Truth with Love, and not COMPROMISE it for any reason.

    I hope to see him again, some day.
    Fr. Corapi is suffering as an innocent priest, and his suffering now, is what is saving many souls… so even if he never comes back to share the faith with us, HE IS bestowing that faith by Suffering Intercession, which itself is good.

  15. By the way, to clarify, that prayer group leader was extra friendly to me only during the times she was trying to get me interested in one of the women, THEN after that they no longer attended that church or the prayer group and they were gone for good.

    LIKE ALL THE OTHER WOMEN they tried sending my way. Incidentally, if they are trying to get me interested in a woman for MARRIAGE, why do they not APPROACH me and tell me so, so as to make the introduction? REASON: Because they had an evil plan.

  16. Paul says:

    Fr John Corapi was a man’s priest; somebody who doesn’t fear to tell things like they are, and isn’t afraid to mince words. Nearly all priests ooze with sensitivity and emotiveness; fine, but we men need manly men as priest leaders too. Fr Corapi was a man’s man: boxer, special forces, eating snakes raw, marksman with various weapons, etc. He’s also got “street cred” from having slipped into deep sin and eventually recoilling in horror from it, and living to tell the tale. In short, Fr Corapi’s life is one of looking enemies eye to eye and not flinching; his preaching is from depth of understanding, in a style that brooks no pale pansie half-measures. I too hope he reconciles, and that Catholics reconcile with him; after all, everybody realizes NOBODY avoids sin for long. I hope that everybody realizes that the demons attack the best of us the hardest; the better we fight, the harder we’re attacked. We need Fr Corapi back, and soon. And it wouldn’t hurt for a good number of our other priests, and our bishops too, to finally act like men more than like psychologists and metrosexuals … at least some of the time.

    • rosemarie kury says:

      Except he lied. He was not in Special Forces, he was only a clerk. I’m more disappointed in this lying thing (was he trying to impress) than some of the other things, because if he lied on this, what else was he hiding?

    • Mary says:

      You know what, I agree with you Paul. He changed many people’s lives as well. That and including drug addicts. He was an excellent speaker and had the ability to move people. So what if he is human like the rest of us. So what if he lied and got caught. Who am I to judge any man, including a priest. Even the Pope goes to confession. As Jesus would say, “Those without sin cast the first stone.” Well I don’t know a soul who is without sin. So, they need to stop throwing stones. Scandal is a mortal sin and some of us need to be careful what we say about the sins of others. I loved Fr. Corapi’s messages. They were real. No powder puff lectures… Just the real world. FR Corapi gave me hope when I was going through immense suffering. He is definately blessed. I wish he could come back and speak again.

    • Katy says:

      When I first heard Fr. Corapi’s program on EWTN, I couldn’t wait to hear more. Then when I heard his background, I was even more impressed because he was a real person with all of our foibles and imperfections. A Barney Bad-ass as well as a Dudley Do-right. He had been-there-done-that. He understood what the rest of us are up against every day.
      He was cut down because he was successful in making the Word of God understandable and desirable to so many of us who had been otherwise disinterested or apathetic. Why has he been singled out for destruction? Is he less worthy of kindness, prayer and assistance than any of the rest of us…even if there is the possibility of back-sliding?
      He has not been accused of bfing little boys, for crying out loud. Why is everyone so gleeful about destroying someone who has done so much good. He changed my life, too, and I wasn’t even a Catholic. He’s the reason I am now.
      Thank you, Paul, for your comments. They are on the mark. We do need more manly priests. Not marshmallows. Fr. Corapi is not a marshmallow, thank God. He is a human male, fallible, as are the rest of us, of either gender.

  17. Gary says:

    Please comment on what I say.
    Re: Fr Corapi, I sense what others do here, but is anyone else tired of the Catholic Church (our church) always shooting itself in the foot? Maybe we don’t need to know everything, but whenever things don’t add up why does the Church think the best thing to do is say nothing?

    Others like me are seeing the following, and asking why, although I haven’t seen much of this on line:
    WHY did the Church put Fr. C. in such a tempting position?? A man who had had money and power and problems with drugs is ordained and allowed to go to Montana and live alone and have to provide for himself and his ministry. His money and life didn’t seem to watched over by anyone. I smell gross negligence here, and I don’t mean Fr. Corapi!!

    Folks, there are times when we have a right to ask questions, and should! I see so many ready to bash Fr. C., but look at what probably really led to this. Our priests are on satans most wanted list. They should never be left purposely to temptation when they will have to deal with more than enough of it just in a days work.

    So Patrick, am I nuts, or is there a reason this hasn’t been discussed much?

  18. Patricia says:

    Dear Father Corapi,
    where ever you are–please return to Jesus.Please go to the nearest Catholic Church and fall on your knees and pray the Devine Mercy Chaplet with all your heart and soul.The enemy has lead you by the nose through pride,disobedience,self-rightousness to seek your will over God’s.Now,I believe the enemy could possibly be dragging you down the road of dispear and depression.Resist the enemy and turn your heart and mind to Jesus.If you haven’t the strengh to do this,find a way to go to Medjugorje in Bosnia.You will find the love and protection of Mary and her children there.

  19. I pray for Father Corapi everyday. I really miss him! Blessed Virgin Mary pray for us!

  20. Luciano says:

    I have a rosary made by Father Corapi which I received with CD’s of his that way he is included in all the prayers I say using that rosary. Do not give up on him because if you know about St Pio you should remember that He was silenced for about ten years it was a test of faith and afterwards he became a beacon of service to the faithful. Knowing this we should be patient and supporting him and other priests who like him are being purified for the glory of God. Don’t worry about gossips, naysayers and slanderers just Trust God and persevere in your prayers for priests because the demonic minions who persecutes them will be defeated and put to shame in God’s good time. If we do this faithfully we will share in their victory unknown to the worldly who are clueless!

    • Doug & Lucia says:

      Amen to that Luciano; I know Father Corapi will be back; we just attended the family celebration of EWTN in Phoenix, it was beautiful and very informative, you could feel the Holy Spirit there with us. God bless EWTN and all the family members and workers and Mother Angelica.

    • Carol Hucklebridge says:

      Hello Luciano,

      I completely agree with you and I am grateful for reminding us about St Pio. I had forgotten that. I miss Fr. Corapi as well and I believe that he will return to the Catholic Church and us given in the Lord’s timeframe. We are selfish and greedy and cannot imagine that anyone who was/is as faithful as Fr. Corapi has been to our Blessed Mother be left unaided by her. We all have our own crosses to bear and we don’t know what God’s plans for anyone of us is. Let us continue to pray for him and God willing we will see him again.

    • Jason says:

      Luciano, I too have a Rosary which I received from Father Corapi’s CDs. I came back to the Church because of Father Corapi. He was a guiding and inspiring light in the darkness of my life. I too pray for Him to come back as I did, for he has so much more work to do and many more people to help save. I ask Saint Jude for hope that Father Corapi retuns to us soon.

  21. rosemarie kury says:

    After hearing about the Dem’s platform concerning abortion for every woman who wants it and Medicaid and our tax money paying for it, plus approval for same sex marriage I sure wish that Fr. Corapi was still preaching. I don’t know what went wrong with him, whether he succumbed to drugs or hopefully is in rehab somewhere, but we sure do need him now! It seems that every known Catholic priest is being tormented by the devil, the latest Father Groeshel who I believed because of his aging mental facilities said something that was offensive to others. I believe that our Church is under persecution yes, here in the USA and it will get worse. Perhaps we had better begin fasting and praying for Our Lady’s intercession for all of our priests and our country.

  22. anthony mazza says:

    Let’s hope we have seen the last of John Corapi at the front of the church. He has little more than a dull normal grasp of the true nature of Salvation and his teachings on moral theology lack foundation, reflection and compassion. He is welcome in the pews with the rest of us.

    a mazza
    St Peter’s Burg

    • sullivan says:

      Lets hope we have seen the last of catty unkind remarks such as these by so called Catholics, perhaps many who slight Fr.Corapi need to get their own lives right. Father Corapi was an excellent preacher who led many to the faith. The true nature of Salvation is not smugness arrogance envy and slander. True salvation comes from Christ. Father Corapi once said, that he knew Gods name was mercy.I love Fr.Corapi I enjoyed watching him on EWTN. I love you Father Corapi miss you. and will continue to pray for you no matter what.

      • Suzie says:

        Your right Sullivan, it’s people like this Anthony who are trying to change the church to a Modernized, Protestant church. Father Corapi taught me a lot and he stands for Traditinal Catholicism not what is going on today in our Church. We must Fast & Pray for the Evil that has come upon the church & those who are teaching falsehoods. When half of all Catholics vote for BHO you know there is Evil & Wrong teaching in the Church. I pray that Father Corapi will be back to teach us THE TRUTH! May God Bless us all.

      • Carol Hucklebridge says:

        Thank you Sullivan. I pray for Fr. Corapi as well as all peoples. Those who believe as we do, and those who believe differently I feel need our prayers even more. Fr. Corapi is quite a learned man. Satan has a hold on him right now and is stuggling to hang onto another soul. I believe God will save him. He put alot of work into Fr. Corapi, not to just let it go to waste.

    • Phyllis says:

      a mazza, my heart breaks for you!!! Such an mind set! Stop and think what you’re saying!! Father Corapi is an incredible, spirit filled speaker and in these days we need him back!! You stay sitting in the pews and let those who appreciate such a gifted speaker stand in praise!! Maybe you’ll see the light and join us.I too agree the church does us a diservice by keeping everything so secretive….this only allows more rumors to fly, more lies to fester and more harm to come to the body of Christ! Please pray for Father John and for all our clergy – their’s is a difficult journey. Jesus loves you A Mazza and so do I.

    • Audrey Hollatz says:

      Fr Corapi spoke to many of the demons that I have fought for years. It feels embarassing to me the as Cathoics who do we think we are? We preach forgivness and love, and “Come Home”. Where are the ACTIONS that go along with those words?? Yes, he is held to a higher standard. Does no one understand the power and the evil trickery of addiction? Can you not see that he is sick? We are so quick to throw those stones and display our piety. I am a sinner. I try every day to be a better woman, a better Cathoic, mother, grandmother. Our journey. So what do we do now? Maybe we could hold a mock trial and let some tigers out of a zoo somewhere go hungry for a few days while we smear Fr Corapi’s back with the scent of steak sauce. Wow, we could call it a “fun” raiser and then do something good like have a huge “early Fall Festival” and bring on the keggers & have a great party! I was taught that church is for the sinners. If we just want to fill up the pews with the “lowly” regular, (normal, average?) people we probably wouldn’t do well at the collection because a lot of the really big, interesting sinners don’t have a job. God forgive us, for we know not what we do. Those words fit pretty well.

  23. mike says:

    “If I have spoken wrongly, bear witness to the wrong; but if I have spoken rightly, why do you strike me?” John 18:23

    Where is the EVIDENCE of wrongdoing? We’ve waited over a year and still nothing… Surely I’m not the only one that seeks justice and prudence in this sad story.

    What we do know is that a very effective apostolic preacher has been silenced with seemingly no due process. And that some U.S. Church authorities have made this a public spectacle from the outset by first announcing Fr. Corapi’s investigation and then leaving the case to speculation indefinitely. THis is not love nor is it fair.

    If Fr. Corapi has done wrong, it’s time for the appropriate U.S. Church authorities to finally bear witness to that wrong by presenting their evidence.


    • Mary Ellen says:

      I couldn’t agree more! The silence is deafening! Where are Father Corapi’s friends? This is the most disturbing event to emerge from the church in a long time. And, we the faithful are just melt back into some prayerful denial? Not going to happen. I cannot just blur the memory of Father Corapi and the injustice that has befallen him. This is a massive elephant in the living room, and I have lost all respect for the church as an institution.

      • Kathleen says:

        So you’ve lost all respect for the Church over this? If this is all it took, then I believe you had one foot out the door already. In case you want to ignore the fact, Fr. Corapi’s Order put out a public statement saying he was “unfit to minister”. Do you then believe SOLT to be lying? Would this not be the height of slander and scandal to make such a statement if it wasn’t true? The fact is, you are choosing to NOT believe it. Please refrain from spreading your errors to other Catholics who want to hear truth, no matter how painful it is. It certainly doesn’t compare to losing one’s faith over…

        • Mary Ellen says:

          Actually, Kathleen, since you brought it up, I can honestly say that the Corapi event is just one of many reasons that I have lost respect for the “institution” of the church. And, yes, obviously, I do not believe the SOLT press release, and you may have noticed that there are many who do not believe that press release. People lie, and priests, and religious organizations are not exempt from error. There are a long list of other reasons that I have lost faith in as I continue to point out, “the institution” of the church, and these are quite valid. Just a few examples: the institution’s continuing inability to weed out priests who are active pedophiles, and, at the same time, the institution’s inability to not support priests who are innocent of wrongdoing, and are left to rot in jail. Then there is the issue with the rogue nuns, who make up over 50% of nuns in American, who despite that the Pope has investigated and given them a cease and desist order are still active and preaching their pro-abortion, pro-gay,leftist gospel. Possibly the most disturbing aspect about the church today is that every parish has a different spin on abortion, contraception, gay marriage. I would definitely have to do much research to find a parish in my city that follows without innovation and reinterpretation, the direct line of teaching, reflected by the Magisterium and tradition. So, today, if you announce “I am a Catholic” it could mean anything, but I doubt a stranger would feel any clarification by that statement in and of itself.

          • O God Beyond All Praising says:

            Mary Ellen, I hope you are not surprised. Looking back to our Church history dating back to the disciples–you and all should not be surprised of human disappointment. I hope you know to only “trust in the Lord.” I am not fool/sin proof and I doubt you are, so I do not think we should expect others to be, whomever they are. Furthermore, your info does not compare with the rest of the general public or other religions. Protestant pastors have high rates of divorce, pedophilia, etc.

          • Lorra says:

            God bless you, Mary Ellen. I know exactly how you feel and what you are going through. I prayed an “Ave” for you.

  24. Tom says:

    I have been saddened to see the removal of Fr. Corapi and I have no idea if he is guilty or not guilty….I know that it is not for me to judge him. But what I do know is that for the three years that I lived in Mindanao, Philippines I watched him almost every Sunday on television there and thank God for his weekly visit as his sermons were welcome. I could relate to his earlier life as I had a similar path with drugs and alcohol. I pray that God will give him strength to face his challenges in life and I thank him for his past ministry. God bless you Jonh Corapi.

  25. Humphrey says:

    My Husband just passed away, His Faith was renewed & Strengthened By Father Corapi, He always loved him and continued to until his Death on June 11. If Father Corapi is reading this I hope he knows how grateful I am that he shared his gift so abundantly and for also renewing our Faith In Jesus Christ and his Church. My Husband James always watched Father Corapi on EWTN, I bought him the Catechism of the Catholic Church that Fr.Corapi had done. I pray for Father and I know my Husband who I believe is in Heaven is continuing those prayers. GOD BLESS YOU FATHER Where Ever You are My Prayers are always with you Pray for My Husband James Humphrey.

  26. Connie Tarling says:

    I had a dream about Fr. Corapi. I was really wondering what had happened to him along with many sites saying he had literally, .up and vanished. from site. This concerns me for more than the obvious reasons. Recently 31/12/2-11 the president of the USA signed a law stating it was now legal for any citizen of the USA wherever they were in the world to be arrested without charges given them, indefinitely detained and held without legal counsel nor a court date appointed them. In other words Martial Law has become THE LAW of America destroying what the Constitution has given to American Citizens up until that time.

    In the dream I saw Fr Corapi in a dark dungeon-like cell where there was no light permitted him. He was alone, wretched in body and mind, yet faithful through His Blessed and Holy Mother Mary, all the saints and Angels of the Lord our God, to God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in true belief according to the H.R.C.Church teachings and obligatory observances. He is being Martyred, for his fidelity and faithfulness to the Holy Mother and Her Divine Son Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior of the world, True Messiah, who is come in the Flesh * Fr. John Corapi was scratching a Cross on the wall, possibly with a stone or a other hard object. Kneeling on the bare, hard floor on which nothing stood other than his kneeling figure in the dampness and stone-cold darkness, the Cross Fr. John Corapi had scratched there, began to shine and brilliant, white light issuing forth from it. Instantly, I recognized the parallel God the Holy Ghost was making known to me through this dream. God, the Holy Ghost had exonerated Fr. John Corapi, Himself.

    Read for yourself what I was given to know as was meant by my searching for the state and welfare of Fr. John Corapi.

    First Apparition of the Mother of Good Success
    Around this time Mother Mariana suffered cruelly with all the cares of her community. They lacked proper financial support, and the added cross of the threatening separation from the Franciscans inflicted a real martyrdom on her.

    In the early morning of February 2, 1594, Mother Mariana was praying in the high choir. Prostrate with her forehead touching the floor, she implored help for her community and mercy for the sinful world.

    She then heard a sweet voice calling her name. Rising quickly, she beheld a most beautiful lady in an aura of light. On her left arm she held the Child Jesus and on her right a crosier of the purest gold adorned with such precious stones as are not to be found on this earth.

    “Who art thou, beautiful lady?” she asked, “and what dost thou wish? Dost thou not know that I am but a poor nun, filled with love for God, true, but suffering and tried to the utmost?”

    Our Lady of Good Success
    The lady answered: “I am Mary of Good Success, the Queen of Heaven and Earth. Precisely because you are a religious soul full of love for God and for His Mother who now speaks to you, I have come from heaven to sooth your burdened heart.”

    Then the Mother of God showed her how her prayers and penances pleased God. She explained that she held the golden crosier in her right hand because she wished to govern the convent herself, and that the devil would do all in his power to destroy the convent by means of some ungrateful daughters of hers dwelling there.

    “He will not attain his goal,” she continued, “because I am the Queen of Victories and the Mother of Good Success. Under this invocation I wish, in the centuries to come, to perform miracles for the preservation of this, my convent, and its inhabitants.

    “Until the end of the world I will have holy daughters, heroic souls, in the obscure life of their convent, who, suffering persecutions and slanders from within their own community, will be much loved by God and His Mother… Their lives of prayer, penance, and sacrifice will be extremely necessary in all times. After having spent their lives unknown to all, they will be called to heaven to occupy an exalted throne of glory.”

    She then revealed to Mother Mariana that hers would be a long and suffering life, but she bid her never lose courage.

    Saying this, she placed the Infant Jesus in the humble virgin’s arms. Clasping Him tightly to her heart, Mother Mariana felt the strength to suffer all for His honor and glory and the good of souls.

    Our Lady was to appear several times to Mother Mariana under the title of the Mother of Good Success. During some of these apparitions she prophesied many things about the twentieth century.

    Separation from the Franciscans
    The ominous day predicted both to Mother Maria and Mother Mariana had arrived, the day in which their small flock would be separated from their divinely appointed shepherds. There had been new elections for a superior and Mother Magdalena of Jesus Valenzuela, the newly appointed prioress, lost no time in accomplishing this. This lady was not a bad person, but being weak, she often served as a tool in the hands of other nuns with evil intent.

    Quickly, she worked to annul the obedience to the sons of Saint Francis and to submit the direction of the monastery to the Bishop of Quito. This was a sad day for the heroic and saintly foundresses and all the obedient Conceptionists of that house. As the Franciscan Fathers said farewell, Mother Mariana and all the obedient nuns wept inconsolably. Nevertheless, they obediently submitted to the new authority.

    The Father Provincial of the Franciscans left them with words of encouragement and consolation, assuring them of their future return. For the unruly ones he left words of malediction.

    Immediately, with Mother Valenzuela at the helm but manipulated by the unruly faction, observance of the rule began to decline, prescribed times of silence were no longer observed, and abuses multiplied.

    Worried and afflicted in her heart with this situation, which defeated the true purpose of the conventual life, Mother Mariana humbly approached her new superior, begging as foundress and ex-prioress that these infractions and deviations be corrected for the good of the community.

    The secular ecclesiastical prelate now in authority over the convent heard of this appeal. But the rebellious faction made sure he received the worst possible report, making Mother Mariana out to be unruly, insubordinate, and much more.

    As a result, he ordered the innocent virgin to be imprisoned for three days. He also ordered that her veil be removed, that she receive a public scourging at meal times in the refectory, and that she eat kneeling on the floor. These three days were spent in a dark, underground prison. There, Sister Mariana had to expiate her perfect innocence.

    After three days, she was removed to a solitary room. The Spanish foundresses, unable to contain themselves seeing her suffering, visited her there. For this they were ordered to be incarcerated along with Mother Mariana for a full month. Others who showed solidarity with them also joined the holy foundresses in prison. At one time they were twenty-five thus paying for their fidelity.

    Divine Consolations
    One night, a small cross that Mother Mariana had painted on the wall began to shine intensely. As the light increased marvelously to the astonishment of the innocent prisoners, the seven foundresses were each taken up in a sublime ecstasy and each shown a different vision.

    As an example of these visions, Mother Francisca of the Angels, one of the Spanish foundresses, saw their Seraphic Father, Saint Francis of Assisi, in a state of fury and going about the convent with a bow, shooting arrows right and left. As one of the arrows pierced the heart of one of the disobedient nuns, she fell dead instantly.

    Then Saint Francis said to Mother Francisca: “This nun is the one mainly responsible for the separation from the Franciscans and the laxity introduced in the monastery. She will be held accountable for all the sufferings and lack of observance of the rule in the centuries to come until the jurisdiction of the Franciscan family returns. Then the rule given us by Pope Julius II will be perfectly observed. But I will see to it that in all times there will be souls who, loving the Seraphic Order, will sustain the regular observance of the monastery with their penitent and dedicated lives.”

    The next morning, that nun was found dead in her cell, her face a blackish purple. The prisoners were made to carry her body for burial. Imagine Mother Francisca’s sorrow on having to carry the body of this sister she had loved and served but was not able to save!

    Mother Magdalen of Saint John beheld Saint John the Evangelist. He revealed to her that on the day of the Last Supper, as he reclined his head over Our Saviour’s heart, one of the secrets that had been revealed to him was the foundation of this monastery. Our Lord let him know how much He loved this house and that in it would live Eucharistic souls who would take upon themselves to offer reparation for the sacrileges committed against the Divine Victim.

    Thus did these holy souls spend those bitter days of imprisonment within their own house, persecuted, reviled, and abandoned by their own.

  27. D.M. Stiles says:

    I would like to purchase the set of “Catechism of the Catholic Church.” Can anyone direct me? Nothing on ebay at this time.
    I do not judge what he is doing….but he was a wonderful speaker and I would love more of his tapes. DMS

    • Anthony says:

      Hi, I say your question about father Corapi’s Cathechism DVD’s. If you would like to email me…I would be happy to make some for you for free. He has helped me immensely with my faith and I do small things sometimes to try and give just a little bit back to others. God Bless!


  28. zoomies12 says:

    From time to time I search for Fr. Corapi on the web too. I pray fervently for him and other priests that suffer in the similar ways he and other priests have undergone for the Church. I read every single document from the time it hit the fan on all sides. I do not think the documents are readily available any longer but a necessary peruse. Fr. Ho Lung exclaimed once, and I’m paraphrasing here, that we do not pray enough for priests who have been persecuted, or lost, or been judged either either falsely or truthfully. In today’s world, it is nothing short of a miracle to be priest, let alone those who are in the public eye-lay persons as well–like Patrick Madrid, Scott Hahn, Johnette Benkovic, and others, mostly via EWTN. The more visible, the more they will be under attack from the evil one, to scatter the faithful. God is purgative and redemptive and the truth, who is Christ, will prevail. Too often, due to the conditions of our present times, people rely heavily on these public figures, including yours truly. They intended to their best, and I could never take on what they took on to serve the Lord. We will know soon enough what happened to him and others. Meanwhile, as we pray for our Church, and our priests, please include ALL of them, personally or collectively, in our prayers. I imagine their wounds are deeper than we can know. God Bless.

  29. Eugene - from Miri says:

    Fr. John Corapi once asked “why is it that there so many problems in this world? And he answered that it is because of us Catholics not doing what we are supposed to do!”
    So let us together carry out what we are supposed to do!
    Also let us continue to pray for him.
    Really missed Fr. Corapi and his powerful talks.

    God Bless!

    • rosemarie kury says:

      For some reason I’ve been thinking a lot of him lately. I keep hoping that on one of the blogs he will reappear. Meanwhile, I too have been praying for him and miss his talks especially now. We really have to pray harder in this election year as it seems to me that we don’t have the freedoms we once had. Freedom of speech (only if you agree with the secularists—if you disapprove of same sex marriage for example it can be classified as “hate speech”. Freedom of religion—only if you don’t make a big deal out of abortion, same sex marriage, contraception or anything that the secularists disagree with. You may even be banned from speaking of these subjects from the pulpits. God have mercy on us, we are not the same America as we were fifty years ago.

    • Nancy Kasicki says:

      So much of being a priest is a combination of business acumen and political savvy. I once knew an outstanding priest who was instrumental in reviving the faith of a number of Catholics. He was accused and silenced as well, first by the investigation then by forced retirement & stripped of his public presence. The scuttlebutt had been that an influential parishner who did not get their way with the runnings of the parish made the allegations by exagerating circumstances. Since there had been a scintilla of accuracy as to the place where the accuser was, it was apparent that the church was unwilling to defend their own. When will the church start to defend their own with the same vigorous sword they use to punish their own?

  30. Geralyn Gee Palacol says:

    I Love Fr.Corapi….I won’t believe anything negative until I hear definitive proof etc….So many people have had “culumny’s” spread about them….then the truth came out…..I will always be so GRATEFUL for all the many ways GOD used him…..He was so instrumental in helping the CHURCH in soooo many ways!!!

    • btl says:

      I will continue to pray for Fr. Corapi that his name will be cleared of the accusations against him & that he will return to preaching as a Catholic priest. Hold on Fr. Corapi…we are praying hard for you!! Don’t lose hope, don’t lose your faith….. You have helped me deepen my faith as I was a lukewarm catholic. God love you, God Bless you!


  31. Terri says:

    My brother by total fluke met one of Father Corapi’s canon lawyers today and called me immediately with great excitement. This canon lawyer is adamant in claiming Father Corapi’s innocence. He shared with my brother that the female accuser was a former IL prostitute who Father Corapi helped get off of the streets and get off drugs. She and a significant other were trying to purchase a home in Montana, and continually denied credit. He tried to help them get to that next level of home ownership by offering to sell them a home of his on contract for deed. She went 18+ months with NO payment whatsoever. He spoke to them about their failure to meet their commitment and outlined a time period required to make good on their commitment or they would have to move. She wrote Father Corapi a letter threatening him of what she would do if he booted them out. (Keep in mind she works for him) – so he did take action – and she followed through on her threat. So…if Father Corapi was guilty – he would not have acted on her threat. This isn’t rocket science. There is, without a doubt some other bureaucratic stuff and power struggle that brought our Father Corapi down. Let’s continue to pray for his reunification to the Church so we may once again grow through his powerful teachings of the Church, the Catechism, and our Blessed Virgin Mary. God Bless you Father Corapi! May justice be served to this woman who was unable to change her stripes! In the end Good far outweighs Evil – and she is an example of Evil and is an example in its purest form of the Spiritual Attacks of our Age. Pray…Pray for Father Corapi! He helped many people grow in Faith and he particularly moved many combat veterans. It is my brother who is a Vietnam Veteran – who will tell you – it is Father Corapi who got through to him. Father Corapi, should you get the opportunity to read this – please send us all a note – let us know you are OK.

    • Doug & Lucia says:

      We hope and pray Father Corapi speaks soon to all of us and makes a comeback full of grace and free from these chains of the devil himself. We love you Father Corapi

    • Deb says:

      I would be very careful hearing just one side..that canon lawyer (and a priest maybe?) was way out of line saying anything and it doesn’t sound kosher. I’ve known lawyers and of course priests and they would never do that. He was accused by more than one person it seemed and this has been discussed ad nauseam in the past. It wasn’t just her saying something.
      Pray for them but don’t demonize one to help the other..and being a prostitute isn’t a non-pardonable sin, at least Jesus thought so.
      Unless the words come from the person and is identifiable, I wouldn’t post anything.

      • Ed Baker says:

        I don’t know about cannonical proceedings, but in the secular world, any lawyer can say anything to anyone on a case he is working on the moment it becomes public record. If depositions with both parties in attendence have already established some of these points, there is nothing wrong with sharing this information.

        I don’t know where this will finally resolve itself, but be skeptical of a committee’s “findings” that accused him of a having a large boat on a body of water that doesn’t even allow a three horsepower outboard or luxury cars that were not even named.

    • Tess says:

      Lawyers by law cannot talk about their clients or their clients cases, so tell me why would a canon lawyer call you with great excitement and blab all about Father Corapi’s case?!

      I am praying for Father Corapi, and hope we hear from him soon. But please Terri the story you are giving about his lawyer is just way overboard.

  32. Dave Watson says:

    Father, remember what our Holy Father Pope John Paul II tild you at your ordination, “According to the order of Melchizedek, YOU ARE a Priest forever.” Come back to us Father. We need you now more than ever. Remember what you told us what God’s name was. MERCY. Come home to us Father.

  33. Rebecca Aragon says:

    Fr. Corapi, PLEASE don’t be another Martin Luther. We love you. We pray for you. Hold on to the CROSS. Don’t run away from the cross. Persecution is part of being a mature Catholic. Humility is the next step beyond doctorate. Be strong! You were strong for us; we are now being strong for you!

  34. vince sage says:

    I don’t beleave a word of it and all must have compressed lips because ONLY the LORD can judge

  35. rudy puhalla says:

    I watche dFather Corapi many times on EWTN. I really thought he was the second coming of St. John tghe Baptist because of his strong convictions on abortion, birth control, pornography. drugs and sexual promiscuity. Even the holiest and most devout person can be tripped up or ensnared by the enemy. Christ said that to Peter “get behind me Satan”. We should all pray for Father Corapi to return to the fold and be what God called him to be —a priest for life.

  36. wlb says:

    If you’re reading this, Fr. Corapi, the pope yesterday, under news headlines at EWTN in an article about the power of prayer in his life, was very encouraging.

    With you.

    – Bill L. B.

  37. bill a says:

    Tis been deleted – is no longer available.

    The authors have deleted this blog.

  38. Mary Johnson says:

    I am praying for FR Corapi. I never forget him. I have a lot of his tapes and CD’S at home. I think he was not well and this is why he left. I hope to hear about him again in better circumstances. Please God. Amen. Thank you.

  39. Julie-Anne says:

    Father Corapi, From Canada, our thoughts and prayer are with you during this difficult times. Be strong and know that you are loved. God bless.

    Prayers also To those who condemn or gossip:
    Matthew 7
    “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

    • kay talton says:

      Well put. Bless Fr Corapi.

    • Steven says:

      I remember full well the scandals surrounding the Legionaries of Christ and their founder who was often praised for his orthodoxy. Cardinal Groer (the only peadophile Cardinal) was likewise praised for his orthodoxy. Fr Corapi was praised for his orthodoxy and the former head of HLI was also. Yet all have been disgraced. All of these have one thing in common. Orthodoxy (at least lip service to it). The reason these things happen is because to be a saint in the Church, to be appreciated in traditionalist circles and to be rewarded by the hierarchy, it is not necessary to be good. You just need to say the right things, toe the line, adopt the right causes and vote the right way. Even the worst sinner can talk the talk and orthodoxy is an effective camoflague so it is little wonder that scandals arise. We need to cut this attitude out. We need to repent of the way we have based faith around terminology and ideology and embrace Christ and true Christianity.

      • Marky Mark says:

        Amen to what you have said. I am constantly disheartened by the politicization of doctrine in the parishes where I live. Conservative versus Liberal, Left versus Right. I agree that true orthodoxy cannot be found when those who preach the Gospel violate the Spirit of Saint Paul’s rationale for preaching the Gospel, “free of charge.”

        The spirit of Anti_christ is evident in many of the Conservative and Liberal Catholics which inhabit the Parishes of Christ’s Church in the United States. The idolatry of Individualism, the idolatry of Relativism. The failure to embrace and understand and apply Catholic Social Teaching, especially the principles of Subsidiarity as they apply to the individual and small Christian community responsibility towards one another is evident by the focus which Catholic Bishops in the United States generally place upon Catechesis geared towards the needs of the rich and well-to-do.

        When Mother Teresa received her locutions from Jesus, He clearly told her, and told the Church through the revelation of the sanctity of her life and works of love that her true vocation was to love, not to religious life. In fact, in order for her to answer her calling to Jesus, she had to be laicized. This was an act of Trust which I believe God has used on many levels to teach the Church a deeper truth about the danger of the continued false clericalism mentality which prevents the Church from doing the more serious and sustained works of mercy and charity.

        By the way, by following the teachings of the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church, many so called Conservative Catholics, whose primary focus is on sexual sin will be able to build a more just society which is the foundation for charity. Pope Benedict XVI teaches us these things when he affirms that the priorities of Catechesis and Ministry efforts and resources should be on justice as the necessary building block for love.

        • S says:

          Marky Mark,
          Mother Teresa was not laicized. She began each day with prayer – humbly on her knees. I was greatly privileged to come across her often on her knees quietly at the 6:30 am Mass in our parish. This of course was never publicized. Her work was. But without prayer, adoration and Mass she would have been a mere social worker.


  40. teri says:

    Praying The Chaplet of The Divine Mercy for you Father Corapi, everyday. Jesus I Trust In You!

  41. Delphina says:

    He gave me hope in the Church when I had lost all hope in Her. I will continue to pray for him.

  42. Marty Miller says:

    I have seen the ‘enemy’ and he is ‘us’. Father John is our brother in Christ and I will not make any judgement based upon what is NOT KNOWN!
    Accusations are very dangerous. When one person makes accusations of impropriety against another, it is paramount that the dignity of each party is maintained during the ‘discovery’ or ‘inquiry’ process.
    I do not want to make any judgement, but can I ask if someone proceeded forward assuming the other party ‘was guilty?’ before having a time of ‘due process’?
    No matter what…Father John illuminated my path into the Catholic Church and he is a brother in Christ we should pray for, as well as his accusers.
    Jesus Himself was told by the Pharisees He had a demon, and Jesus simply replied, ‘I have not a demon’…but it must have still hurt Jesus greatly that someone He had love for accused Him of ‘having a demon’.

  43. Hansome says:

    1a Then Jesus spoke to the crowds and to his disciples, 2* saying, “The scribes and the Pharisees have taken their seat on the chair of Moses. 3Therefore, do and observe all things whatsoever they tell you, but do not follow their example. For they preach but they do not practice. Mt 23:1-3

    But one of them, Caiaphas, who was high priest that year,* said to them, “You know nothing, 50nor do you consider that it is better for you that one man should die instead of the people, so that the whole nation may not perish.” Jn 11:49-50

  44. Cher says:

    We miss Father John Corapi terribly, but wherever he is and whatever he is doing, you can take heart that he is receiving the counsel of Our Lord and feeling the prayers of the faithful. God Bless Father Corapi for his teaching ministry. He enlightened many of us to the teachings of the Catholic Church. God Bless. Cher

  45. Marianne Johnpillai says:

    Only God knows what is happening with Fr John Corapi. Maybe He is busy working on him! Let Him have the peace to do it and the only way we can be part of something beautiful is to pray that the prodigal son returns. God bless you all. Marianne (Sri Lanka)

    • Peggy Backlund says:

      The devil loves a shining mark, and Fr. Corapi certainly was that. As many times as he advised people to “Go to your Mother” I hope he is taking his own advice and is now seeking the protection and good counsel of Our Lady who will lead him home again.

    • Jim Harter says:

      Last year I converted to the Roman Catholic Church. In my journey, Fr.Corapi was significant. I pray that he comes back home to the priesthood. He was such an effective witness for Christ. Just the type that Satan likes to attack. May we aqll pray to Mary to guide Fr. Corapi back to her son and to the Church!

    • Peter Ayuba says:

      I’ve missed Fr. Corapi so much on Ewtn. By the grace of God, he brought me back home (the Catholic Church). I pray that God will speak through him to many who have fallen in the faith again in no distance future. May God be with you, Fr. Corapi. (Jos, Nigeria.)

  46. Most importantly, each of us must look within and focus first and foremost on the state of our own souls, and actively work at growing in sanctity while seeking healing for our unresolved hurt and pain. From most of the things written about Fr. John Corapi,it is apparent that there is a colossal need for this to happen, in the United States and around the world. God continues to use Fr. Corapi as a powerful conduit of His unfathomable and immeasurable love for mankind. If only we would listen. Fr. Corapi, we love you! +

  47. Gricelda says:

    Me too, I was wondering what happened with Father Corapi (several months have passed and now almost a yr. since he was scheduled to come to Rockford, IL). Great Priest!

    For my surprise, I found this interesting site (known before thanks to Relevant Radio), and now that I know that this may take a good turn back… I’ll keep on praying for ALL PRIESTS.

  48. Daniel Humm says:

    I suggest for a moment to take all the focus off the accusations of sex and drugs, as perhaps a close former employee may have made something up. Rather, take a look at his priestly faculties. Did he have any? He has not been living in community with SOLT for pretty much his entire 20 years as a priest. A Society of Apostolic Life cannot provide faculties to a cleric member that has lived outside of the community for beyond a three year period. As canon 745 states: “The supreme moderator with the consent of the council can grant an indult to live outside the society to a definitively incorporated member, but not for more than three years; the rights and obligations which cannot be reconciled with the new condition of the member are suspended, but the member remains under the care of the moderators. If it concerns a cleric, moreover, the consent of the ordinary of the place in which he must reside is required, under whose care and dependence he also remains.”

    The ordinary of the place in which he resides is Bishop Thomas of Helena. He has indicated that he met John Corapi over five years ago and told him that he does not allow any free lance priests in his diocese. The diocese has indicated he has no priestly faculties with them.

    So dismiss the accusations if you’d like as being “false accusations”, but John Corapi would not be in any different of a position. In order to have faculties he would either have to return to community in SOLT or submit to the local bishop and face being assigned to a parish rectory. He chooses neither.

    • Steve Matz says:

      Every time Fr John goes on a mission he “Lives in Community”,during retreats he ” Lives in Community”. Having traveled over a million miles doing what every Christian and Priest should be doing, Preaching the Gospel, he is fulling the apostolic request of Christ himself. I do not find two Priests living together, as in our parish, anymore living in community than Fr John sporadically living in community. If this was an issue it should have been addressed 15 years ago not on top of a trumped up scandal. Thank You

  49. Victoria says:

    I was just googling Corapi and poof, he’s gone and then saw your Web. What in the hades is going on? That man led so many of us back to our catholic faith and I’m forever grateful. However truly sad. Let’s pray…. I still have some of his teachings on my dvr……however hard to watch.

    Anyway, happy new year, Patrick. Hope you and your entire family are well and healthy.

    Thank you so mUch for the update. I do miss him.

    Ps. Are you coming back to Detroit?

  50. martha says:

    Father Corapi not only conveys the Catholic doctrine in a clear and faithful manner, but he does it with such authority that provides us with certainty; a breath of fresh air contrasting with bishops’ discourses which are full of ambiguity and political caution.

  51. David K. Plourde says:

    I am a sinner.
    Recognize the attack of the deceiver!!! The disciples are attacked, the saints are attacked, we and myself are attacked. Notice I didn’t use ‘were attacked’. Even today the attack is occurring.
    How many would say that through Father Corapi the “HOLY SPIRIT” entered or guided them.
    I have a stone. Which of us is without sin?
    Don’t judge or offer opinion… PRAY. Often! Recognize the attacks and Pray for more men (people) to stand against the onslaught of our Priest in the CHURCH.
    GOD BLESS YOU Father Corapi. I know you have been being continuously attacked. The HOLY SPIRIT through/with you continues to give me strength to fight for my GOD.
    “My MOTHER wears army boots”.
    Keep fighting Father.
    I encourage everyone to put on the ARMOR and begin to fight

  52. Elleblue says:

    I’ve also been wondering about him. I surely pray that good things have been happening for him especially in regard to the Church and his religious community.

    He is a good example of what happens when we lose sight of Christ and his Church and focus on men instead.

  53. Lisa says:

    Thank you so much, Patrick for this post. I was just thinking about Fr. Corapi tonight. In fact, I was going through a notebook I have of favorite quotes and Scripture verses and came across several of Father’s. I did a quick internet search to see how he was doing and saw that he had vanished. I then found your post.

    I will continue to pray for him and hope that he will someday return to the ministry that increased the faith of so many and brought countless others home to the Catholic Church.

    God bless,

  54. Peter says:

    I find it difficult to ignore Christ’s advice to us: “Judge not and you shall not be judged…” All I know as an ordinary Catholic is that this man has the mark of Priest on his soul forever. I don’t know his soul exposed as all our souls to Our Lord, but saved by His eternal sacrifice and given the honour and the power to say the Mass a constant sacrifice throughout time. Lucky bugger! Australians are so lost in materialism, we don’t go deep enough to argue doctrine. I hope this man finds his vows and his way to Christ through his Church, but I would not be the first to pick up a stone. AMDG

    • QuoTSCumquae says:

      Auzies so lost in materialism – don’t go deep enough to argue doctrine! That’s a rich one! I started to laugh but … HA H— G’day, mate! If you really want to argue doctrine, feel fortunate to have access to the virtual local tavern! Sometimes all there is left to do is pray, and this certainly seems to be one of those times, folks! There’s some pretty scary stuff out there in ‘Netland on this topic, so it’s nice to see this place where some manner of decency still remains…………..

  55. Marcy says:

    In reading over some of these replies, I find 3 distinct camps,A) those who believe Father Corapi is guilty,B) those who are unsure , and C)those who believe he is innocent.
    Having been a Facebook subscriber I can tell you that A is in constant opposition to B and C.Things have been said by all that should have not been said by anyone. But what I find most offensive are the constant mocking, sacrilegious prayers that mock the Memorare , and postings that are even against the teachings of the Catholic Church by group A.
    A person who supports Father Corapi, who is also a priest and Canon lawyer said something we should all take note of ; ” pray for these misguided folks, Fr. Corapi has not been found guilty of any allegation through any formal canonical process and he is simply on administrative leave (not suspended, which is a penalty). For a Catholic to make such comments about another Catholic is both sinful and a violation of the rights to a good reputation under canon 220. …We need to pray for him (Fr. Corapi).
    Our duty as Catholics is to do just as this priest said, Pray! Nothing else will suffice. I think ,no matter what happened, and only God and the accuser know, Father Corapi is hurting. St, Paul told us plainly in Galatians 6:2 “Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.” Prayer is how we accomplish this !
    Patrick, thank you for not being judgmental or calling Fr,. Corapi names , like I have seen so many of those in the Catholic Blogosphere do. I’ll bet you had a mother that said, “If you can’t say something good about someone, then don’t say anything!” God Bless!

  56. QuoTSCumquae says:

    This is edifying to see so many loyal supporters, and many of whom promise to pray for Fr. Corapi, and some for his order, SOLT, and for the Church. For all we know, he may never be in the public eye again. This might be his good-bye exit, stage left. Who knows? But it must make him feel good to flip on his computer and see blogs and comments wishing him well and begging him to return. He obviously had enough where-withal to hide away somewhere. The thing that has me puzzled is, that his own video on YouTube shows him saying again and again that he isn’t going to hide under a rock and die. So who knows what that means, maybe his promised autobiography will show up one day on Amazon? I have to wonder about his health. In that video he looks a bit hollow, as though he might have some hard-to-mention malady.

    • Marie says:

      He may be staying silent due to legal reasons.

      • Deb says:

        He did put on his bio on CD/DVD form, sold it for a while, I think it went on sale and then he closed. It was never in print form. He did it himself from what I remember.

        • marie says:

          I have the DVD Deb. It is very good. Told his life story but the end hasn’t been written yet. The last of the DVD was very sad. He gave his accuser and her husband jobs and their dignity and she made these unbelieveable accusations. She tried to sell a rosary blessed by JPII on e-bay among other things. Father Corapi has gone through so much he doesn’t deserve.

          • QuoTSCumquae says:

            So you got a DVD he put out incomplete, without the ending written yet? The world of publishing has entered a new paradigm – Forget the first edition. Now you get the first installment of the first edition, and you might never get the second installment?! To a publisher, that would be called a “periodical!” Let me know if I’m not getting this straight. I’m still hung up on the 3 vows, Poverty, Chastity and Obedience. What does the DVD say about those? Anybody selling articles on eBay that were blessed by any priest, let alone a Pope, ought to be put away somewhere really quiet for a long time…

  57. Marie says:

    I don’t believe SOLT did a fair investigation for Father Corapi. Why is the three person fact finding team not identified? What evidence did they find? The accusers word is the only “evidence”. A “disgruntled” former employee who vowed to “destroy” Corapi’s reputation as stated by SCM. He gave her a job and gave her dignity. A chance in life. She appears in FB with people who have ridiculed him and made a mockery of him and those who support him. Odd behavior for a victim. This flawed system has invited hatred and destruction of priests. They are automatically presumed guilty at any accusation. Father has not be guilty of any crime but is treated worse then a criminal. He has been a priest for 20 years always preaching the truth. At times he stepped on toes in the Church hierarchy. Has any fact finding team members been at odds by his talks on the truth of the Church teachings? Maybe not but who are these people, what church organizations do they belong to and why the secrecy? What concrete evidence? I hope that his brother priests and his fellow speakers from conferences have been supportive of him. No matter what position is taken prayers are needed.

    • Deb says:

      The church used priests and lay people, lawyers. This wasn’t a public trial, it was trying to keep things quiet for HIM and those involved, Father Corapi had “fans” that were scary and probably adversaries that were also.
      You have to see also for his sake, that they were probably trying to shield him from more scandal by keeping it private. I feel being in an environment of law enforcement, that they had more than they told and I’m glad about that, it’s not our business. They might have saved him a lot of grief by stopping him when they did. They weren’t stupid, no “crazy” person alone would hurt him. I would just pray and let God sort it out…taking sides doesn’t help, you have to pull back and see the whole picture.

      • marie says:

        Father has a lawsuit for slander. I had read that SOLT had to pay a big settlement for one of their priests. Can’t help but think when they wanted him back they may have been looking at the monetary assets he would bring to them. Investigations take a long time. I would like to know why the names of the “team” wasn’t released and what evidence they have. She was fired and threatened to ruin him after phyically attacking a female staff member. It is between Him and the accuser in a court of law. I support Father. He doesn’t deserve this.

        • Gabrielle says:

          He was sueing for breaking the agreement, not so much slander. That suit isn’t on the books it seems anymore although my search might have been faulty. No one can lie about things like that in public without cause. If Fr. Corapi wanted to see the proof, I’m sure he saw it. You can’t make up texts if they exist, or photos, or other things. I wondered why no one came to his defense really, close friends, old friends, relatives. I don’t think I ever saw a picture of his mother or heard about her after he became a priest. Seemed like a lonely life.

          Whatever happened or will happen, it wasn’t the accuser alone that did this. Father could go anywhere that would accept him, he didn’t want too. Whatever he chooses, I hope he keeps his faith and gets help if he is depressed.

        • Deb says:

          I wouldn’t give the names out either. Most investigator are known to the people involved and not others, there are too many kooks and I can imagine the calls and in-person visits they might get. This was a professional non public inquiry and he bolted.
          There is blame all around, but they are not evil, SOLT seems to have vocations and do good things, nothing is perfect, but they don’t owe anyone names or info on other priests, psychologists and lawyers. That is a safety for all involved.

          Good can come out of much mayhem, time will tell with this. I pray he isn’t ill or depressed and gets help if that exists.

  58. Antony says:

    I am from the far-east, I have listened to Father John Corapi’s talks before.
    The messages were authentically Catholic, let us learn to concentrate on the message and pray for the messenger. We ordinary lay Catholics have so much temptation on a daily basis. How much more temptation will our priests be facing. It is a spiritual warfare and we can only pray for our priests more fervently. O Mother of Perpetual help attend to your son John Corapi in his time of distress.

    • Peterman says:

      Amen brother. Father Corapi ran into some sin and error. This doesn’t change that he did some great teaching about the faith. My prayers are with him and I hope he finds a nice quiet monastery or at least a priest to confess to.

  59. Marie M. says:

    Sad, if you are saying that no one you know has any idea “what has happened to him “. Maybe someone in your circle can reach out to him in a more effective way. I think it may be SOLT , former media contacts , some Clergy, etc who have distanced themselves from Father, not that he has distanced himself from the Church. Is that what we do to Priests now? Praying that this isn’t the case, that Father has Clergy friends who are in contact with him, and that he is safe and well. His public Ministry meant so much to me , my family and so many others. Father gave great service to the Church. I pray that he is surrounded by true friends, not the kind that flee when you are down. Certainly not the kind that are continuing their attacks on at least 2 FB sites. And not the kind that would be selling his old unopened materials on Ebay and the Terror of Demons website.

    We know who IS right by his side …and by his accuser’s side as well. And God will bring good from this situation somehow.

    Mother Angelica and Sister Briege are two faithful servants who come to mind who have told us for years how important it is we pray for our Priests. How very important. I am sure Mother’s Sisters continue praying for Father as are many others.

    Patrick, thank you for remembering Father, asking for God’s Blessing upon him and for reminding us to continue our prayers for him as well.

  60. Angela Sullivan says:

    There has been much speculation about Father Corapi which, in my humble opinion, has been gossip innuendo etc. Father John Corapi resigned from SOLT but St.John Of The Cross ran away from his order. I believe Father Corapi to be innocent and from witnessing the vile subhuman behavior of the accuser and her barbaric cohorts, one wonders what SOLT the Bishop or anyone else was even thinking, or if they were indeed thinking. Father Corapi served the Church for over 21 years and he is thrown out like yesterdays Garbage not too Christian! Many people I know that followed Father Corapi, were converted by him, watched his catechism on the Catholic Church, are astounded by the so called “Catholic” . . . [redacted]

  61. Amy Ivsan says:

    Near the very back of the Pieta prayer book, there is a page that gives specific instruction, “Never criticize a priest.” Easy to pronounce, much harder to practice. A priest represents Christ. He stands in person of Christ. He is Christ’s representative here on earth. We only need to look no further than our own sinfulness to recognize we really have no spiritual authority, qualifed discernment, much less any degree of saintly perfection, to take the dangerous position of rendering judgement upon one of Christ’s representatives. Considering the vast deposit of catechesis and sound, authentic teaching Fr. Corapi endowed the church with for many years, we once again only need to look at ourselves and consider, what have we contributed in measure. The fact is everything we embrace as truth regarding the Fr. Corapi situation has become nothing more than speculative gossip, and deadly calumny. When we deliberately make it our prerogrative to proliferate speculation, and make gross assumptions of emphatic guilt regarding Fr. Corapi, without any substantial, authenticated facts in hand, we contribute to the deliberate destruction of our neighbor’s name and reputation. He has chosen to remain relatively silent and to disappear off of the scene of public exposure. Smart man. Interestingly enough, the ‘accuser’ who created this scandal with her unsubstantiated allegations has chosen not to remain silent. A ‘victim’ who continues to peddle his goods on the internet for profit and with endorsement? A victim who has been openly verbose and profane in her incessant activity upon facebook. As for the guilty conviction in the form of a public statement by SOLT? Says who? Never make the gross assumption that religious orders are populated by holy people. Big mistake. I quite understand why Fr. Corapi may not want to return to his order. Never assume he is guilty. Pray for him. He is who he says he is. Pray for the gift of discernment.

    • drwho13 says:

      “Near the very back of the Pieta prayer book, there is a page that gives specific instruction, “Never criticize a priest.””

      I the front of the North Korean handbook, there is a page that gives specific instruction, “Never criticize The Dear Leader.”

      I am a citizen of the USA, and I have the freedom of speech. Are you a citizen of a country that allows you that ‘Right?’

      • HarleysvilleBill says:

        I agree. Priests are human too and can make mistakes. I know people who were told in confession that birth control is alright. Others were told that some of the teachings of the church are “old fashion” and we don’t really need to follow them. Best bet is to know your catechism and commit yourself to live it fully. You are either in or you’re out – there’s no halfway.

      • Amy Ivsan says:

        I would not follow a North Korean handbook anymore than I would follow the Koran. America’s version of freedom has evolved into pure license. Freedom of speech justifies the proliferation of pornography, which is mortally sinful. Inalienable, mortal rights have nothing to do with baptismal obligation and reverential obedience. American law says abortion is legal and a right. Catholic mandate says it is intrinsically evil and abominable. Choose this day whom ye will serve.

    • Charlotte says:

      Are bishops priests? Are members of SOLT priests? May priests be criticized when the criticism is justified?

      • HarleysvilleBill says:

        Charlotte, I think this is an important and yet very delicate question. There are those who may have been raised in the “never question a priest” tradition. But priests can make mistakes too and if my Catholic conscience is raising a red flag on an issue, then I certainly feel that I should question what I am hearing. On the flip side, it is all too easy to lob criticism at these good men who have dedicated their lives to feeding the Lord’s flock. So we should always approach any given issue with a priest respectfully. I also think we should always examine our own conscience first and make sure we’re not pointing out a speck in their eye and missing the board in our own eye.

  62. Sharon says:

    I have many of John Corapi’s DVDs and they are all totally orthodox, although admitedly the later ones were a bit light on content. I have packed away all of this material because whilst he is estranged from SOLT I can’t listen to him and wonder if at the time he was saying all of the Faithful things he was talking the talk but not walking the walk.

    Have any of you noticed the number of high profile priests who fell and caused great scandal after the Year of the Priest? I think Satan was working overtime at the weak spots of these priests for scandal to take people from the Faith – people who mistook the envelope for the message.

    • Mary says:

      Sharon, I would love to have those DVD’s…rather than let them collect dust in a box…would you be willing to sell them? My husband works at a prison…the inmates greatly respect Father Corapi…he has a “captive” audience there.

      • Sharon says:

        Mary, firstly I live in Australia and so postage would be huge and secondly if I don’t feel comfortable watching these DVDs I wouldn’t like to pass them on to anyone else. I greatly respected John Corapi also and hope that one day I can bring the DVDs out again because he is reconciled with his order and the mess is sorted out. I am not surprised that John Corapi is popular with the inmates; he presented the truth in a virile manly way.

      • Jeannie says:

        Hello Mary.
        I have several of the DVDs and CDs. I haven’t tried to copy them, but let me try and then send them to you.

        I feel perfectly comfortable passing them along as my spiritual director, Father George Schulze, who guides ALL the seminarians at St. Patrick’s Seminary in Menlo Park, CA, agrees that when he made those tapes, no matter of his present guilt or innocence, he was definitely being led divinely..

        Please let me know if you receive this.

        YOu might also want to read about another priest, falsely accused, Father Gordon MacRae. They are finally uncovering the scandalous railroading that he endured and he has briefly written sympathetically about the process Fr. Corapi mentioned.

        God bless you and your husband, may he be kept safe.


  63. Sheila Boland says:


    What the heck is so special about FRC that mostly everyone in the whole wide world is so concerned of him? Why not spend this time asking God how to direct you to pray or care for people who are hungry, need clothes, those in prison, etc like JESUS TOLD US TO DO????? God people get a life already!!!!! If we all spent time doing the work of the Kingdom here in our little worlds instead of yapping and complaining about FRC what a better world this could be. Ya think????? DUH!

    • Sheila, perhaps you should follow your own advice and get busy feeding the hungry, etc., instead of “yapping and complaining” about what people are saying here. If you did, what a better world this would be.

      • Linda Guelker says:

        Patrick & Sheila, I have to agree with Patrick. Father Corapi is in the hearts and minds of many. He is a good man and Priest who needs and deserves our prayers. Thanks to Patrick for updates on Father C and thanks to all for your continued prayers for Father Corapi. He has helped many people, including myself, to understand their faith better. God Bless, Linda

      • Sharon says:

        Well said Patrick.

    • Kathleen says:

      In a world that needed direction after the changes in the Church since the sixties, Fr. Corapi gave us a rock solid base to hold onto. With Fr. Corapi and Pope John Paul II our faith was revived. They gave us truth in plain words with no wavering or misunderstanding or relativism. We long for this kind of leadership that stands for what is right and true no matter what. The cafeteria Catholics who wanted to change the truth to fit the lifestyle that gave them the pleasures in life without the responsibilty was called to task. So we don’t miss Corapi the man, we miss Fr. Corapi the leader who helped us to see our faith as the truth of Christ – Christ Who is with His church forever. Father challenged us to lead a better life with Christ as our model. His fearless courage to shout this truth to the world is why we miss him.

  64. connie philmon says:

    “Many fools gave their money to him”? I have seen him several times and I was never asked for money. I believe your accusations are wrong and

    • drwho13 says:


      How much were the tickets to get in? How much were his CD’s selling for? Did you know he was the president of a For-Profit company that received the money from the tickets and CD’s that were for sale?

      • Sharon says:

        Dr Who, I believe that the organisers of the events at which John Corapi spoke used his appearance as a fundraiser and they set the entrance charges. Corapi said that in the last few years he didn’t charge for speaking at an event. As for what was done with the money from the CDs and DVDs I don’t know.

        • Marie says:

          I don’t see how anyone “gave” their money to him. When you purchase a CD or DVD you are getting a product. I’ve been to numerous conferences and missions of Father’s and expect at conferences to pay. It costs money to fly speakers in as well as meals and their fees. I see nothing wrong with this. Their time if valuable.

          • drwho13 says:

            Corapi as a member of SOLT took a vow of poverty. Why did he form a For-Profit company? He used his connection with the Church to peddle his products.

            Now that he is no longer connected with the Church no one buys his stuff.

            Stop the “cult of personality worship.” Let Corapi go, and follow the teaching of the Church. There are followers of Corapi that treat him as if he were God. It’s close to being idolatry.

          • Marie says:

            To drwho,
            This will be my last reponse to you since you choose to make offensive comments to those of us that support a priest of God. The Society did not require Father to take a vow of poverty at the time he entered into it. Also his ministry was chosen for him. You obviously don’t understand business. Running a company as Santa Cruz Media incurs costs. Rental or buying of the building, staff salaries, materials, insurance and a host of things I may not be aware of. I am thankful he had the years where he taught the teachings of the Catholic Church and was responsible for bringing thousands back to the Church and others to the Catholic Church. His teachings have always been sound Catholic doctrine. I hope you will pray for him.

          • drwho13 says:


            You stated; “The Society did not require Father to take a vow of poverty at the time he entered into it.”

            Why do you accept the “Society’s” authority when it comes Corapi not taking the vow, but you do not accept their authority when they removing Corapi? This is inconsistent and illogical.

  65. Karen says:

    I pray that Fr. Corapi, is OK! I have often wondered if there is more to all of this than we know? The website (The Black Sheepdog) has made me suspicious? They could easily be produced by someone else, to make it look like Fr. and sound like him. Hopefully he isn’t captive to someone, a Satanic group, that would do anything to end his preaching the Truth. Even put an imposter in his place. I pray that he is in a state of grace and is still alive? There are so many goofballs walking around that would do anything to corrupt the Catholic Church.

    • drwho13 says:

      Karen, I hope you’re kidding! If you really believe what you just wrote please get help now. Talk to your family doctor, or at least call a “help line.”

  66. Richard Jones says:

    THANK-YOU,PATRICK MADRID.I am glad you put up this post.I was looking for any news.Please keep us posted on ANY information you can.GOD BLESS YOU. P.S. I enjoy your informative ‘Where’s That in the BIBLE.’ Thanks Again.

    • Kathy Rimmele says:

      I have been and will continue to pray for Fr, Corapi. I know God has a plan for him and Fr.Corapi is following it. Thanks be to Our Lord for Fr.Corapi

  67. Richard Jones says:

    My wife and I enjoyed Father Corapi very,very much.Saturday nights we anxiously awaited to see his show.For some reason today,Jan.4,2012, He came to mind.Let’s ALL pray for him.He needs the help. GOD BLESS

  68. JD says:

    I’ll believe this guy was a priest when I see documented evidence. Photoshopped photos with the Pope don’t cut it.

    This is a man who publicly lied for many, many years about being a Green Beret, something he could have faced charges for.

    My guess—he’s too well known now to pull off any more cons, so he’s retiring with his investments and millions.

    • Matt says:

      Considering he was ordained in Rome by the Holy Father, and there are documents to prove his ordination, I’m not sure why you’re so skeptical.
      And he never indicated he was actually a SF soldier, only that he entered training for SF at one point in his Army service.
      And no, he can’t face charges if he did lie and claim to be a SF soldier.

      • Therese Z says:

        The original mistake that he was a Green Beret happened in some publicity that he didn’t create. but over the years he got a little careless with the truth about it, and let you think he was a Green Beret. I heard him do it, personally, in a talk he gave in the Chicago area about seven years ago. He was already starting the “me me me I I I” style of his last couple of years of preaching, when he couldn’t stay off the topic of him. He was clearly veering then.

        I do hope he has repented and put himself into the proper relationship to his superior. He’s really smart and personally appealing when he’s at his best and good at winning converts.

  69. Tom says:

    The facts are quite clear, as his specific sins are listed on the statement by Fr. Sheehan on SOLT’s official web site back in July. There is no way SOLT would go public with these very specific accusations without having solid facts–they’d be crushed in a lawsuit if their allegations were false. And they went public because Fr. Corapi continued to issue false statements they had no way of countering except by this route.

    So we pray for a very fallen, public sinner. And that’s a good and holy thing to do.

    • James says:

      I do not know if accusations that SOLT made are true? Father Corapi’s attorneys never examined the evidence and were not allowed to cross examine witness’ etc. Firstly we all know that politics are involved here. As far as emails cell phone records etc. The accuser and her husband are very computer savy & had access to his computer etc. as far as cell phone records are concerned SOLT would not be able to access his cell phone records without a court order which they never got SOLT also stated that there was NO evidence against Father at this time and that he had stopped the investigation with his civil suit. I do not believe SOLT and will pray for Father for 21 years father had no complaints suddenly ELECTION time he is suspended. Abortion gay marriage?? may have something to do with this.

      • Sharon says:

        James, if what SOLT said on their website about John Corapi wasn’t true they would have been facing a huge law suit as Tom said.

        • Gaby says:

          I agree, re the suit and SOLT had more than one statement. The last would have been very libel and very lucrative for any lawyer. They could have gotten any records very easily. You can also see texts (as with some of are sports figures/politicians lately) on phones from both sides, not just one. Father, tough as he is, ran, which gave many pause. He seemed ill, “odd” later, it has been happening for a while.
          My thing was if I were innocent, I would want to show everyone not run. If not, let him be…if our sins were out there for everyone, most of us wouldn’t want to go to work, etc. Just pray he is on the right path and we don’t read sad things later. He was ordained and if everything else was speculative, he is still a child a God and can be redeemed. If he’s mentally ill, I pray someone close to him, will encourage him to get help. If he’s fine and wants to just retire and hunt and fish and be alone, it’s his life. He’s old enough to relax, live off his savings and just be out of the public eye.
          I just don’t want to hear bad news.

  70. Jaye says:

    Father is moving through a developmental sequence. The Black Sheepdog was a place for him to project his anger at the Catholic Church,and at himself. He has moved through this part of the cycle and anger no longer serves him. He is rebuilding his life. He will move toward contribution and service again It’s what he’s made of.

  71. Josephine says:

    Patrick Madrid, you are a dear to remember Father Corapi, especially at this time of year, a New Year. Thank you. I was just thinking of Father a few days ago wondering if he was in good health and of his well being. I love Father Corapi for all the fine teaching he gave to the Church, his persona of strength which seemed to matched the depth of a strong and deep conversion away from a dreaded lifestyle made his teaching message consistently very compelling. He was generous and open about a sinful past and taught against fear because he seemed fearless for the Faith. Father was an astounding influence for good. It shall not be forgotten. He remains easy to pray for and I am grateful for your kind mention of him.

  72. Benjamin says:

    Fr Corapi was definitely inspiration to all of us. His honest approach to the Church and her teachings and our obligations to cling to the bark of St Peter are true indicators of his zeal to preach the truth.

    I pray, that once again Fr Corapi smells those lylacks and sees our Mother in his path, guiding him through this storm as a beacon of light. She will not abandon him.

    Ave Maria.

  73. Hal Wright says:

    Fr. John Corapi was instrumental in bringing me back to the Rosary, our Blessed Mother, and the sacrament of Reconciliation. I miss his strong voice, and seemingly uncompromising stand for God and the Church. If he has fallen, I pray he will reconcile with God, and the Church. Ultimately, I want Fr. John to go to Heaven, some day. But before that, I would like very much to have him back as a powerful and passionate preacher. Whatever is happening in Fr. John’s life, I can’t stop loving him for what he inspired in me. I will pray for him. God, please call him to Yourself to be reconciled with You and Your Church.

  74. Therese says:

    Please Lord, BRING HIM BACK!

  75. Teri D. says:

    Praying that Fr. Corapi will return to S.O.L.T. for his good and the good of the Church. Luminous Mysteries dedicated to the priesthood (our bishops, priests and deacons, included) – may our love and prayers uphold them and beg God’s protection on them.

  76. Shirl says:

    I have read the comments and I am surprised at how much they judge what they do not know. Only God and Fr. Corapi knows what has and is going on in his heart. Comments that judge him are unintentinally harsh. Let us pray that God’s will be done no matter which direction his life takes. God has a plan for him and for us all. Getting into the issues takes us off Our Father which in itself is a by product of the devil. Thank you Patrick Madrid for the update.

  77. Paul says:

    The truth is that we still don’t know the truth. We know very little of what has actually happened. Yes he needs prayers. So do you and I. It pains me to see some people still taking pot shots at Father Corapi and those who followed him.

    • Are you suggesting that my post is somehow a “pot shot” at him? Huh?

      • Paul says:

        No I wouldn’t say so. A comment or two below seems a little condescending and some of the comments I’ve been reading elsewhere are much worse. I’m really commenting more on the general story and not specifically what you’ve written.

        If any of what they say about Father Corapi is true then I am saddened and disturbed. However I am also saddened and disturbed by those who have seen fit to kick him while he was down or, even worse, take a certain amount of glee and satisfaction in having been “right about him all along” and mocking Father Corapi and his followers with very thinly veiled words. I’m not saying that you did any of that Patrick (this is my first time visiting here) but I have seen this attitude elsewhere and very often.

        • drwho13 says:


          We have all been wondering where John Corapi is. Have you seen the TV show “American Greed?” Do you think that he may show up there in 2012? I personally don’t believe that he will, because so many fools simply gave their money to him. It appears that everything he did was legal. BUT, SOLT was certainly asleep at the switch, or they would have switched him off years ago.

          “…still taking pot shots at Father Corapi…,” WHAT? Paul you and Corapi’s followers have been scammed and it was all done legally, and in the name of the Lord.

          I’m mocking (AND JEERING) Father Corapi, and it’s not veiled in anyway. On the other hand, I feel sorry for his former followers. But, for those that are still drinking his ‘Kool-Aid,” CALL A DOCTOR OR POISON CONTROL CENTER IMMEDIATELY! Their brains may have already been damaged.

          • Paul says:

            This is a very strange reply but it does illustrate my earlier point. Once again, if Father Corapi is guilty of any of the charges then I am disturbed by this and feel for Father Corapi, his followers, and the Church. However, whether he’s guilty or not, no faithful Christian should be mocking or attacking him especially while he remains silent. It is a decidedly un-Christian thing to do. The fact remains that we do not know the details. Guilty or not, Father Corapi, his followers, and the Church need prayers, now and always.

        • drwho13 says:


          You are being disobedient to your leader. On his own website Corapi told everyone that he is no longer to be referred to as “Father.”
          He stated that he is to be addressed as John Corapi.

  78. Leslie K. says:

    I am praying – as always – for Father and his accusors. I am praying that the Love I found in Holy Mother Church to this prodigal daughter be extended to him in the same way. I am praying that he accept God’s Will in his life, one day at a time. I am praying I can do the same thing.

  79. Jim says:

    I will pray for Father Corapi and for those who judge him!

  80. It was funny, only a couple of weeks ago I was looking at the Blacksheepdog website wondering what became of Fr. Corapi. It is shocking to see now that the entire website is gone.

    There are many possible explanations, or a combination of explanations. Perhaps it is just that he simply underestimated how quickly his following would dwindle. The impression that he was a loyal, moral Catholic priest was a large part of his popularity. He might have considered himself a blacksheep/sheepdog, but then again there are quite a few of those, and there weren’t many in his flock who wanted that sort of shepherding.

    It could be as another poster suggested, that he simply has decided to retire.

    I hope, however, that Patrick’s speculation is correct.

  81. Marianne says:

    I pray that you are correct in saying Fr. Corapi has returned to his mission whatever it may be. I pray that he has returned to God and SOLT. He has helped me in my life and so I will continue to pray for him. I will offer up my Adoration today for him. God Bless you Fr. Corapi!

  82. Ivan Salazar says:

    I will keep Father Corapi in mind during daily Rosaries.

  83. Todd says:

    He will be reconciled. I will pray.

  84. Todd says:

    I will pray from him. He will be reconciled, there is just no other way!

  85. Magistra Bona says:

    I am disturbed by the comments wherein which some folks assume that because a person has ‘gone off the grid’ that they’ve gone off the Church. Some of our most famous and powerful saints have hiked off to the hills and knocked the dust of their sandals. St. Benedict got ‘off grid’, leaving behind the corruption and iniquity of the city of Rome. St. Jean-Baptiste de la Salle took off as well. Sometimes the Church persecutes its saints. It’s only natural for them to back off. That does not mean they have backed off of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who even withdrew from the 12 apostles to get clear, pray, and sort things out. Give Father Corapi the benefit of the doubt until you have a concrete fact toward which to point. Give the guy some space. The one thing that should have loved and nutured him, protected his good name, and that should have stood by him didn’t. That’s gotta bite. The Church asks that we suffer for righteousness sake. She doesn’t ask us to be masochists. But some bishops and superiors do. No one has to put up with that. Get off grid.

  86. Like Patrick himself and the others here, I also hope and pray for Corapi’s reconciliation to the the Church, and to SOLT.

    Deo volente, father, if you are alive, even semi-well, and in possession of your mental faculties, you owe it to Christ’s church, and to he many thousands of souls who looked up to you as a model and mentor to come clean. Really, truly clean. Make a thorough, sacramental confession to a brother priest. Submit to the legitimate authority of your bishop. (Thank you, Fr. Frank Pavone, for showing us what that means.) And no more public dissembling, lawyerly non-answers and self-serving “I’m-a-victim” narratives in response to the deeply disturbing allegations that caused your own order to pronounce you “unfit” for public ministry. No more truth-stretching about your military service, either, soldier.

    And, most of all, please, PLEASE…no more alter egos. C’mon, who else out there couldn’t see (other than you) that the preposterous “Black Sheepdog” stuff was the equivalent of Prince changing his name to that unpronounceable, squiggly symbol. As Dr. Phil would say, “How’s that working out for you?”

    Come back, prodigal son. The Father will run to meet you with outstretched arms, and the immaculate Mother whose to whom you zealously professed devotion will defend you as her priest, and make every intercession for you. Please come back, father Corapi. Now, it’s up to you.

  87. Dawn Lapka says:

    I have been praying for Fr. Corapi very deeply. I pray that he will convert back again. Sometimes when you leave sin behind you, it is easy to fall back. I hope that he only stumbled, and will find his way back to the Heart of Jesus and His Holy Church. Fr. Corapi has been a very good instrument of the Holy Spirit in the Catholic Church. My prayer is that he can find a way to reconcile with his brother priests in his order, but that ultimately he can find a way to reconcile himself to the Lord God, and find a way to live with himself and his sins, once again.

  88. Deb says:

    A poster on said in part:
    According to his most recent office manager, Justin Meccia, John Corapi returned from a hunting trip in September and gave notice to Justin and other Santa Cruz Media staff that he was closing his business. His website has not been updated significantly since then (with the exception of posts made in his name to promote his post-July products, the series on abortion and Part 1 of the DVD version of his promised biography), phone calls are not answered, and mail is returned

  89. James M says:

    Wow… Prayers sent! but good thing I didn’t sign-up for a new pay subscription at his new site. lol

  90. I too was hoping this was a sign that he was at least re-thinking the path he was choosing to take and re-considering SOLT’s requirement that he come back to live in community. I still hold some hope that is the case. However, given the tremendous damage that has been done, if he does go back to his order, some kind of public statement will be needed at some point.

    Another scenario I’ve considered is that he has been told that he may not engage in this new form of public life for himself. I don’t know if that could be made a condition of his laicization if that is what he is seeking, but this absence from the web could also signal compliance with an order from the Holy See.

    Of course, this could simply mean that the business venture was not working out and/or he just chose to ride off into the sunset with whatever he had and is calling it a day.

    Regardless of what is going on, charity demands that we keep this troubled priest in our prayers.

  91. Elizabeth D says:

    Opting for being quiet and low key seems like a positive development from Fr Corapi. My elderly friend Margot was very shocked at what happened and still prays for him regularly. I am on my way to the Adoration Chapel now and will pray for him. I hope very much he will be reconciled with SOLT and the Church. That would be such an answer to prayers. He is a beloved son of God and of the Church.

  92. John Patti says:

    I love the man. Like many of us, heartbroken at his demise. His fall is a major victory for the devil. He has taught me to fight for Christ. God chose Corapi and did miracles through him. God hears the prayers for his servant. We haven’t heard the end of Father Corapi.

  93. Luke says:

    I have been checking his sites off and on to see what direction he’s heading in, spiritually. But there’s been nothing for so long. in fact, my own blog still gets hits when people search for an update, and the last time I posted on it was in July. I’m curious and concerned for his soul, especially given his proclivity for privacy. Let’s all pray that the Blessed Mother, to whom he constantly asked people to pray for priests, protects him in this time of transition.



  94. BillyHW says:

    I just hope he’s not selling Zrii.

  95. Jack says:

    Let’s hope he seeks some kind of treatment for his problem. Also, prayers are needed for the people who foolishly supported him in his rebellion.

  96. Tim says:

    Father Corapi was so instrumental in helping me grow my faith. I can never thank him enough that God spoke to me through him. His lifestory, his powerful voice, his strength and clarity inspired me. I needed that so much in my life.

    I only wish and hope for the best for him. May there be one more chapter to his story. I will continue to pray for him, he is still my brother. I will keep praying for him.

    God Bless, thank you

    best wishes in the new year


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