What Congressman Paul Ryan sees as America’s greatest challenge might surprise you

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Do you know what Congressman Paul Ryan identifies as the single most dangerous problem the U.S. faces right now? If you guess “the economy” or “debt” you would be wrong.  His answer might surprise you when you listen to this free audio download of an eye-opening  interview he did last year with the Envoy Institute.

A committed Catholic, Congressman Ryan is now the GOP candidate for vice president for the 2012 presidential election. Early last year, before he  rose to his current prominence, he granted an interview with the Envoy Institute in which he explained candidly what he sees as America’s single greatest challenge today, and how he proposes to confront that challenge and, in so doing, begin the process of curing the country’s dire political, social, moral, and economic ills. You will probably never guess what he identifies as the hidden obstacle to true freedom and equitable prosperity. But you don’t have to guess, because you can download the interview right now free and start listening in moments.

Listening to this fact-filled, historic Envoy Institute interview with Congressman Paul Ryan, conducted by Dr. Ben Wiker, will be 25 minutes of your day well-spent.


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2 Responses to “What Congressman Paul Ryan sees as America’s greatest challenge might surprise you”
  1. Mary Shinn says:

    I do not understand, speak of the Kennedy’s being pro-abortion, well so
    is Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney. Neither are 100% for life. Romney’s record
    is not only at present for the exceptions to abortion, RomneyCare included coverage for abortion. Mitt has legislated for abortion!

    Ryan is going to follow his boss, he’s signed up for Romney’ way. Does this
    include supporting Romney’s pro-homosexual legislative record too?

    I do not support and neither does the Church Ryan’s previous one exception, for abortion, when the mother’s own life is threatened carrying the baby gives her right to kill her baby. Pray for an “election miracle”, there is no choice or lessor of two evils this time.

    If only Romney had shown by his actions, that he truly changed and is now
    for life. Vetoing as Governor, the right for Massachusetts hospitals to dispense the “morning after” pill in the case of rape was done because Romney knew it would be struck down.


    • Lee says:

      Mary, I think there is clearly a lesser of two evils this time. As a matter of fact, I think it is very much a choice between evil and not evil. I think Romney is mostly pro-life and has a misguided view that there can be exceptions that allow for abortion. But there is hope that he will see through that false idea and come to embrace life fully. He may have already.

      But clearly his opponent has fully embraced the culture of death and is forcing it down the throats of everyone and taking strong action to eradicate our right to conscientiously object. The president is radically pro-abortion and has voted no on every piece of pro-life legislation that has come his way his entire political career.

      How can you even suggest that there is no choice of a lesser of two evils in this case? How can you look at these candidates and not see that we can, indeed, we MUST, limit evil by voting for Romney/Ryan? I am praying for an election miracle: that people will open their eyes and see that we have to do what we can to limit evil and to stop the crushing of life and liberty in our nation now! We must encourage people to vote and not discourage them. Vote your formed and informed Catholic conscience! Vote Life!

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