College Students and Abortion. Watch This Video. Please.

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Slowly but surely, brick by brick, student by student, the ProLife Movement in general and StudentsForLife in particular, are gradually reclaiming the hearts and minds of college students around the country with the honest truth. This remarkable video explains how this change is taking place, and who is helping propel it forward. “And it’s growing, day by day.” Share this one, far and wide.

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12 Responses to “College Students and Abortion. Watch This Video. Please.”
  1. Julie says:

    Please finish what our generation started. I am almost 60 and have always fought against abortion. Our young generation gives me and my generation hope. Please continue and finish the good fight.

  2. Next on the to-do list: a change of heart for faculty members. They will need to be on board too, if pro-life gains are to be permanent.

  3. Mary says:

    Frankly, part of this is that young people realize that, but for the Grace of God, THEY could have been one in those abortion statistics.
    Also, thank God for ultrasounds.

  4. Valla-Marie says:

    I share a link below of a disturbing report regarding Catholic Colleges and Universities and their support of Planned Parenthood.

    The video you share enlivens one with hope for the future; however, at the same time I am truly saddened by the report contained within the link I shared. Why aren’t students on these campuses being reached? It seems that there is an assumption that because it’s ‘Catholic’ they are pro-life, while many times the case is that they are the new mission ground needing the truth brought before them just as much if not more than any others. I hope they will not be neglected.

    God bless you and your ministry, Patrick!

    • Megan says:

      You know, most of the students at those schools probably are pro-life. I am and I go to one of the schools in the report, and every single person I know is pro-life. I think a lot of Catholics with political motives, including those at the Newman Society, are basically libeling us with no effort to dig any deeper than quote a few things off web sites.

  5. Ann says:

    Abortion will not be outlawed until there is no longer a “need” for abortion, because women will realize their inherent dignity as made in the image and likeness of God, and not some “thing” to be used, abused, and set aside, especially if she becomes pregnant. Abortion will not be outlawed as long as men believe they have the ‘right’ to have sex with any willing woman, and walk away from the consequences. Young men and women have to make a firm commitment to chastity before marriage, and monogamy after marriage, using abstinence to space their children in a responsible way. Outlawing abortion will do no good until and unless we return to a moral way of living, realizing the inherent dignity of every human being. This means FATHERS commit to being a help-mate to their wives, and a real dad to their children. This is the root of abortion and many other ills in our society: the breakdown of the family. Intact, loving families do not raise girls and boys to be objects of another’s lust.

    • Well, I see what you’re driving at, Ann, but I don’t think it works that way in real life. Those problems you mentioned all existed during the time when abortion *was* outlawed. And if, as you say, abortion will not be outlawed *until* those problems go away, then abortion will never be outlawed. This video gives me great hope that, even though the root causes of abortion will remain till the Lord returns to judge the nations, this hideous law will in fact be overturned, and hopefully in our lifetime.

  6. Jim says:

    This is AWESOME! Thanks for the post, Patrick!

    God Bless!

  7. Leonard says:

    God Bless the young. God Bless them all!!!

  8. I’m so proud of the Catholic Student Group that I started on my alma mater’s campus…this year, they earned funds to attend this conference and the March for Life. They’re so active and passionate about educating their peers and the public, and praying for the end of abortion. Catholic college students are a force to the reckoned with.

    • Matt Schima says:

      We were there! The trip was definitely a catalyst to change the campus to change the nation and the world!


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