Read a letter of recommendation from Patrick’s pastor.

“The Church needs your apostolate of evangelization and apologetics. Your seminars in our diocese have borne much good fruit among our people, and I am confident that Envoy Magazine will do the same wherever it reaches. I assure you of my prayerful support.”— Most Rev. Edward Slattery, Bishop of Tulsa, Oklahoma

“I’ve known Patrick Madrid personally for a number of years and have seen his work as an apologist and evangelist. He is faithful to the Catholic Church’s Magisterium, he has an excellent focus on the problems and issues faced by people in the pews, and his presentations are enlightening, practical, and enjoyable. Many people at our parish told me afterward that they were greatly helped by his apologetics seminar. Our evangelization committee is currently using his books, and the members are deriving a great deal of support from them. I am very happy to endorse Patrick Madrid as a clear, effective, and orthodox Catholic evangelist.”
— Sr. Barbara Catalano, O.P., Director of Evangelization, St. Francis de Sales parish, Newark OH

“Patrick Madrid’s seminar was one of the most fantastic events we’ve had at our parish. Our people were deeply touched and greatly encouraged, and they’re still buzzing about it!”

— Mary Merrill Russell, DRE, St. Cecilia’s Parish, Clearwater, FL

“We were delighted with Patrick’s seminar at our parish. A number of our recent converts told me that attending that event was the catalyst for their decision to enroll in RCIA. We’re still feeling the great effects.”
— Fr. Bill Peckman, pastor, St. Joseph’s Parish, Edina, MO

Endorsements for Patrick Madrid’s book Search and Rescue:

“Patrick Madrid has written a book which is practical (it tells you what to do) but not pragmatic (it leaves the results to God). This is necessary spiritual reading for Catholic apologists.”
— Cardinal Francis George, Archbishop of Chicago

“How do you bring a friend or relative back into the Church? First you pray. Then, you follow Patrick Madrid’s advice in Search and Rescue.”
— Cardinal Edward Egan, Archbishop of New York

“Patrick Madrid’s latest work, Search and Rescue, is a practical and inspiring guide to all those desiring to be faithful witnesses to the Mystery of Salvation. Its wisdom and humility offer courage and insight for the Catholic community in this age, which Pope John Paul II has called a time of the ‘New Evangelization.’”
— Cardinal Renato R. Martino, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace

“Spiritually wise, morally honest, and psychologically sensitive about the most forgotten yet the most crucial dimension of Catholic evangelism, the personal. Don’t evangelize without it!”
— Peter Kreeft, Ph.D., professor of philosophy, Boston College

Endorsements for Patrick Madrid’s book, Surprised By Truth 2

“God’s grace is tailored to the needs of each individual, but there is also a pattern to God’s love. These conversion stories reveal that pattern and introduce the reader to fifteen grace-filled Catholics we are all grateful to call brothers and sisters in Christ.”
— Cardinal Francis George, O.M.I., Archbishop of Chicago

“Patrick Madrid has done it again in Surprised by Truth 2. Once more, he offers an anthology of compelling accounts of conversion. The reader cannot help but be moved by the inspiring stories of those whose hearts and minds were ‘surprised’ by Truth.”
— Cardinal Edward Egan, Archbishop of New York

Surprised by Truth 2 is a fine book that demonstrates the unconditional love of a merciful God in the lives of real people. Those seeking to return or convert to the Catholic Church, those alienated from the Church, as well as those who are already committed Catholics, will be inspired, motivated, and encouraged by the honest and candid sharing of contemporary pilgrims about their own conversion. This book truly speaks to the hunger of the human heart. I recommend this book not only as a resource for parish RCIA programs and adult religious education, but also in the broader scope of parish evangelization efforts. Surprised by Truth 2 is about stirring the embers, rekindling the fire, and igniting the heart of the seeking pilgrim with the flame of God’s love.”
— Most Rev. Anthony M. Pilla, Archbishop of Cleveland

“A wonderful book to energize us ‘born’ Catholics!”
— Most Rev. Thomas Welch, Bishop of Allentown

“Will certainly prove useful to us in our Christian Formation programs.”
— Most Rev. Andrew Pataki, Bishop of Passaic

“A very useful tool in evangelization.”
— Most Rev. Bernard Schmitt, Bishop of Wheeling-Charleston

“There’s hardly a better tool for communicating the fullness of the Catholic Faith than this collection of personal stories.”
— Marcus Grodi, EWTN’s The Journey Home

Endorsements for Patrick Madrid’s book, Does the Bible Really Say That?

“Patrick Madrid has clearly presented the biblical roots of a host of Church doctrines and linked Sacred Scripture with the Catechism of the Catholic Church to produce a treasure trove of information, insight, and inspiration. This book [Does the Bible Really Say That?] will be a great help to Catholics who seek to understand and love their Faith more deeply.”
— Cardinal Edward Egan, Archbishop of New York

“Patrick Madrid is one of the best Catholic apologists in recent decades, and Does the Bible Really Say That? Is another example of his keen Catholic intellect in top form. This is a wonderful, very readable exploration of Catholic teaching and its roots in Scripture. Highly recommended.”
— Most Rev. Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M., Cap. Archbishop of Denver

“Patrick Madrid’s clear commentaries on Church teaching will help everyone understand Catholic belief better — Catholics and non-Catholics alike. I highly recommend this book [Does the Bible Really Say That?].”
— Most Rev. Robert J. Baker, S.T.D., Bishop of Birmingham

“This book [Does the Bible Really Say That?] not only helps our Protestant friends tro appreciate the biblical foundations of Catholic doctrine and practice, it is also a marvelous guide and encouragement for Catholics to delve more deeply into the riches of Sacred Scripture. This is another wonderful addition to Patrick Madrid’s considerable body of apologetics.”
— Most Rev. Michael J. Sheridan, S.T.D., Bishop of Colorado Springs

Endorsements for Patrick Madrid’s book The Godless Delusion (co-authored with Kenneth Hensley)

“The New Atheists came on the contemporary scene with an unprecedented mixture of confidence and scorn. And, sadly, most of the books written in response have conveyed an impression of ad hoc defensiveness. But not this one. The Godless Delusion by Patrick Madrid and Kenneth Hensley wages a full-scale frontal assault on the tallest turret of the New Atheists’ stronghold — the claim to moral and rational superiority. With remorseless logic, wit, skill, and boundless, joyful enthusiasm it lays waste that stronghold, routs the enemy, occupies the high ground for Christ their king, and dares anyone to retake it. Books on philosophical apologetics don’t get more exhilarating than this.”
— Ronald K. Tacelli, S.J., professor of philosophy, Boston College, co-author of Handbook of Christian Apologetics

“Most books that take on the current spate of atheists look at the inner contradictions in their arguments—and there are many. But Patrick Madrid and Kenneth Hensley try another, and ultimately more fruitful approach. They look at the contradictions of the atheists with themselves, showing that above all, their arguments against God are at embarrassing odds with their own everyday experience and actions, their own deepest assumptions, and their own moral compass.”
— Benjamin Wiker, Ph.D., author of Ten Books that Screwed Up the World and co-author of Answering the New Atheism: Dismantling Dawkins’ Case Against God

The Godless Delusion is a clear and compelling critique of naturalism and the ‘New Atheism’ that rests upon it. Madrid and Hensley show that the secularist’s pose of moral and rational superiority is undermined by his own fundamental philosophical assumptions.”
—Edward Feser, Ph.D., author of The Last Superstition: A Refutation of the New Atheism, professor of philosophy, Pasadena City College

The Godless Delusion takes on the ‘new atheism’ of our times and pulls the rug right out from underneath it. In the words of the authors, this book demonstrates ‘the truth of God’s existence and the foolishness of the atheist-naturalist worldview.’ I wholeheartedly recommend this work of apologetics for anyone who is serious about defending our faith in the existence of God.
— Most Rev. Michael J. Sheridan, S.T.D., Bishop of Colorado Springs, CO