“I’ll shut down the government before I’ll cut one penny of abortion funding!” (Harry Reid)

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Father Frank Pavone’s PriestsForLife.org, quoting Sen. Harry Reid above, has some excellent commentary on today’s LifeNews.com report about how

Check out LifeNews.com’s reporttoday about how

Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska [a Catholic, dontchyaknow] is one of just a handful of pro-abortion Republicans in the Senate, but she has become the most outspoken of the group saying she will fight to ensure Planned Parenthood continues getting taxpayer funding.

Murkowski already publicly staked a position favoring continuing taxpayer financing of the nation’s biggest abortion business and she said today the fight is not over.

“I think there are some that feel very strongly and will continue the effort to defund. I think that is a fight that is not yet resolved,” she told the Anchorage Daily News.

Murkowski and every other Republican senator voted for a House-approved long-term budget bill (continuing resolution that contained the Pence Amendment de-funding Planned Parenthood, but she told the newspaper the vote on the bill, which the Senate rejected, was merely a test to determine how many lawmakers supported the rest of the bill and did not reflect whether pro-abortion Republicans or some Democrats would support Planned Parenthood de-funding. . . . (continue reading)

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