Wouldn't it be great to be back in North Platte for ten minutes?

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What happened to our country?
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15 Responses to “Wouldn't it be great to be back in North Platte for ten minutes?”
  1. Anonymous says:

    We've allowed the government to sap all initiative out of us. We now wait for the gov't to do for us the things we used to do ourselves- for ourselves and for others.

  2. Emily K says:

    FYI…I live in North Platte, NE. The Canteen was truly an amazing, long-term show of support for the troops. Thousands of people in the surroudning communities helped make it possible. I wish people were that generous and caring these days.

  3. Anthony S. "Tony" Layne says:

    I wonder if unPOLKA DOT wasn't being sarcastic …?

    While performing a post-mortem on the culture that could produce the North Platte Canteen might be intellectually stimulating, a far more pertinent question is: What are we doing to bring a mutually-supportive, self-sacrificing community to life? The North Platte Canteen should not just act as a bit of nostalgia but as a hint of what kind of world we can build in Christ.

  4. Anonymous says:

    NO WAY …. DON't you know that was WWII propaganda" I do know, I'm from North Platte and my sister and other relatives participated in this. Not to mention my Dad who was an engineer for the trains bringing them in sometimes. It's TRUE alright.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous, I do agree.
    But perhaps you meant Madeline Murray O'Hare (the atheist) and not Maureen O'Hara (the actress of "miracle on 34th Street, The Quiet Man, etc)?

  6. Tap says:

    Poor Un POLKA DOT who has been throughly saturated in public school education history books that has systematically changing history like these things didn't happen.
    Since our grandparents and parents are dying off you better pray you get to know someone, maybe at a convalescent home, who were there and know what really happened!
    Thank God for people who are recording these events!

  7. Anonymous says:

    What has happen to America? maureen ohare, the new age movement, Political correctness, liberialism, and the idiots that are voted into office holding a Bible and never read it, yes it would be nice to be in North Platte, NEB.

  8. crazylikeknoxes says:

    Don't wax too nostalgic. Our country is not of this world.

  9. RR says:

    There is a great book about this by Bob Greene. I can't say enough about it… couldn't putit down. You can find it here:

  10. Anonymous says:

    Great video. A just war.
    Wish I could have made cookies for GIs instead of wasting my life in a cubicle. Could one of the networks use this for their "making a difference" spots on the evening news? What happened to our country. What happened to women? Why o why did I leave Wyoming.

  11. Joyful Catholics says:

    A PROUD Nebraskan. From Grand Island and surrounding area most of my life, now an Omahan, but after living in California for 4 years, in Clovis/Fresno area, we came back to The Good Life and are we ever glad we did!!! North Platte and western Nebraska is one of the most beautiful areas of the U.S. and a well kept secret. Northern Nebraska along the Niobrara is some of the most gorgeous country you'll find and the Sandhills….open WIDE and Wondrous country! Nebraskans are a kind, good, generous people. Ignored by the coasts as "fly over" but that's THEIR loss!! Thanks for posting this! It's true!

  12. doesn't hate being american yet says:

    yeah unpolka dot, i hate remembering how much better life in this country was before too, lets close our eyes and plug our ears and say lalalala together. just keep saying to yourself its better now its better now its better now its better now its better now. soon yoou'll believe it.

    wwII propaganda my bum.

  13. JamesIII says:


    How very sad a thing it is that you have grown up in a world marked by mistrust, avarice, and uncaring greed. I lived through WWII and lost my oldest brother in that war. My mother and sister baked and cooked for hours and then spent long additional hours serving that food to hundreds of GIs at the USO. Our large California home was never without a group of GIs, whose homes were elsewhere, spending the night in a real bed with a real family around them as they moved toward the war fronts. I still hear from some of that extended family during the holidays even though they are in their 90's.

  14. Spiro Spero in South Bend says:

    Unpolkadot in Tampa, I suppose you don't stand too close to the edge of your yard either–for fear you'll fall off the flat earth. There sure exist LOTS of authoritative substantiations for this "propaganda." Google "North Platte Canteen." Believe. It's not too good to be true.

  15. Un pOLKA DOT in Tampa says:

    NO WAY …. DON't you know that was WWII propaganda

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