Winning Souls, Not Just Arguments

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Patrick Madrid and Curtis Martin
On this entertaining, accessible, and deeply informative tape set, Patrick Madrid is joined by Curtis Martin, the founder of the Fellowship Of Catholic University Students (FOCUS). Drawing on their years of experience in explaining and defending the Faith, Patrick and Curtis teach you not only what to do in order to lead someone into the Church, but also and just as importantyl, what not to do.
Here, they give you their secrets, while focusing on several key areas that you must know thoroughly in order to spread the Faith effectively — including the Bible and the Church, Mary and the saints, the Eucharist, and much more!
CD 1: The Role of Scripture & Tradition in the Church (Madrid)
CD 2: Mary, the First Bible Christian (Martin)
CD 3: The Communion of Saints (Madrid)
CD 4: Justification and the Eucharist (Martin)
4-CD audio set

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