Where Is That in the Bible?

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When non-Catholics start quoting Bible verses to “prove” that Catholic teachings aren’t biblical, reach for this powerful Bible-based explanation and defense of the Catholic Faith! Where Is That In the Bible? shows you how to deflate standard objections to Catholicism and how to use Scripture to bring people into — or back into — the Church. Veteran apologist and best-selling author Patrick Madrid shows you simple facts and techniques that will help you . . .

Show the true meaning of verses anti-Catholics twist in their efforts to attack the Catholic Church

• Give biblical answers to the most common questions that non-Catholics ask about the Church

• Explain exactly what the Bible teaches about the pope, priestly celibacy, the divinity of Christ, homosexuality, abortion, salvation, purgatory, the use of statues and icons, confession to a priest, baptismal regeneration, and dozens of other hot topics raised by non-Catholics

• Interpret the Bible correctly, according to authentic Christian tradition — and steer clear of common mistakes many people make when reading Scripture

• Discover how the simple sentence “I never said you stole money” can be the key to
understanding the entire Bible

• Answer the tough questions non-Catholics might throw at you

• Obtain a working knowledge of Scripture so you can feel comfortable talking with Fundamentalists and Evangelicals
Allow the life-giving truth and power of Scripture to transform your life

• Become an effective spokesman and apostle for the truth of Catholic teaching

• Share the riches of the Catholic Faith more effectively, especially with those who consider Catholicism to be “unbiblical.”

With comprehensive Scripture references, practical, time-tested tips on how to deflate even the most vehement arguments, as well as an expansive list of Bible verses typically used against Catholics — and all the effective counterarguments you’ll need, Where Is That in the Bible? is a great book of Scripture-based apologetics that you need.

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3 Responses to “Where Is That in the Bible?”
  1. Marilyn says:

    Where is the fourth station of the cross in the bible. Is it even scriptural . a proestant frined accused catholics of adding to the bible . Nowhere in the bible does it say jesus fell three times, or that Mary met jesus

  2. bruno says:

    I want to know why there is familial cannibalism in the bible and what does it mean? thank you


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