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Answers to Myths and Misconceptions About the Papacy

In this exciting 16-part EWTN television series, Patrick Madrid answers and refutes many of the common misconceptions about the Catholic Church’s teachings on the papacy.

It’s the perfect tool for developing your own understanding of Catholic teachings on the papacy and teaching your children, too!

Patrick systematically (but with charity and good humor) demolishes a variety of myth and misconceptions about the papacy, including the widely made claim that there was once a female pope! He examines the accusations leveled at the Papacy arising from the Spanish Inquisition, he demonstrates the utter fallacy of the claim that Pope Pius the XII failed to do anything to denounce and stop the Nazis extermination efforts against the Jews during WWII.

He also explains and refutes many other misconceptions about the papacy, such as the what papal infallibility really means, whether of not the Bible shows that the Apostles handed on their authority as bishops (apostolic succession), and what the Bible really says about the Apostle Peter’s designation by Christ as the Leader of the Apostles and His Church.

Throughout this popular 16-part television series, Patrick provides you with a wealth of biblical and historical evidence that demonstrates without a doubt that “Pope Fictions” you often run across — the myths and misconceptions about the papacy that many people have bought into — simply are not true.

Perfect for individual or group study. Watch this apologetics series and you’ll always be prepared to give an answer to those who pose questions or objections to the papacy. Great for highschool and college students! The perfect gift for your parish priest or even that non-Catholic friend or relative you’d like to evangelize.

Patrick Madrid gives you solid biblical and historical answers to questions and challenges like these:

Pope Fiction:Answers to Myths and Misconceptions About the Papacy

Episode 1: The Bible Says Peter Wasn’t the First Pope?
Episode 2: Simon Peter Wasn’t the Rock Mentioned in Matthew 16?
Episode 3: Jesus Rebuked Peter — So How Could He Be Pope?
Episode 4: No Such Thing as Apostolic Succession?
Episode 5: St. Peter Never Went To Rome?
Episode 6: Is the Pope the Beast Spoken of in Revelation 13?
Episode 7: The Papacy Is a Medieval Invention of the Catholic Church?
Episode 8: Were there Popes Who Officially Taught Heresy?
Episode 9: The Difference Between “Infallibility” and “Impeccability”
Episode 10: What About the Popes Who Led Immoral Lives?
Episode 11: The Popes and the Spanish Inquisition
Episode 12: The Popes and the Galileo Affair
Episode 13: The Legend of Pope Joan: Did She Really Exist?
Episode 14: What Did Bishop Strossmyer Really Say About Papal Infallibility at Vatican I?
Episode 15: Pope Pius XII And the Jews: Did He Really Remain “Silent” During WWII?
Episode 16: How To Deal With Myths and Misconceptions About the Papacy

3-disc DVD set (7 hours)

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