My Newest DVD Now Available: The Persecution of the Catholic Church in Mexico

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2 Responses to “My Newest DVD Now Available: The Persecution of the Catholic Church in Mexico”
  1. Immaculatae says:

    I too have been thinking along those lines – ominous parallels.

    I also sugest reading :Blood-Drenched Altars
    A Catholic Commentary on the History of Mexico
    By: Most Rev. Francis Kelly

    Blood-Drenched Altars. This book is pivotal to understanding Mexico! Shows how Catholic Spain during 300 years–1521-1821–formed Mexico and made her prosperous and happy, but how the great Masonic Revolution (1821-1928) has made her poor and miserable. Shows that Mexico is still basically Catholic (97%) but is ruled by an anti-Catholic government. Full of insights and crucial to understanding Mexico.

    an article available also about the above:
    Blood-Drenched Altars

    Baltimore’s Archbishop Michael Joseph Curley, Oklahoma’s Bishop Francis Clement
    Kelley and the Mexican Affair: 1934-1936

    Brian Van Hove, S.J.

  2. Liraco says:

    Certainly a topic I have a lot of curiosity about having heard a lot about it and actually being mexican (the university I went to: Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, having been founded by some of those people persecuted and martyred.)

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