John Wayne: "The first thing I'll teach my daughter is the Lord's Prayer"

January 21, 2010 by  
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6 Responses to “John Wayne: "The first thing I'll teach my daughter is the Lord's Prayer"”
  1. Seth says:

    On the way home for Christmas, I stopped at John Wayne's birthplace in Winterset, IA, and gained a better appreciation for the actor (and deathbed Catholic) in those old westerns I watched with my father.

    I blogged about the trip, if anyone's interested:

  2. Thomas says:

    My son is only 6 years old, but he is a big fan of John Wayne (…and he knows the Lord's Prayer!).

    I wish there were more movie stars and old-fashioned heroes around like that, but at least we still have their movies and clips like this to learn from, and to show our kids.

  3. Skeigh King says:

    Two of my favorite heros… sorry that I didn't appreciate both of them more when they were alive. Although I never met either, I do so admire them both.

  4. Carlos Echevarria says:

    Excellent…two giants still relevant today, but sadly, sorely missed! True blue Americans

  5. AndreaM says:

    Ahhhh "Why aren't there heroes like yesterday's heroes? (And whatever happened to melody?")

    Wait! There's Patrick Madrid! Yeehaw!!!

  6. Denis says:

    What a wonderful video! Thanks Patrick

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