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Yes, this gem of a video has been around awhile, though perhaps some of you haven’t seen it yet, so I thought I’d post it for your daily dose of humor and levity. Personally, I think every guy (or at least every normal guy) would secretly like to have one of these jibs to tool around in — I know I would. Imagine showing up on a drive-through window on one.

This model doesn’t look street-legal, but it would be the perfect thing for some of the big Catholic conferences I speak at. What would really be deluxe would be if the conference organizers could have a ramp installed so I could ride up to the podium in style. Seriously, I’d add this to my Amazon Wish List, if only they carried it.

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2 Responses to “I want that”
  1. Lonnie White says:

    That is hilarious. I doubt that it is street legal. Here in my town they legalized golf carts. They have to have working lights, turn signals, etc, and have a slow moving sign triangle on the back. A few people have them. Yes, that would be quite an entrance, Patrick, going to the podium in such a way. But let me say that for myself, and those I know, many of us have already given you our undivided attention, and such an entrance would not be necessary. I always like having the chance to listen to you. You have been a great help to me in my faith walk. Thanks and have a great day. Lonnie in Salem, Illinois (St. Theresa Parish)


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