How to Do Apologetics (MP4 Video)

In this digital downloadable video, veteran Catholic apologist Patrick Madrid explains the basics of how to engage in apologetics with non-Catholics. Drawing on his 24-year history of work in the field of defending the Faith, including numerous public debates with Protestant ministers, Mormon leaders, and other non-Catholic spokesmen, Patrick walks you through the ten key “do’s and don’ts” of defending the Faith.

This professionally filmed seminar at a large parish in San Diego includes teaching on the following themes: 1) Why you should explain and defend the Faith, 2) how to check if your ego is getting in the way, 3) Listening creatively to the arguments non-CatholicsĀ raise so you kind discover theirĀ real reasons, 4) the proven “secret weapon” for neutralizing “Bible-only” arguments, and much more!

Special Notes:
This is a digital download; the equivalent of two 2-hour video DVDs

Price: $6.99

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