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A Catholic/Protestant Debate
Patrick Madrid vs. James White
Yes, this is that debate you’ve been hearing about, a classic you won’t want to miss! Patrick Madrid debates James White on the question “Does the Bible Teach sola Scriptura?” This debate is one of our all-time most popular resources. You’ll love this hard-hitting, penetrating exchange on the central slogan of the Protestant Reformation. In this no-holds barred debate, the Protestant apologist makes his case for why he feels Christians should view the Bible as the sole infallible rule of faith for Christians. Patrick Madrid presents a Catholic critique of those arguments and shows that the Bible nowhere teaches the notion of  the formal sufficiency of Scripture.
Great to listen to and study with your Catholic apologetics group. This debate is a “barn-burner”! Regarded by many as their all-time favorite Catholic/Protestant debate on the important subject of sola Scriptura (Latin: by Scripture alone).
2 audio CD set
Free! Read Patrick’s follow-up article about this debate: “The White Man’s Burden.”

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