Celibacy and the Priesthood MP3

Patrick Madrid and Fr. Ray Ryland tackle the complex and controversial subject of celibacy in the priesthood, presenting the facts about its history and meaning. Together, they dispose of common myths (such as that it was instituted only in the tenth century) and show why this is a wise discipline. Fr. Ryland, a married clergy convert from Protestantism who is a professor of theology emeritus at Franciscan University of Steubenville, offers a superb analysis of the causes of the current priestly moral scandals and explains why eliminating celibacy won’t resolve either the priest shortage or the current moral scandals. This audio set will help you understand thereal issues that the pundits and critics only talk around. A perfect gift for your priest friends!

Special Notes:
This is a digital download; the equivalent of two 60-minute audio CDs

Price: $5.99

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