Celibacy and the Priesthood MP3

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Patrick Madrid and Fr. Ray Ryland tackle the complex and controversial subject of celibacy in the priesthood, presenting the facts about its history and meaning. Together, they dispose of common myths (such as that it was instituted only in the tenth century) and show why this is a wise discipline. Fr. Ryland, a married clergy convert from Protestantism who is a professor of theology emeritus at Franciscan University of Steubenville, offers a superb analysis of the causes of the current priestly moral scandals and explains why eliminating celibacy won’t resolve either the priest shortage or the current moral scandals. This audio set will help you understand thereal issues that the pundits and critics only talk around. A perfect gift for your priest friends!

Why Be Catholic? (MPEG Video)

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In one of his most popular talks, Patrick Madrid offers an overview of the key historical, biblical, and common-sense reasons for being Catholic. Perfect for Catholics and curious non-Catholics alike.

“I Escaped From the Watchtower” MP3

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If you or someone you know are having discussions with Jehovah’s Witnesses, you need to listen to this comprehensive, detailed, and riveting 4-hour discussion of JW doctrines and practices between Catholic author Patrick Madrid and former Jehovah’s Witness circuit overseer Leonard Chretien, author of the best-selling book Witness of Jehova: A Shocking Exposé of What Jehovah’s Witnesses Really Believe.

In the course of this wide-ranging and fascinating conversation, Patrick and Leonard not only explain in detail the peculiar beliefs of the Jehovah’s Witnesses (e.g., soul sleep, prohibiting blood transfusions, their denial of the Trinity and the divinity of Christ, their refusal to celebrate holidays, their insistence that “Jehovah” is God’s true name, their belief that the Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodoxy, and all Protestant groups are “satanic”), but they also reveal the specific techniques and strategies JW’s make use of in their door-to-door efforts to make converts. Leonard Chretien’s decades of experience as a committed JW give him a unique and compelling perspective on what the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society believes and practices and, since his departure from the Watchtower and conversion to Christianity, he seeks to equip Catholics and others to be prepared for discussions with representatives of the Watchtower.

In addition to a critical examination of Watchtower doctrines, Patrick and Leonard also discuss in detail the many false prophecies of this organization has repeatedly issued. The explosive content of this digital download will mesmerize and energize you and, most importantly, prepare you for encounters with Jehovah’s Witnesses. If you have a friend or a family member  who has become ensnared by Jehovah’s Witnesses, this powerful audio series can help you help them escape from the Watchtower.

What Still Divides Us? Debate MP3

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A high-powered Catholic/Protestant debate!

Patrick Madrid et al. versus Michael Horton, et al.

Patrick Madrid leads a team of three Catholic apologists, including Dr. William Marshner and Bob Sungenis, against a three-man team of Protestant apologists: Dr. Robert Godfrey (Calvinist; president of Westminster Theological Seminary, Escondido), Dr. Rod Rosenbladt (Lutheran; professor of theology, Scripture, and apologetics at Concordia University), and Dr. Michael Horton (Reformed Episcopalian; author and host of “The White Horse Inn” radio show).

The first day of debate (approximately four hours) was on the question of sola Scriptura (Latin: by Scripture Alone). The Protestant side defended this Reformation principle, arguing for the notion of the formal sufficiency of Scripture.

The Catholic team countered with a biblical and historical critique of sola Scriptura, arguing that “Scripture alone” is itself unbiblical and alien to historic Christianity; it is not what Christ or the Apostles taught, it was not believed or taught by the early Church, and it has wrought incalculable theological damage and division within Protestantism over the last 500 years.

The second day of debate focused on the Reformation principle of sola fide (Latin: [justification] by faith alone). Again, the Protestant team argued from Scripture in their effort to demonstrate that we are justified by faith alone, and that the Catholic teaching on justification and salvation is unbiblical.

The Catholic team offered a robust critique of sola fide, aiming to show, from Scripture and the testimony of the early Church Fathers, that this pivotal Reformation principle is, in fact, founded upon an mistaken understanding of Scripture and is, therefore, alien to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Powerful, dramatic, challenging, and grace-filled! A must-listen debate for all serious students of Catholic apologetics.

The Bible Only Debate MP3

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A Catholic/Protestant debate on sola Scriptura

Patrick Madrid & Karl Keating vs. Bill Jackson and Ron Nemec

An apologetics classic! This debate took place before an audience of nearly 600 people at a Fundamentalist Baptist church in Denver, Colorado, during the Pope’s visit there in the summer of 1993. The debate theme was framed as “Does the Bible Teach the doctrine of ‘The Bible Alone’?” In this rollicking and sometimes humorous exchange, you’ll hear veteran Catholic apologists Karl Keating and Patrick Madrid square off against two Fundamentalist Baptist ministers as they disect the Reformation notion of sola Scriptura, using Scripture and the facts of history. Informative, thought-provoking and dramatic. Don’t miss this one!

Communion of Saints Debate MP3

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A Catholic-Protestant Debate
Patrick Madrid vs. James White 

This debate, held in New York before a live audience of nearly 1,000 people, was a great opportunity to contrast the Catholic and Reformed Protestant views on the nature and meaning of the communion of saints. The exchange concentrated primarily on the biblical evidence surrounding this issue. Patrick Madrid endeavored to demonstrate the biblical evidence for the Catholic teaching, which rests on the facts that 1) the Church is the Body of Christ, 2) that there is only one Body (not one in heaven and one on earth), 3) that death does not separate the members of the Body, and 4) that all members of the Body of Christ are commanded to pray for and spiritually assist one another, and this includes the Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints in heaven.

The debate also focused heavily on the testimony of the early Church on the subject of venerating Mary and the saints. Patrick showed — especially through the testimony of great Catholic bishops such as St. Athanasius, St. Augustine, and St. John Chrysostom, as well as other important early Catholic Scripture scholars and bishops — that the early Christians universally venerated the saints and invoked their intercession. this is a debate you will really enjoy and benefit from seeing. The spectacle of two veteran apologist — Catholic vs. Protestant — go at it in a clash that kept the audience members on the edge of their seats for three hours!

“Hold Fast to the Traditions” Debate MP3

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atrick Madrid vs. Rev. Frank Needham

Topic One: “Is the Catholic Doctrine of the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist Biblical?”
Topic Two: “What Is the Christian’s Final Authority, the Bible Alone, or the Bible, Tradition, and the Magisterium?”

This is a block-buster of a debate! Taped in Auckland New, Zealand at Rev. Needham’s church before a large audience of several hundred Protestants and Catholics. This exchange between Patrick Madrid and Pentecostal minister, Frank Needham was friendly and polite but still very intense, exciting, and at times quite dramatic. The audience was comprised mainly of the members of the congregation of that Pentecostal church, most of whom were former Catholics. Great audience participation and an excellent opportunity to see how many Protestants attack the Catholic doctrine of the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist and how they try to defend their theory of going by the Bible alone. You’ll be at the edge of your seat — the audience at the debate was!

“Search the Scriptures” Debate MP3

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A Catholic/Protestant Debate

Patrick Madrid vs. Dr. Rowland Ward

Topic One: “Sola Scriptura — Is the Bible Formally Sufficient as the  Rule of Faith?”
Topic Two: “Salvation and Justification — What Must We Do (if Anything) To Be Saved?”

This exciting and informative debate took place in 1996 before an audience of approximately 300 Catholics and Protestants in Melbourne, Australia during one of Patrick Madrid’s speaking visits to that country. Dr. Rowland Ward is a Reformed Protestant minister and theologian, an author, and is active in apologetics.

The themes of the debate, authority and salvation, are at the core of the controversy between Catholics and Protestants, and in this exchange you’ll learn how Catholics can respond with Scripture to the standard arguments that are often posed by Protestants. Dr. Ward was an articulate debater and gave a helpful explanation of Reformed Protestant views on these two key issues.  Patrick Madrid shows how to respond, gently but firmly, using the Bible, when sharing the Catholic teaching on these subjects with Protestants. Riveting!

The Second Catholic — Mormon Dialogue MP3

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Patrick Madrid vs. Elder Frank Bradshaw
“Is the Book of Mormon Inspired Scripture” and

“Is the LDS president a true prophet?”
In this one-of-a-kind sequel to his first debate with an official LDS spokesman (officially selected by the LDS leadership in Salt Lake City to represent the LDS Church in this debate), Catholic apologist Patrick Madrid once again squares off with a spokesman for the Mormon Church.
Elder Frank Bradshaw was then the president of the LDS Institute of Religion section in Southern California at the time of this debate (1991). He, Like Elder Gary Coleman, who defended the Mormon Church’s teachings in the previous Catholic / Mormon debate, offered an articulate and irenic presentation of LDS theology on two key issues: authority and the Book of Mormon.
Patrick Madrid provided a Catholic response to and critique of these teachings, in light of Scripture and the historical facts surrounding Mormon prophets and the compilation of the Book of Mormon. Held in a large auditorium at the chancery complex of the Diocese of Orange before an audience of over 500 Mormons, Catholics, and Evangelicals, this public dialogue will help you understand how to talk about your Catholic Faith with Mormons more effectively. Perfect for personal apologetics study and for small-group study circles.

The First Catholic — Mormon Dialogue MP3

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Patrick Madrid vs. Elder Gary Coleman
“Which is true? The Catholic Doctrine of the Trinity or the Mormon Doctrine of Eternal Progression?”
“Was There Really a Great Apostasy?”
In this historic and gentlemanly debate, Patrick Madrid becomes the first Catholic apologist to formally debate an official representative of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormon Church). President Coleman was at the time an LDS Mission President in Southern California. He has subsequently been called to serve as a General Authority in the LDS Church (Quorum of the Seventy).
This exciting exchange was held in 1990 at a large Catholic parish in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles before an audience of approximately 600 Catholics and Mormons. In this respectful yet hard-hitting exchange, the Catholic and Mormon positions on these two central issues are carefully laid out and then critiqued & defended. The LDS Church teaches that in the first few centuries of the Church, there was a complete apostasy that resulted in its utter failure, collapse, and disappearance until it was “restored” in 1831 by Mormonism’s founder, Joseph Smith, Jr. Patrick Madrid uses Scripture and the facts of early Church history to show that this is theory is not true. The section on the Trinity provides a spirited exchange in which the LDS speaker offers a critique of the Catholic doctrine of “One God in three Persons” and argues for the Mormon Church’s doctrine that there are many Gods (“a plurality of Gods”).
The audience Q&A section at the end of the debate is very illuminating! Many Catholics have used this dialogue set as a helpful apologetics tool in discussions with their Mormon friends. Informative, eye-opening, and exciting!

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