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Straight answers to tough questions about the Faith! Some people who knock on your front door are there to knock your Catholic Faith. These visitors have questions about Catholicism, but not because they’re curious.

They take jabs at your Catholic beliefs as they try to persuade you to accept theirs. They want to put you on the spot, knowing that many Catholics have weak spots when it comes to basic religious education. “So why do you Catholics…” “say that Mary remained a virgin?” “refuse to rely on Scripture alone?” “teach papal infallibility?” “worship saints and bow down to graven images?” “claim the Communion wafer is really Jesus?” And the bottom line, again and again: “Where in the Bible does it say…?” Patrick Madrid has compiled the tough questions Catholics face. They are ones he’s been confronted with, time and again over the last 25 years of his work in apologetics.

He presents Bible-based, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-explain answers. This book will show you exactly how you can calmly, confidently, charitably, and effectively respond to those sincere and well-meaning but misled family members, friends, and co-workers who challenge your Catholic beliefs.

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