What Congressman Paul Ryan sees as America’s greatest challenge might surprise you

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Do you know what Congressman Paul Ryan identifies as the single most dangerous problem the U.S. faces right now? If you guess “the economy” or “debt” you would be wrong.  His answer might surprise you when you listen to this free audio download of an eye-opening  interview he did last year with the Envoy Institute.

A committed Catholic, Congressman Ryan is now the GOP candidate for vice president for the 2012 presidential election. Early last year, before he  rose to his current prominence, he granted an interview with the Envoy Institute in which he explained candidly what he sees as America’s single greatest challenge today, and how he proposes to confront that challenge and, in so doing, begin the process of curing the country’s dire political, social, moral, and economic ills. You will probably never guess what he identifies as the hidden obstacle to true freedom and equitable prosperity. But you don’t have to guess, because you can download the interview right now free and start listening in moments.

Listening to this fact-filled, historic Envoy Institute interview with Congressman Paul Ryan, conducted by Dr. Ben Wiker, will be 25 minutes of your day well-spent.


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